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[Let's Build] Attractions in a demon pleasure palace that aren't sexual

My players are going to be visiting the palace of a demon lord of pleasure who's more CN than CE. I want to show that despite his title, he represents all forms of pleasure and good feelings, not just sex. Also space in his realm doesn't work the same way as it does in the mortal plane. He essentially has an infinite amount of space to work with and can customize it as he pleases, so there are no size constraints.
  1. A casino to feel the thrill of gambling.
  2. A dining hall with an endless buffet that visitors are allowed to eat as much as they wish.
  3. An idyllic beach with perfectly white sand to relax or play on.
  4. An arena where gladiators brawl it out against each other. The point of it isn't to kill each other as much as make the battles look stunning to the audience.
  5. A hotel with the most comfortable beds possible. Here anyone with enough money can enjoy a good rest after all the excitement.
  6. A beautiful and well tended garden filled with aromatic flowers and sweet fruits.
  7. A vineyard where exquisitely-aged wine can be produced just by pressing the grapes. (u/_SovietMudkip_)
  8. A petting zoo full of the babies of dangerous creatures. (u/_SovietMudkip_)
  9. An opulent concert hall where the best musicians of the realms perform (u/_SovietMudkip_)
  10. A small, cozy looking wooden library, with a cushioned bay window where rain gently scatters against the glass and a cup of some hot liquid gently rising with steam. (u/QuietOracle)
  11. An owl-bear hugging zoo. Go to sleep in the embrace of their soft down. (u/QuietOracle)
  12. The room of sensory experiences. The room itself is fairly plain, with the main feature being long tables running the length of the room. On closer inspection there are fist-sized carved holes, each one holding a small round crystal... (u/QuietOracle)
  13. A room with dozens of sacks filled with beans, lentils and grains where visitors can put their hands in and let the contents run through their fingers. (u/_WhiteCubeCat_)
  14. A hag (or any other long nailed creature) giving visitors a scalp massage. (u/_WhiteCubeCat_)
  15. A museum of little-known or long-forgotten art pieces, sculptures, and history. (u/MoonlightMancer)
  16. A festival full of colors, music, and drinks. Everyone seems to love you, and you can’t stop laughing. (u/MoonlightMancer)
  17. A hallway of endless doors. In each room is someone you know, complimenting you endlessly, sharing every positive, even begrudgingly jealous thought they ever had about you. (u/MoonlightMancer)
  18. A room full of bubble wrap. (u/EmmaDrake)
  19. A hot spring/spa, with fluffy towels, those showers that are like rain with perfect water pressure, mud baths, and refreshing food and drink. (u/lionesslindsey)
  20. A room full of people that constantly give you validation and laugh at all your jokes. (u/CountryJeff)
  21. Never-ending line of gold chalices, crystal vases, silver artwork, and other valuables. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  22. People who are “better” than you are marched in a stripped of their superior qualities. Beautiful people are disfigured and turned ugly. Wealthy powerful people are ruined and made to beg you for pennies. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  23. Mass groups of people enter the room and tell you how they admire you and how wonderful you are. They stroke your ego and inflate your pride. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  24. Servants do everything for you. Feed you, give you drinks, wash you, wipe your arse, etc. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  25. You are given a wickedly barbed leather whip. A slave creature is bound to a post and you can whip this creature to inflict your wrath upon them as much as you desire. If the poor soul dies, another is brought in to replace them. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  26. 'Knight for a day'. The full experience; lance, shiny outfit, a squire, a trusty stead, a dragon and a princess/prince to rescue. (u/mr_earthman)
  27. The magical equivalent of a holo deck (u/cyber-viper)
  28. Wide, flat plain with the fastest vehicles in the multiverse (a good place to use the Avernus vehicles) (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  29. A selection of cities and villages for you to destroy with war machines or your own magic. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  30. A collection of wand that allow you to test out powerful magic. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  31. A magical version of a movie theatre, allowing you to watch all manner of stories, true and legendary. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  32. A moderately large pool where small battleships with tiny animated crewmen can be deployed in teams to shell and board each other for the audience's amusement. Honored guests can put their strategic abilities to a test against other players by directly giving orders to their ships, and in certain hours guests may even swim in the pool to live out the power fantasy of being a sea monster. (u/VIixIXine)
  33. A colorizer-device that transforms any clothes/armoweapons/other gear to any desired hue you wish (as long as it doesn’t affect the workings of the gear) (u/PaigeOrion)
  34. A grand screen, showing a nearly infinite number of (screen)plays from all space and time, including the show with the disgraced human paladin delivering a green baby gnome back to his home land through incredible odds. (u/PaigeOrion)
  35. A tiara that allows you to experience the sensory experience of a black cat as long as you wear it and close your eyes. (u/PaigeOrion)
  36. A plethora of small, multicolored blocks that will magically interlock with one another to render almost any architectural structure imaginable. (But don’t step on them barefoot!) (u/PaigeOrion)
  37. A band of musicians who are the perfect musical backup for any performances. Alone, they are more low key, but no less skilled, playing haunting melodies of unknown origin. (u/PaigeOrion)
  38. A massive walk-in closet where you can try in any clothes in any fashion you like. (u/Tezla44)
  39. A "schadenfreude" theatre, with shows that rely on slapstick and cringe comedy. (u/Martinus_XIV)
  40. A REALLY good chocolate fountain (u/BrokenBanette)
  41. A room designed to give you closure. When you enter this room, someone you loved and lost is there, sitting in a couch. The room feels vaguely familiar, but you can't place why. If Detect Magic is used, the room is full of magic (divination, transmutation, illusion) but the person seems like a normal person. You can chat with them for as long as you like. They behave just as you remember them, with the good and the bad. (u/ohsurenerd)
  42. A theatre performing the most magnificent tragedies. When you watch the performance, you find yourself completely enraptured: you cheer when things go right, scream when something terrifying happens, and moan and weep at the inevitable horrible ending. When you leave, it feels like removing a backpack full of lead that you'd been carrying for so long you'd forgotten it was there. (u/ohsurenerd)
  43. A room where there's a button, there's someone outside and it explains that if you enter there's a 50/50 chance of you dying or not, the room won't actually kill you and it's there just to make you feel the pleasure of near death experience. (u/SupremeGodDictator)
  44. A massage parlor with the universes best staff pampering your every need as you receive the most relaxing massage of your life whether it be scalp, back, foot, full body, etc. Has the worlds fluffiest towels and robes to luxuriate in while you wait or if you simply want to sit in a comfy chair and enjoy your ache free muscles. (u/Blue_Mando)
  45. An arena where you and your opponents heal near instantly, and you can fight endlessly (u/ellen-the-educator)
  46. A reenactment of your greatest failures in life, but this time they turn into your greatest achievements. (u/CountryJeff)
  47. A room with the world's finest works of art.... and a myriad of implements you can use to destroy them. (u/redrosebeetle)
  48. A torture chamber with mages on hand to create illusions of the people you wish to torture. Or increasingly realistic versions of them, depending on the level of magic you wish to implement. (u/redrosebeetle)
  49. A room full of gold and jewels you can roll around in, ala Scrooge McDuck. But woe betide anyone who tries to take a souvenir.... (u/redrosebeetle)
  50. As you're walking through the gardens, a person comes up to you. They introduce themselves as an adventurer who's also here on a quest. They seem to be the same class as you, and they're incredibly attractive-- almost exactly your type. You immediately click and end up spending the day together, talking about everything and anything. You tell them things you've never told anyone else before. They understand everything you tell them, almost innately, but they're still impressed by your feats and your stories. The two of you find an empty bedroom and close the door behind you. It's perfect in its imperfections. In the morning they're gone. No matter where you look, you can't find them. (u/ohsurenerd)
  51. A room lined with shelves and shelves of bottles and vials containing a crimson liquid flowing slowly (like a syrup), all with small labels on them. As you inspect the labels, you realize they've all got names on them: famous adventurers, kings and queens, great sages. If you drink one, you experience a selection of their memories as they experienced them: battles won, discoveries made, historical alliances and friendships being forged or broken... (u/ohsurenerd)
  52. A room that turns anyone that enters it into a child. It is full of every toy imaginable (u/arual_x)
  53. A tour of a chocolate factory. Kobolds work there, and the owner, who gives the tour, is a Metallic Dragon in Humanoid form. (u/arual_x)
  54. A fortune teller who has a Deck of Many Things with only the good cards. If you in any way offend them, they will sleight of hand vs perception check slip you a bad card instead. (u/arual_x)
  55. An island theme park of reanimated dinosaurs. The owner is a level 20 Necromancer called Hamm Johnand. (u/arual_x)
  56. A Virtual Reality style game that allows you to battle horrible monsters over and over again without risk of injury physical. But still allows you to gain XP... (u/arual_x)
  57. A perfect expanse of thick snowy ground. There is constantly a snowball fight going on. (u/arual_x)
  58. A giant room full of mattresses where everyone immediately gets a wonderful massage. (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  59. A room where you get to torture all of your worst enemies (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  60. A room where people applaud you, give you a trophy, etc (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  61. A room where you get something that was denied to you (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  62. A room full of gold and exquisite things, from beautiful furniture to magic weapons (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  63. A seemingly endless room where adventurers can drink a potion to grow wings and flit about to their hearts' delight (u/iriedashur)
  64. An ordinary classroom containing the adventurer's childhood friends, enemies, and their most hated teacher. Upon entering the room, the adventurer discovers that they are invisible, and free to pull pranks as they wish (u/iriedashur)
  65. A brightly colored room piled high with wrapped gifts, large and small, for the adventurers to open endlessly (u/iriedashur)
  66. A purple and black dragon named Ace who cooks you garlic bread and cake. (u/sanorace)
  67. A magic pair of goggles/glasses that simulate any “What if” question you pose to them. (u/lewiscann)
  68. A magical weather room where you can ask for any weather for your pleasure (I love listening to rain) (u/lewiscann)
  69. A room full of lounges with a floating slow burning piece of wood that warms the whole area, the piece of wood is so large you can see the flame spread through this piece of wood forever (u/lewiscann)
  70. A room where you can bite your fingernails and they grow back instantly ( so you can bite them some more )(u/razenastie)
  71. A room with incredibly weakened versions of powerful monsters. (u/Your_InsideMan)
  72. A vast room on wooden sculptures, oil, and torches. (u/Your_InsideMan)
  73. A zoo of sentient races (u/Paralytica)
  74. A collection of legendary heroes magically transfixed in blocks of ice. (u/Paralytica)
  75. Palanquin rentals (u/Paralytica)
  76. A booth that will remake your face whilst in the palace (ostensibly to make you more beautiful but it could be used for anything) (u/Paralytica)
  77. A magic chair that gives really good back massages (u/TenNinetythree)
  78. A playground where the slides and carousels are for adults (u/TenNinetythree)
  79. A room where you become a giant and can destroy cities and fortresses kaiju style. (u/Paralytica)
  80. Drug Olympics. A room with every drug imaginable to try. Leaving the room cleanses you of their effects. (u/Skitsafrit)
  81. No Pauses. A room that has the effect of making all conversations flow perfectly. No silence stretches too long, no one mishears you, and every topic segways perfectly into the next. (u/Skitsafrit)
  82. Deprivation Room. The room is so absolutely featureless and quiet, that you can meditate magnitudes better here than anywhere else. (u/Skitsafrit)
  83. A games room where you play against your perfect match (u/Nesurame)
  84. Similar to the previous, a games room where you're matched against nothing but weaker opponents (u/Nesurame)
  85. A smoky, dreamweed hookah lounge (u/reallyenjoyscarbs)
  86. A heist simulator where you always get away with the big diamond, chest, etc (thrill of theft) (u/reallyenjoyscarbs)
  87. A sauna room with a central pillar. Inside the pillar is a chamber containing a magic stone which can detect the exact temperature preferences of those inside, and making each person feel said preference. (u/TgagHammerstrike)
  88. An oval-shaped room with countless glass lotion bottles, with each smelling better than the last. If you look for a specific scent (no matter how rare), you'll certainly find it with the help of a goblin near the back of the room. (u/TgagHammerstrike)
  89. A room that consists of A bunch of mortals so utterly jaded from years of plesure seeking that they need the hardest of drugs and the wildest of sensations to feel anything,with lesser demons feeding on their pursuit of euphoria. Think the emperors children from warhammer 40k. (u/TgagHammerstrike)
  90. A buffet of the lids of yogurt/pudding cups to lick. (u/Hunter37594)
  91. An olfactory room that reads your memories and replicates smells that remind you of your most joyous moments. (u/lecorbusianus)
  92. A wildlife reserve for Druids to find new and exotic wild shapes. (u/lecorbusianus)
  93. A room with musical instruments that you're able to master immediately. (u/lecorbusianus)
  94. Zero gravity obstacle course. (u/lecorbusianus)
  95. A cooking class taught by a master chef that always seems to have enough time to guide you one-on-one. (u/lecorbusianus)
  96. An enchanter who allows you to relieve the best moments of your life over and over again. (u/lecorbusianus)
  97. An illusionary room that brings up past experiences and let’s you make different choices to fix mistakes or win arguments. (u/The_Rhibo)
  98. A murder simulator to allow an individual to live out the fantasy of killing that special someone. (u/Brann_The_Kid)
  99. A library full of blackmail and secret knowledge regarding historical and political figures. A conniving, plotting character’s dream! (u/MoonlightMancer)
  100. A room where you can see colors that shouldn't exist. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  101. A room with a creature in a dark robe sitting at a table covered in maps and dice. He helps you play a strange game where you and your party make up characters that go on adventures while the robed creature acts as all of the other characters and determines new events. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  102. ...
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How to Recreate a Wynn Standard Room in My Own Room?

Hi Vegas! I'm a big fan of the aesthetics and color tones in the Wynn king rooms... Does anyone know a way to match up the paint colors and maybe find out where they got their nightstand, dressers, and carpet from?
An example of the room:
Example of Wynn Room
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Running a Business as an Artificer

In a previous article I looked into the practicality of building a Mage Tower for yourself. That was received fairly well, so I think I'll move onto my favorite class, the Artificer. Now, an Artificer doesn't necessarily need a tower as a base of operations, and given the somewhat more limited spell selection and 1/2 Caster nature, thought I'd focus more on the innate ability of an Artificer to be a small business owner by merits of Tool Proficiencies! Mundane and Magical Item are simple to make with all the Tool Proficiencies you are able to acquire at a relatively low level.
This guide could also be quite beneficial to Forge Clerics or any Wizard, Bard or Caster that knows Fabricate.
I recommend several resources to look up or familiarize yourself with before you take on this enterprising business opportunity.
1) Chapter 6 of the DMG features the Downtime Activity of Running a Business. It breaks down to 1d100+X, X being a number of downtime days that you spend running your business. If you can get above a 60 on the roll, congrats, your business makes a profit for that month.
2) Eberron: Rising from the Last War. You'll need this book if you want to play an Artificer.
3) Exploring Eberron presents two new Artificer Subclasses as well as a few new infusions I reference here, namely Healing Salve and Quiver of Energy.
4) Acquisition Incorporated is a great source for new rules to allow a business to be run while you continue to adventure, allowing a constant background stream of income to help fund future adventuring opportunities. You can use as many or as few options as you'd like, but the Hireling options to run the business in your absence are a nice touch.
5) If you don't want to use traditional Hirelings, but a more customizable NPC, you could use the Sidekick Options from the Essentials Kit and the upcoming Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. I will be recommending Sidekicks for each of the business models in the examples below.
6) Waterdeep: Dragon Heist gives basic operating costs for running a tavern and One-time and Recurring fees for Guild Memberships. Given the prominence of Guilds in Eberron and other settings, it is a good standard to use for other settings.
7) Xanathar's Guide to Everything has a fantastic breakdown of Artisan Tool uses and Skill Checks that will be immensely useful to Artificers or businessmen looking to practice a trade.
The following examples will be based on the following assumptions:
1) You will be running this business on your own.
2) You have options to get hirelings or other PC help should you want/need it.
3) You are level 6. This is the first level where a lot of this becomes feasible because you gain your Tool Expertise class feature and are now the best on the block at using Artisan Tools. You also gain a nice expansion to your Infusions that you can learn and I would think that knowing the Enhanced Weapon Infusion would count as having a schematic allowing you to enchant a basic +1 weapon.
4) We can use the upcoming Tasha's Rules for Character Creation on the Sidekicks so that you can swap out one Skill Proficiency for a Tool Proficiency. Wouldn't make sense to hire someone to run a weapon smithing shop who couldn't use Blacksmith Tools.
Feel free to submit your own business models using the following format:
  • Business Focus
  • Artificer Subclass or Subclasses best suited.
  • Tool Proficiencies needed.
  • Helpful Infusions. I include these here because I believe that having a relevant infusion should count as the required schematics necessary to create a magic item. I also think that they should definitely look different than the standard fare that traditional enchanters sell.
  • Business location.
  • Primary focus of business. What you will be selling or offering to customers.
  • Common or Uncommon Magic Items to supplement mundane sales when you hit level 10 and can make them in 1/4 the normal time and 1/2 the price of anyone else.
  • Sidekicks you could use in the business.
  • Other Party members who could help you besides the Forge Cleric, Bards, Rogues or any Spellcaster that knows *Fabricate*. You can Assume that the above classes are inferred good business partners for any of the jobs listed below. This guide will be focusing on those with Tool Proficiencies from Class, as anyone could grab a Guild Member background and be helpful as well.


Wandsmith/Arcane Focus Maker

  • Artillerist. This subclass lends itself well to a Wandslinger and the level 5 class features give a lot of attention to the Wand.
  • Armor of Tools, Woodcarver's Tools, Jeweler's Kit, Glassblower's Kit. Woodcarving for Wands, Rods and Staves. Jeweler's for Wands, and Crystals. Glassblower's for Orbs.
  • Enhanced Arcane Focus, Replicate Magic Items (any common wands or staves, Wand of Magic Detection, Wand of Secrets), Homunculus Servant, Replicate Magic Item (Wand Sheath). The Enhanced Arcane Focus should lend you to easily make decent wands and even Infused Wands. Replicating Magic Items for schematics for easy to make Common Magic items to upsell to customers. Homunculus Servant for extra help around the shop.
  • Cart, Wagon, Boat, Shop. You could have 2-3 wands on hand in a cart, a covered wagon with carving tools set up or even a section of a ship dedicated to making and selling your wares. If applicable, you could even buy a permanent location to sell your wares, this will be your best bet for glassblowing, as your toolkit still requires you to find a suitable heat source to form liquid glass. Work your way up to being your own Gilmore's Glorious Goods, Invulnerable Vagrant, or Fantasy Costco.
  • At this location, Wands, Rods, Staves, Crystals and Orbs will be your meat and potatoes. Basic Spellcasting Foci for any aspiring Wizard, Sorcerer or Warlock. You could even branch out into Holy Symbols, and Druidic Foci if the demand is there. While a basic Spellcasting Focus only needs to be between 5gp and 20gp. These are easily made in a single day of downtime crafting. You could even customize more expensive version of them for Nobles or highly opinionated casters to distinguish yourself from other magic shops.
  • Common and Uncommon Wands and Staves. Mostly Imbued Wands or Orbs of Resistance. Wands of Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Ice Knife, Catapult would all fall under these categories. Could even make a Common Wand that requires attunement, and grants the attuned the ability to cast a single Cantrip (always at Level 1) as a Novice Wandslinging item. Scrolls could be re-flavored as single use wands.
  • For Sidekicks, an Expert would be great to help you churn out mundane items, while a Spellcaster would help you keep a steady stream of lower end Magic Items available.
  • Eldritch Knights and Tome Warlocks would make great business partners. Eldritch Knights would probably push you to sell Rubies of War Mages also, bringing in a new area of clientele and the ability to advertise through Weaponsmiths for when they have some adventurers come through.

PainteSculptoGeneral Artisan

  • Any Artificer
  • Armor of Tools, Painter's Kits, Calligrapher's Kit, Glassblowers Kit, Woodcarver's Kit, Mason's Tools. These cover the gambit of common medium to work with.
  • Homunculus Servant. Most other Infusions are combat based, but a Homunculus is a nice extra set of hands(tentacles or claws?) to help pass you the right tool and to clean off your brushes.
  • Can work from Cart, Wagon, Boat or Shop. You might want a combo of Wagon and Shop, with a mobile studio to get different landscapes and to collect different material and a shop for a gallery from which to sell things.
  • Paintings, Sculptures, Wood Carvings, Reliefs and finer doo-dads will be your main stock. From carvings of monsters that you've fought, self-portraits of people you've met, landscapes of other planes, or just finely made custom Dragonchess sets with pieces that look like real people. You could even specialize in ship figureheads or shop signs for taverns or other businesses. If you can find a way to make a permanent Magical Tinkering effect of the static visual image, that's a nice storefront display right there.
  • Illusion enchanted paintings for a Harry Potter style feel would be good magical items, or even Dragonchess sets that can move themselves.
  • Experts will probably get more mileage for the tool proficiencies than the Spellcaster unless your Enchanted portraits become a real hot commodity.
  • Kensei Monks and Battlemaster Fighters each get proficiency in a set of Artisan's Tools as a Class Feature. Monks get Calligrapher's kit, but Battlemasters get to pick their choice, so could easily be Painter's or Woodcarver's.

Crossbow Manufacturer

  • Battlesmith, Artillerist
  • Armor of Tools, Woodcarver's Tools, Tinker's Tools, Smithing Tools, Carpenter's Tools. You will be mostly working with Wood and steel. Woodcarver's Tools lets you make 20 arrows as part of a Long Rest per Xanathar's.
  • Repeating Shot, Quiver of Energy, Enhanced Weapon, Homunculus Servant. Enhanced Weapon for a reason to be able to make +1 crossbows. Quiver of Energy might be useful for some arrows that add a bit of elemental damage to a shot, even if only +1 fire or lightning.
  • You can run a smaller shop out of a cart or wagon and be mostly custom orders, or you can have a fixed shot with dozens of different styles ready for sale and enchantment services on request.
  • Hand, Light and Heavy crossbows as well as arrows and bolts will be your primary trade. You can also Silver arrows and bolts and filigree the crap out of some crossbows if people are interested in flaunting their status that way. Pretty straight forward with these mundane items.
  • Walloping Ammunition, Unbreakable Arrows, Elemental Burst Arrows and Quivers of Ehlonna will be easy sources of magical flare in your shop.
  • Experts will be your main shopkeepers and re-stockers. Warriors if you want someone to do demonstrations.
  • Rangers, Arcane Archer Fighters, Kensei Monks will make excellent business partners. The Ranger especially brings a host of appropriate spells for later game enchanting. The Kensei will probably focus on more "traditional" Bows, which can help expand your clientele.

Potion Brewer

  • Alchemist
  • Brewer's Kit, Alchemist Supplies, Herbalism Kit, Poisoner's Kit. It is called out in Xanathar's Guide that an Herbalism Kit is required to make Healing Potions. So that's something you're definitely invest in. Also, in Xanathar's for .5lbs and 25gp of material, you can make one Alchemist Fire as part of a Long Rest with an Alchemist Supply Kit. That's not even counting what you can make during the day as Downtime. Stock up before you leave the city and you can make yourself one firebomb a night!
  • Healing Salve and Homunculus Servant. Healing Salve is basically a 4 use touch range Healing Word you can make. This would be a great basis for Keoghtom's Ointment. I also feel like at this point I don't need to explain why Homunculus Servant keeps appearing on these lists.
  • You could run this out of a cart or wagon, but i'd be worried about all those Alchemist Fire supplies rattling around. Same with a boat, unless you're just a Riverboat. A physical Shop would be best for what you need, although a cart/wagon for traveling with already made merchandise is a nice way to spread the brand name and to gather exotic or non-local supplies.
  • Healing Potions! You are the local healer. You will also probably have on hand a good number of natural remedies for people who can't afford a constant stream of Healing Potions and instead use the Medicine Skill Proficiency to treat wounds. You can also make a single item of either Alchemist Fire, Acid, Antitoxin, perfume or soap as part of a Long Rest with an Alchemist's kit, so you can have a varied catalogue. makes sense to me that Sunrods (fantasy glow sticks) would be something you'd make with Alchemist's Supplies. You could even dip into Poison's, that wouldn't be advertised of course, but would include a bit of a premium on their sale for those in the need of such a thing.
  • As you level up you can more easily make Potions of: Greater Healing, Fire Breath, Hill Giant Strength, Resistance and Water Breathing. You can also easily make an Alchemy Jug, which can make you day to day operations even cheaper as you can simply have the jug produce some of the more mundane liquids you may sell. The Decanter of Endless Water is also a must have item and too easy of a sale to anyone adventuring near or into a desert. Keoghtom's Ointment is also a nice Emergency Medicine that you could sell to a local Hospital or Militia.
  • Expert's are your best bet at brewing basic potions for you and keeping the mundane supplies stocked. A Spellcaster would be able to expand your inventory with Climbing Potions, Beads of Nourishment, Beads of Refreshment, Candle's of the Deep, Perfume of Bewitching and Tankard's of Sobriety.
  • Druids, Eldritch Knights, Monks and Rangers would be good partners as they can easily get Nature and Medicine proficiencies for a good number of the items that you make.

Tavern Owner

  • Any Artificer, but strong lean to Alchemist due to class flavor.
  • Brewer's Kit, Carpenter's Kit, Cook's Utensils, Alchemist Supplies, Herbalism Kit, Glassblowing Kit. The Brewer's Supplies should be obvious, but outside of the business, you can Purify1 gallon of Water over a Short Rest and 6 Gallons over a Long rest, a handy skill to have if you aren't near someplace with Fresh Water, like the open ocean. The Cook's Utensils are also a given with a Tavern, but outside of combat they allow a creature to regain 1 extra HP per Hit Dice they spend on a Short Rest. That may not sound like much, but it effectively makes each Hit Dice one higher on average (1d6+1 has the same average as 1d8). The Carpenter's Tools are so that you can fix all the furniture that will break during the inevitable bar fights. The Alchemist Supplies are actually for embalming creatures you encounter so you can have that Mindflayer Taxidermized as a display item in your bar! That's a feature I don't think any other local bar will have. Herbalism Kit is for working with hops, or branching into a bit of Potion Making if you want. Glassblowing is for you to make your own signature glassware that you can serve with the expensive drinks and offer as souvenirs.
  • Homunculous Servant, Replicate Magic Item (Tankard of Sobriety). Tankard's of Sobriety seem like the perfect item for a bartender or bar owner. You can drink as much as you want but still stay sober. Might not be as much fun as regular drinking, but good for keeping your head about you and one hell of an advantage in a drinking contest.
  • You could run this out of a Cart or Wagon as a kind of portable bar for just drinks. If you got a decent sized ship you could even expand it to a casino boat. However, a physical shop is the best choice here, specially if you plan to expand it to housing several rooms. Location is also key here, so make sure you spend some downtime doing some Investigation, Insight and History checks to learn all you can about potential locations you might set up.
  • Beers, Wines, and Spirits of all kinds, with tasty food to boot! This is the stereotypical D&D Player business. There's an entire chapter of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist dedicated to setting up and running a tavern if you want inspiration. Feel free to include specials following your adventures of meat from creatures you've slain! Hydra-Burgers should be tasty.
  • Mostly Wands of Prestidigitation and Decanter's of Endless Water for cleaning the bar and Alchemy Jugs for an easier way to produce cheap beer and wine with basically no overhead costs. Dust of Dryness might be nice to have on hand for cleaning up spills as well. Oh, and don't forget to keep a Wand of Magic Missiles behind the bar for those rowdy patrons.
  • Spellcasters might make the best brewmasters of the sidekicks due to their increased Mental Stats. They can also help out with cleaning, and if they get to a point where they can Detect Poison and Disease, that would be a huge help come Health Inspection time. Experts will make good Brewers and can step up behind the bar to help out with their wide range of proficiencies. Warriors are good Bouncers and a way to take care of those pesky Dire Rats in the cellar.
  • Way of the Drunken Fist Monks will either be a godsend or a curse for you as a business partner. Other Monks and Rangers would make a good partner as their naturally high Wisdom scores would help with Insight and Perception to keep an eye on patrons and employees. And no one is better in a bare knuckle brawl than a Monk, you could even put a fighting pit in your tavern if you want that kind of atmosphere, but I'd be sure to have a place to check weapons at the door so fights don't escalate too much outside of the fighting pit. Barbarians and Fighters have the CON to put down the drinks for Taste Testing and still being able to be a Bouncer. Beastmaster's can use their companion as a novelty server or even tavern mascot. And while I said I wouldn't include them on the list, I just have to say that any Bard would go here wonderfully.


  • Battlesmith (It's in the name)
  • Smithing Kit, Alchemist Supplies, Leather Working, Jeweler's Kit, Woodcarving Kit. The Smithing Kit and Woodcarving kit should be obvious as 95% of the weapons are made from metal or wood. The Leather Working Kit is for grips and wraps on the handles of weapons. Jeweler's Kit is for making fancy versions of weapons. Alchemist Supplies is for Silvering Weapons or using chemicals to stain the metal other colors.
  • Homunculus Servant, Armor of Tools, Enhanced Weapon, Returning Weapon, Radiant Weapon, Replicate Magic Item (Moon-Touched Sword), Replicate Magic Item (Armblade). I think both the Radiant Weapon and Moon-Touched Sword Infusions would be good enough to count for the schematics to make Moon-Touched Swords for you. Enhanced Weapon for a basic +1 weapon.
  • You need a forge for these, and that means that Carts and Wagons are only good for transporting completed merchandise to sell. The sheer weight needed for your forge makes a boat out of the question. Like the tavern, a physical location is the best bet for you.
  • Anything that isn't a strictly ranged weapon is your stock and trade here. The most expensive mundane melee weapon is the Greatsword at 50gp. That means it will take you a full day (25gp) to make a single one. All other weapons can be made in a few hours. You'll also want to have some farming supplies and tools on hand in order to maximize your customer base. Hoes, pick axes, crowbars, buckets, barrels, Caltrops, Ball Bearings, metal religious symbols etc. Silvering Weapons and adding gold/silveelectrum/gemstone decorations to mundane items are a great way to offer wares to richer customers. Yes, Lord Grantham ir'Lupiloo has a fine rapier, but he doesn't have a rapier made of Bulette-scale Damascus steel, with a hydra skin wrapped pommel and his name engraved in gold embossed Draconic along the crossguard. That's how you make a name for yourself, because Lord Brendit ir'Flaglap is going to HAVE to have a nicer Longsword than that cur for next week's gala.
  • Moon-Touched Blades, Weapons of Warning, +1 Weapons and a weapon with a single minor property from the table on page 143 in the DMG will be the easiest and fastest for you to replicate.
  • The Expert and Warrior will be best for if you want mundane items being churned out of your forge. The Spellcaster would be a better hire if you want to focus on enchanted items. The difference in what you will be able to do will be based on your location. Rural areas will focus on mundane most likely, while cities will have more demand and client base for fancy mundane and enchanted.
  • Fighters, Barbarians, Monks, Paladins and Blade Pact Warlocks would do great here as partners.


  • Armorer, Battlesmith
  • Smithing Kit, Leatherworking, Weaver's Tools, Cobbler's Tools, Alchemist Supplies. SMithing and Leatherworking are straightforward. Weavers is for non-armor clothing if you want to instead open up a clothing boutique. Cobbler's tools for if you want to make shoes. Fun fact, with Cobbler's Tools you can spend a Long Rest to add in a 3" by 1" hidden compartment into a pair of shoes or boots.
  • Homunculus Servant, Enhanced Armor, Reflecting Shield, Boots of the Winding Path, Armor of Absorption, Armor of Tools.
  • You could do a clothing store, shoe repair and custom designing, make and sell leather armor, custom tailoring or a dry-cleaning business (Prestidigitation + Mending) out of a cart, wagon or boat, but for the same reasons as with a weaponsmith you need a physical location if you want to make metal armor. Make it work, people!
  • Congratulations, you are now you party Rogue's favorite person and source of disguises. You'll have to decide the breadth and scope of just what kind of business you want to run first. Focus on just mundane clothing for commoners to nobles, or do a combination of common clothing and simple armors. Metal armors and shields will require a forge. If you are able to build yourself up, you could eventually do everything out of a large building with a little bit of everything like your own fantasy Macy's. One storefront for expensive dresses, gowns and suits. Next door is more common or work wear, and out back is the forge with protective armors, leathers and shields. This would be a nice way to ensure that all your armor pieces match, because nothing is worse than finding a great piece of new armor that just completely clashes with your personal aesthetic. This also to me just seems like a great way to play a Garrak like character. (If you don't know who that is, please see yourself over to Netflix or CBS All Access and watch all of Deep Space 9 as soon as possible.)
  • Cloaks of Defense, Cloaks of Many Fashions, Cloaks of Billowing, Cloaks of Elvenkind, Cloaks of the Manta Ray, Sentinel Shields, Robes of Useful Items, Brooches of Shielding, Cast off Armor, Boots of Elvenkind, Gleaming Armor, Boots of the Winterlands, Winged Boots....there are so many thematic Common and Uncommon Magic Items for you to make here.
  • Experts will be your go to for mundane sewing, forging and cobbling. Spellcasters if your enchanting business takes off and can run the Dry-cleaning aspect while you're gone.
  • Rangers, Monks and Arcane Archers will do well here are they tend to favor DEX and WIS. Also, if you do end up going into a clothing business with a rogue and you don't name it "Cloak and Dagger" then I think you actually lose a Character Level.


  • Any, but Battlesmiths and Armorers might do best as they would tend to have higher STR.
  • Armor of Tools, Carpenter's Tools, Woodworking Tools, Smithing Tools, Navigation Tools. You're mostly going to be working with wood here, and a bit of metal also. Navigation Tools just seems like a good choice, unless you want the RP of being a master of building ships, and then being completely unable to use or navigate in them.
  • Homunculus Servant, Replicate Magic Items (Cap of Water Breathing, Ring of Water Walking, Cloak of the Manta Ray). The Magic Items that you can replicate allow you to fully inspect or repair any ship while it is in the water.
  • You're going to want a shop. Located next to a large body of water. And depending on the size of the ships you intend to build, it should also be connected to an ocean eventually. You could theoretically have this business from a boat, if you make a large enough ship that you could pull alongside other ships to repair them, but I think you're best off with a permanent location.
  • As a Shipwright, you make ships! Boats, galleys, rowboats and everything in between. You'll want to start off with smaller boats first to build up your money until you can invest in making a large ship. According to the DMG, a Rowboat costs 50gp to make, a Keelboat costs 3,000gp a Sailing Ship or Longship costs 10,000gp and a Galley costs 30,000gp. Other than Rowboats, which you can make in a single day, these are going to be very long projects. From 120 days for a Keelboat to about 3.3 years for a Galley if you are working by yourself without any magical aid. Even if you do hire multiple sidekicks or just general hirelings, you aren't going to get paid until the entire job is done, but they will all need to be paid while they work on the ship. Instead of making brand new ships, you could also repair existing ones, and as an Artificer, you almost certainly have the Mending cantrip which can help you.
  • Candle's of the Deep, Heward's Handy Spice Pouch, Orbs of Direction, Ropes of Mending, Alchemy Jugs, Caps of Water Breathing, Decanters of Endless (fresh)water, Eyes of the Eagle, Gloves of Swimming and Climbing and Wind Fans are all magic items that you could sell to shipowners and crews to help them in their travels. Ghosts of Saltmarsh also has a number of Ship Upgrades that you could offer.
  • Experts are going to help you the most here as they can get the most amount of kit proficiencies to help across a variety of problems. Spellcasters can help if you decide for focus more on maritime magical goods.
  • If you plan on building ships from scratch, then you are going to need every Forge Cleric and Fabricate Spell you can get your hands on. But be careful, if you are able to start churning out ships in a week for half the cost of the competition, then that is a LOT of people that you are putting out of business and there is sure to be repercussions. For a non-magical approach, just about every party has something that they can contribute to this project. Martial classes will DO WORK on cutting down lumber and getting that ship together. Partial Casters can help speed up certain aspects of building and augment others through buffs.
Updated for multiple spelling, grammar and formatting errors

Please Feel Free to Submit your own Business Ideas! I'll add them if they fit the stated format. Punny Shop names encouraged!

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New to RVing? I’ve compiled some links and apps

Hello! A lot of these were suggestions from specific posts, so if you search for the link or parent site link, you might find the original post. This list is definitely not comprehensive, they’re just sites and apps that I found useful enough to bookmark or download in the last two months as a newbie in search of information. Good luck and I hope you find something useful out of these!
(This has been cross-posted between rvlife and traveltrailers, so if that applies to you, check to see if people have commented there who have not commented here)
Add-ons - - - - -
Shopping for parts, furniture, etc. - - - (This is a place in Central Florida that has RV parts and are very friendly. The site doesn’t have a lot, but they have a catalog you can request or pick up).
RV Clubs, usually relates to finding places to camp: -
Things to see in the US:
Equipment you may consider for a truck if you have a travel trailer:
The campground guides are too many to list here, but these are some of the apps I’ve downloaded, per suggestions from people who have been RVing a while.
Other helpful apps: - RV Trader (for buying) - RVT (for buying) - Outdoorsy (for renting) - IExit (already used this once to see what was coming up at the exit) - Packing List - RV Ref (shows and discusses all the systems in your RV) - RV Dumps - iRV2 (RV forums) - Trucker Path (my husband’s favorite, he says it’s a well-made app) - Javelin (a PDF reader needed if you download the East and/or West mountain guides I mentioned above, but they walk you through it if you buy the guides)
Aaaand just for fun—
Ultimately, I think there are a lot of people who check these subreddits and forums regularly to either learn from others’ experiences or answer questions. Reddit has been my go-to since we began this journey around two months ago.
I hope others can add to this— these are just the ones I’ve come across that look like we could use them, being a truck and travel trailer combo. Everyone has their favorites, and I’m not here to argue the attributes of any of them, but give your opinion because someone else may have the same variables as you and agree. Please feel free to add to this list or comment on some of them if you’ve found something to be a real gem or a real dud. Thanks!
Edit 8/5/2020: Adding more sites that I missed!
Allstays- and an app ($9.99 for the app, but it comes highly recommended from Keep Your Daydream)
Remodeling/Add-ons- A lot of these use Amazon affiliation links, but I never mind that. The people who take the time to figure out how to do things correctly, like paint over RV wallpaper, deserve whatever dime Amazon (trust me, it’s not a lot) is willing to throw them after I buy something linked from their site. It’s much better than me going through trial and error and spending a bunch of money on things that don’t work. Doesn’t cost me anything to go from their site to Amazon, so even if I don’t buy the product they recommend or if it’s no longer available, I can scroll through similar items and pick something more suitable for our situation/RV. I don’t always know the best keywords to put in for a search, so this gets me halfway there. At least once I see what they’re being called on Amazon, I know better what keywords to use (or even save myself some humiliation out on the road when I can call something by its common name, rather than “Do you have one of those thingamajiggies you hang on the wall so your plates pop out?”). You could call it RV-literacy lessons, I guess.
I like to see how people incorporate work desks into their remodels and especially doing something creative with their monitors. This video does that 13:23 of the video.
Edit 8/6/2020: I joined Harvest Hosts last night and can’t wait to tell my husband we might be staying at breweries! Also, found this on their site— it’s a very long list of links and I can’t wait to dive in.
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New to RVing? I’ve compiled some links and apps

Hello! A lot of these were suggestions from specific posts, so if you search for the link or parent site link, you might find the original post. This list is definitely not comprehensive, they’re just sites and apps that I found useful enough to bookmark or download in the last two months as a newbie in search of information. Good luck and I hope you find something useful out of these!
(This has been cross-posted between rvlife and traveltrailers, so if that applies to you, check to see if people have commented there who have not commented here)
Add-ons - - - - -
Shopping for parts, furniture, etc. - - - (This is a place in Central Florida that has RV parts and are very friendly. The site doesn’t have a lot, but they have a catalog you can request or pick up).
RV Clubs, usually relates to finding places to camp: -
Things to see in the US:
Equipment you may consider for a truck if you have a travel trailer:
The campground guides are too many to list here, but these are some of the apps I’ve downloaded, per suggestions from people who have been RVing a while.
Other helpful apps: - RV Trader (for buying) - RVT (for buying) - Outdoorsy (for renting) - IExit (already used this once to see what was coming up at the exit) - Packing List - RV Ref (shows and discusses all the systems in your RV) - RV Dumps - iRV2 (RV forums) - Trucker Path (my husband’s favorite, he says it’s a well-made app) - Javelin (a PDF reader needed if you download the East and/or West mountain guides I mentioned above, but they walk you through it if you buy the guides)
Aaaand just for fun—
Ultimately, I think there are a lot of people who check these subreddits and forums regularly to either learn from others’ experiences or answer questions. Reddit has been my go-to since we began this journey around two months ago.
I hope others can add to this— these are just the ones I’ve come across that look like we could use them, being a truck and travel trailer combo. Everyone has their favorites, and I’m not here to argue the attributes of any of them, but give your opinion because someone else may have the same variables as you and agree. Please feel free to add to this list or comment on some of them if you’ve found something to be a real gem or a real dud. Thanks!
Edit: Adding more sites that I missed!
Allstays- and an app ($9.99 for the app, but it comes highly recommended from Keep Your Daydream)
Remodeling/Add-ons- A lot of these use Amazon affiliation links, but I never mind that. The people who take the time to figure out how to do things correctly, like paint over RV wallpaper, deserve whatever dime Amazon (trust me, it’s not a lot) is willing to throw them after I buy something linked from their site. It’s much better than me going through trial and error and spending a bunch of money on things that don’t work. Doesn’t cost me anything to go from their site to Amazon, so even if I don’t buy the product they recommend or if it’s no longer available, I can scroll through similar items and pick something more suitable for our situation/RV. I don’t always know the best keywords to put in for a search, so this gets me halfway there. At least once I see what they’re being called on Amazon, I know better what keywords to use (or even save myself some humiliation out on the road when I can call something by its common name, rather than “Do you have one of those thingamajiggies you hang on the wall so your plates pop out?”). You could call it RV-literacy lessons, I guess.
I like to see how people incorporate work desks into their remodels and especially doing something creative with their monitors. This video does that 13:23 of the video.
Edit 8/6/2020: I joined Harvest Hosts last night and can’t wait to tell my husband we might be staying at breweries! Also, found this on their site— it’s a very long list of links and I can’t wait to dive in.
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The Gambler

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an issue with gambling. Lost every penny to my name at the tables, spent more time indebted to the House than I ever spent in one. I don’t know how to explain it. I only ever felt alive in the casino. The flashing, flickering lights, the resounding echoes of dice on red velvet and whiskey downed desperately, like water in the desert.
Nothing changed when I died; nothing important anyway. Same games, slightly different stakes. We gamble emotions now. Sensation. We play cards or craps for the worst ones, like exchanging shitty cigarettes. For the other lost souls and I, it’s a familiar dance.
We’re all of the same ilk here. Not benevolent enough for heaven. Not wicked enough for hell. Just dead. Just here. Gambling and scrounging and doing whatever we can to feel alive. Sometimes other things pass around. Lotsa us call ’em demons, but I ain’t too sure. I’m pretty sure they’re just the dealers. Just a few folks being a little less screwed by the House. I’ve seen a few around, but they had no business with me. They just wanna find the fellow on their list and bring ’em to the Grand Casino. Won’t take no one else, won’t hear nothing else.
The Grand Casino. That’s where you can win big. I’ve heard stories of folks leaving with ‘happiness’, ‘joy’ and ‘pleasure’. Hell, heard one guy even gambled his way back to the world of the living. ‘Course I never met someone who won, or even returned from the Grand Casino, short of them dealers. And them? They keep tight lips. Don’t say much one way or another, whether folks bash the place or praise it. ‘Magine its part of the House rules. Now, I’ve already told ya’ I’m a simple man. I like sleep, like booze and like gambling. Never turned down a chance at any of ’em. So when the dealers came a’calling my name, you know, I didn’t put up no resistance.
The lessons I learned in life, I carried with me when I got here. And one of those lessons? The House ain’t perfect. Damn near it, but it ain’t. Sometimes it puts a man behind the table with a heart too soft to help a man hang himself. After a while, you can see it in ’em. Its in their eyes of course, but its really at their lips. Had one fellow, when I was alive, would mouth numbers for me to bet on. Never any big wins, but enough to put a hot meal in me. My dealer now kinda reminds me of that kid.
So my dealer. Hes tall, talking twice my height and I’m a good six foot. Kinda transparent and warpy, like your six drinks in looking at the world through a puff of a cig. Sometimes its got features. Like a real pretty lady one minute. Then an upright lion. Swore it looked like my Pa at one point too. I followed where it led, no use in wasting time. At first I didn’t say nothing. Their kind never answer questions anyways. But I ain’t never been good at silence. Makes my skin crawl all jittery like. Think that’s why I liked to hang by the slots. Never quiet there.
“So whats waiting for me over at the Rising Sun?” I smile as I ask. Its what me and a few others would call the good casinos, or the bad ones, dependin’ on your feel. The ones that made you feel like God, all powerful and shit with enough money in your lap to hide your excitement as some sexy lass nibbles at your ear. Same places where you’d crash hard, harder than anything else, hard enough that you don’t even feel your broken arm when security chucks you out ’cause your souls in so many pieces you sure it ain’t ever going back together. And then your sittin’ there in your own piss and stench, trying to find the energy to crawl into the road and end this goddamn catastrophe while wondering why. Why couldn’t you just take your winnings and go? Whys it always one more game, but it never is? I had a million dollars that night. A million. Owner of the House came out, congratulated me. He waved the dealer off and smiled.
“Double or nothing?” The fucking monster. I was hot, hot off a win, throat burning from a fireball, cheeks flush at the touch of impossibly soft lips. Should have said no. But goddamned if I’m anything but who I am. And who I am is a gambler. “Listen. The only way to win is not to play. Drink nothing he gives you. Eat nothing as well. It will only dull you to reality. He can only take what you willingly give. Give nothing. And do not speak of this exchange,“ the dealer entity’s voice pulls me back. We’re standing in front of a large, ornate door, but its not attached to anything. They’re looking down at me, staring something fierce. “What’s your name?” Don’t know why I ask, but it comes to mind. Feels important.
“I am Eleador. I must leave now. I have another to retrieve. Heed my words or do not, but share not what I have given you.” They pull away as they speak, but I grab their arm. Or try to. Feels like a real thick fog, almost water, but not quite. “Thank ya, Eleador. Yousa good fellow.” Thinking back, there wasn’t no reason for me to go through that door; I mean, no reason at all. I knew the Devil was sitting there, just waiting for me. Then there was the dealer’s warning. Eleador, goddamned if my gut don’t drop even now thinking of ’em, told me the game was rigged. I just…had to keep playing. I opened that door to the prettiest palace of sin. Men and women strutting about, some carrying trays of sweets whose very appearance made my mouth water. Others embraced freely on satin furniture as they sipped strange liquids from intricate glasses. Despite the resounding bell that rings when I open the door, none of them notice me. Or if they do, they don’t show it, going about their business completely unfazed. Entranced, I stepped forward. A hand, heavy, falls on my shoulder from behind. A man stands where the door once was. “Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.” His stern tone, combined with the forceful way he leads me towards a table, makes it clear I have no choice. He’s the only one dressed in such a business-like way; in a room of lace bikinis and well adorned loincloths, his modestly tailored suit is off putting.
“Well, ah, sir, guess I should be saying it’s an honor. But where am I? And who’re you?” The man plants me firmly in a plush armchair. “You’re in a casino. My casino. And we’re going to gamble now, aren’t we?” My lack of response seems to upset him. “I have something you want.”
I feel it in my gut. I don’t like this man. Reminds me of the fellow that used to spit at me when I slept off Raeborne Avenue. “Sir, I ain’t a wanting man. Don’t need nothing, don’t want nothing.” He slams and open palm onto the table, spreading a mess of cards as he does. “You wanna play. And I do too. I suggest you make yourself comfortable. Take a drink. Grab a snack. Figure out if you’d rather live again or go to heaven. Or maybe something else. Whatever you want. I just want your afterlife. Your loyalty and servitude. Your choice of game.”
Eleador said the only way to win is not to play. But someone has to win every now and then. No one would play if not. I can be the one. I have to be the one.
“I don’t want nothing. But I’ll tell you what. I’ll play a game of blackjack with you. You win and you get whatever it is you want. I win, you do a friend of mine a favor. Deal?” There ain’t nothing for me in life and heaven never sounded too sweet. But I know a soul needing salvation.
The fellow blinks hard a few times, but nods. “A drink to seal it?” “No sir, I, uh, know better than that,” I don’t know how else to phrase it, but that certainly wasn’t the right way.
“Fine. I’ll tell you what I want if I win. The name of the fool who ruined my game. So, lets play, you lucky fucker”. Things changed. Where once there were others, now we are alone. A dim lime light flickers above us. The man, he ain’t no man. He’s a beast with hooves and fur and the like. I looked in it’s eyes, at least two of the myriad that pocked his flesh and knew I didn’t have a chance in hell.
But I still played. Gambled with something that wasn’t mine. And I lost, and I broke a promise that, for once, I intended to keep. I tell this tale to you as I tell it to others who wander the Wasteland. Maybe you’ll listen ’cause I know for damn sure they don’t. I don’t wish this feeling on nobody, this pain and ache and sadness. I ain’t content with this limbo no more. I worry ‘bout Eleador every moment. Worry ‘bout what the Devil did to ‘em.
Don’t make my mistake, lads. I didn’t learn in life and I didn’t learn in death. I only learned when it was too late. Don’t play the odds. Not once, not ever. The House will put its claws in you and never let go.
But if you do, if you gamble at the Grand Casino and you find yourself on a winning streak, see if you can set Eleador free.
I don’t wanna know what that monster did to them.
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Respect Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect)

"I would prefer lengthier studies... and few explosions"

Liara T'Soni

Liara T'soni is an asari archaeologist, and one of Commander Shepard's closest allies. Ever since she was young she had a fascination with the protheans, the race that ruled the galaxy 50,000 years ago, and dedicated her life to studying them. While on a dig on a remote planet she was attacked by a machine race known as a geth she found herself trapped in a prothean forcefield trying to protect herself. She was finally rescued by Commander Shepard, from whom she learned her mother Matriarch Benezia has allied herself with the rogue spectre Saren Arterius. But more than that she learned that Shepard had encountered a Prothean beacon and learned the true fate of the protheans; they had been wiped out by a race of sentient starships known as the Reapers. Both for her own protection and to learn more about Shepard's experience with the beacon she joined his squad, and helped to bring down her mother as well as Saren who were attempting to bring the Reapers back.
After Shepard's death at the hands of the Collectors Liara fought against the Shadow Broker (the galaxy's most powerful information broker) to recover Shepard's body, and then spent the next two years trying to track him down to rescue a friend who was captured in the process. With the help of a newly revived Shepard she managed to find and kill the Broker, and then took control of his network to become the new Shadow Broker. With her new resources she discovered plans for an ancient device to possibly destroy the Reapers, and as the Reapers returned rejoined Shepard's crew in order to try and stop them once and for all.
Notes: A number of feats can be performed by any squadmate regardless of who they are. These feats will be marked with [Squadmate] and the gif is not guaranteed to have Liara in them. Similarly, gifs of Liara's in game abilities are performed by Shepard (since the abilities are functionally identical in game regardless of who's using them)
Hover over a feat to see the source
  • Mass Effect 1
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Mass Effect Andromeda (though Liara just has a short vocal cameo)
  • Mass Effect Redemption
  • Mass Effect Homeworlds
  • Paragon Lost (though Liara herself doesn't get any feats from this)
Beyond this there are some novels that Liara does not appear in but still provide information about the setting
  • Mass Effect Revelations
  • Mass Effect Ascension
  • Mass Effect Retribution
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Initiation
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation
Information on In-Universe Technology
Firearms: Mass Effect firearms work by using mass effect fields and electromagnetism to accelerate metal slugs to sufficient velocities and are designed to squash or shatter on impact. A single weapon can hold thousands of rounds, smaller than grains of sand. In general Mass Effect weaponry tear up stone and concrete, destroy a satelite uplink in a single shot, and at enough damage blow apart enemy heads
Body Armor: Body armor is made of fabric hardsuits with kinetic padding, with less flexible areas potentially reinforced with ceramic. These suits can be be sealed to protect against hostile enviornments. Resistance to gun fire depends on the amount of reinforcement over a given body part.
Kinetic Barriers: Kinetic barriers create mass effect fields that repel projectiles moving at sufficiently high velocity. Barriers can easily block single shots from pistols and submachine guns, and in the novels these can block at least limited shots from assault rifles and sniper rifles

Biotic Abilities

Biotics are the ability to create mass effect fields and manipulate dark energy to produce effects like telekinesis. However using biotic abilities requires time and concentration, and can be very draining. All asari are biotics, and Liara is no exception.
General Telekinesis/Gravity Manipulation
Warp: Uses mass effect fields to warp and wreak havoc on the foe
Stasis: Creates a mass effect field to immobilize the target
Singlularity: Projects a sphere of dark energy which produces a powerful gravitational effect that pulls nearby enemies and objects towards it,

Weapons and Equipment

Guns: Liara is trained in pistols and submachine guns, and in gameplay will wield one of each.
Body Armor


Note (in the Redemption comic at least) Liara seems to enhance her physicals with her biotic powers.


Asari Physiology
Combat Skill
Tech Skill/Resources

The Shadow Broker

After killing the previous broker, Liara assumed his position and gained access to the largest and most powerful information network in the galaxy.
Glyph: Glyph is the name of the Shadow Broker's personal data assistant

"The world of intrigue isn't that different from a dig site. Except that the dead bodies still smell."

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Daily Stock Discussion - 02/21/2017

The /Robinhood Fund

Join the year-long stock picking game today!
Full and current standings can be found in the wiki. A breakdown of stats is over here. Updates show up every hour! Check it out!
Total Investors 142
Initial Investment $1418998.99
Current Value $1547982.35
Change 8.332%

Current Standings

# Investor Value Percent Change
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8 I_Got_Pennies $12974.14 29.74%
9 Imma_Robot $12956.59 29.57%
10 pylorih $12890.39 28.90%

Upcoming Ex-Div Dates

Expected Earnings Reports

Symbol Name EPS Estimate When
AAP Advance Auto Parts Inc 1.09 Before Market Open
ACC American Campus Communities Inc 0.32 After Market Close
ADMS Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.8 Time Not Supplied
AGR Avangrid Inc 0.64 Before Market Open
ALQA Alliqua BioMedical Inc -0.19 Before Market Open
AMRI Albany Molecular Research Inc 0.48 Before Market Open
ANAT American National Insurance Co N/A After Market Close
ARC ARC Document Solutions Inc 0.05 After Market Close
ASTE Astec Industries Inc 0.53 Before Market Open
AWK American Water Works Company Inc 0.57 After Market Close
BSQR Bsquare Corp N/A After Market Close
BZUN Baozun Inc 0.17 After Market Close
CACQ Caesars Acquisition Co N/A After Market Close
CBRL Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc 2.14 Before Market Open
CEQP Crestwood Equity Partners LP 0.16 Before Market Open
CHEF Chefs Warehouse Inc 0.16 After Market Close
CPRT Copart Inc 0.57 After Market Close
CSPI CSP Inc N/A Before Market Open
CTG Computer Task Group Inc 0.05 Before Market Open
CXO Concho Resources Inc -0.07 After Market Close
CYOU Changyou.Com Ltd 0.65 Before Market Open
CYRN Cyren Ltd -0.03 Before Market Open
DAC Danaos Corp 0.2 After Market Close
DAKT Daktronics Inc -0.02 Before Market Open
DEPO Depomed Inc 0.36 After Market Close
DL China Distance Education Holdings Ltd 0.14 After Market Close
DZSI DASAN Zhone Solutions Inc -0.01 After Market Close
ECL Ecolab Inc 1.27 Before Market Open
EDR Education Realty Trust Inc 0.23 Before Market Open
EIX Edison International 0.95 After Market Close
ENBL Enable Midstream Partners LP 0.18 Before Market Open
ENTL Entellus Medical Inc -0.33 After Market Close
EROS Eros International PLC 0.12 Before Market Open
ESCA Escalade Inc 0.19 Before Market Open
EXAC Exactech Inc 0.32 Before Market Open
EXAS Exact Sciences Corp -0.39 Before Market Open
EXPD Expeditors International of Washington Inc 0.6 Time Not Supplied
EXR Extra Space Storage Inc 0.55 After Market Close
FDP Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc 0.05 Before Market Open
FE FirstEnergy Corp 0.4 After Market Close
FELE Franklin Electric Co Inc 0.37 08:00 am ET
FOMX Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd -0.26 After Market Close
FSLR First Solar Inc 0.97 After Market Close
FUEL Rocket Fuel Inc -0.16 After Market Close
GPC Genuine Parts Co 1.01 Before Market Open
HCI HCI Group Inc -0.21 After Market Close
HCKT Hackett Group Inc 0.24 After Market Close
HCLP Hi Crush Partners LP -0.1 After Market Close
HD Home Depot Inc 1.33 Before Market Open
HEP Holly Energy Partners LP 0.51 Before Market Open
HLS HealthSouth Corp 0.62 After Market Close
HSIC Henry Schein Inc 1.85 Before Market Open
HSII Heidrick & Struggles International Inc 0.19 After Market Close
HSTM HealthStream Inc 0.04 After Market Close
HVT Haverty Furniture Companies Inc 0.43 After Market Close
INFI Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.57 After Market Close
IPHS Innophos Holdings Inc 0.48 After Market Close
IRWD Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.24 After Market Close
ISLE Isle of Capri Casinos Inc 0.19 Before Market Open
IVR Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc 0.4 After Market Close
KALU Kaiser Aluminum Corp 1.18 After Market Close
KAR KAR Auction Services Inc 0.48 After Market Close
LAND Gladstone Land Corp 0 After Market Close
LL Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc -0.31 Before Market Open
LMAT LeMaitre Vascular Inc 0.15 After Market Close
LNTH Lantheus Holdings Inc 0.13 After Market Close
LZB La-Z-Boy Inc 0.45 After Market Close
M Macy's Inc 1.96 Before Market Open
MATX Matson Inc 0.47 After Market Close
MDR McDermott International Inc -0.01 Before Market Open
MDT Medtronic PLC 1.11 Before Market Open
MDWD Mediwound Ltd -0.25 07:00 am ET
MIC Macquarie Infrastructure Corp 0.53 After Market Close
MLP Maui Land & Pineapple Company Inc N/A Time Not Supplied
MMSI Merit Medical Systems Inc 0.28 After Market Close
MNTA Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.24 Before Market Open
MORN Morningstar Inc 0.77 After Market Close
NEM Newmont Mining Corp 0.33 After Market Close
NEWM New Media Investment Group Inc 0.44 Before Market Open
NFX Newfield Exploration Co 0.37 After Market Close
NLS Nautilus Inc 0.41 After Market Close
NRZ New Residential Investment Corp 0.55 Before Market Open
NYMT New York Mortgage Trust Inc 0.16 After Market Close
PGTI PGT Innovations Inc 0.1 Before Market Open
PRTK Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A Before Market Open
PSB PS Business Parks Inc 0.32 After Market Close
PWR Quanta Services Inc 0.56 Before Market Open
PZZA Papa John's International Inc 0.66 5:00 pm ET
QTS QTS Realty Trust Inc 0.1 After Market Close
QUAD Quad/Graphics Inc 0.69 After Market Close
RP RealPage Inc 0.2 After Market Close
RPT Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust 0.05 After Market Close
RRGB Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc 0.34 After Market Close
RUBI Rubicon Project Inc 0.15 After Market Close
SAH Sonic Automotive Inc 0.62 07:30 am ET
SHO Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc 0.06 After Market Close
SNI Scripps Networks Interactive Inc 1.07 Before Market Open
SOHO Sotherly Hotels Inc 0.05 Before Market Open
SOHU Sohu.Com Inc -2.08 Before Market Open
SPN Superior Energy Services Inc -0.77 After Market Close
SREV ServiceSource International Inc 0.03 After Market Close
SRT StarTek Inc 0.11 After Market Close
SSNI Silver Spring Networks Inc 0.02 After Market Close
STLY Stanley Furniture Company Inc -0.02 Time Not Supplied
THRM Gentherm Inc 0.55 Time Not Supplied
TREX Trex Company Inc 0.41 Before Market Open
TTPH Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.6 After Market Close
TVPT Travelport Worldwide Ltd 0.2 Before Market Open
TXRH Texas Roadhouse Inc 0.38 After Market Close
UVE Universal Insurance Holdings Inc 0.3 After Market Close
VMI Valmont Industries Inc 1.45 After Market Close
VPG Vishay Precision Group Inc 0.24 Before Market Open
VRSK Verisk Analytics Inc 0.77 After Market Close
WAB Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp 0.94 Before Market Open
WLK Westlake Chemical Corp 0.8 Before Market Open
WLKP Westlake Chemical Partners LP 0.42 Before Market Open
WLL Whiting Petroleum Corp -0.32 After Market Close
WMGI Wright Medical Group NV -0.11 4:00 pm ET
WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc 1.29 Before Market Open
WRI Weingarten Realty Investors 0.22 After Market Close
XCRA Xcerra Corp -0.02 Before Market Open
XPO XPO Logistics Inc 0.21 After Market Close
XXIA Ixia 0.18 After Market Close

NYSE Events

Standard disclaimer: The content in this thread is for information and illustrative purposes only and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation of any particular security or course of action. Opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the poster and are subject to change without notice. Reasonable people may disagree about the opinions expressed herein. In the event any of the assumptions used herein do not prove to be true, results are likely to vary substantially. All investments entail risks. There is no guarantee that investment strategies will achieve the desired results under all market conditions and each investor should evaluate their ability to invest for a long term especially during periods of a market downturn. Have a nice day.
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Google’s Algorithmic Decay - A Report on the Lenoir, North Carolina Bombing

Myra Kindle is an independent investigative reporter.
Her other reports:

Local News Only

Susan Bristle could talk about the beautiful hiking paths, rural boutique stores, or Revolutionary War attractions of Lenoir, North Carolina. But that’s not what Susan wants to talk about.
Susan, like so many residents of Lenoir, has one thing on her mind -- the bombing.
“It’s just so strange,” says Susan, a server at Paula’s Diner in Lenoir. “The man was in town for months, and he just seemed so nice. How could he do something like this?”
The event has shaken the small town of Lenoir, North Carolina (pop 18,228) to its core, but it’s likely you’ve never heard about it.
A search online provides nothing about the bombing or the bomber, John Nielsen. And yet the case has gripped the attention of nearly every resident in town.
“I just want to know what he was doing here for the last year,” says John Mitchum of Mitchum’s Appliances. “He was buying up business from all us local folk, providing subsidized loans to others to expand. It’s like he cared about the town, and then he goes and bombs us. It just don’t make no sense.”
The bomber, Google Strategies and Development Chief John Nielsen, is all but certain to face conviction when his trial starts later this year.
There is ample evidence that on February 3rd, 2019, John Nielsen detonated 560lbs of homemade explosives at the Google data center outside Lenoir. The questions that remain are why he did it, and why only the residents of Lenoir are cognizant of what should be national news.
Based on interviews with John Nielsen, prosecutors, law enforcement and correctional officers from Caldwell county, and supported with interviews from residents of Lenoir, independent investigative reporter Myra Kindle, for the first time, tells the story of the Lenoir, North Carolina bombing, and the Google Strategies Chief that allegedly did it.

Angel Investor

On December 15, 2018, the attitude of the town of Lenoir towards John Nielsen culminated in celebration.
John, who for the past six months had invested more than $4.3 million into Lenoir local businesses, was being awarded a ‘key to the town’ -- a first for for Lenoir.
“Other than our namesake, there’s never really been a town hero before,” says Heather West, owner of Tybrisa Books, one of the business John invested in. “He was smart, and honest, and he seemed to care. He wanted to make our lives better, and he couldn't have come at a better time.”
Ms. West is referring to the town’s fledgling economy. The main economic engine, Broyhill Furniture, recently moved their headquarters, and with it has gone a key supporter of local commerce.
According to Ms. West, when John Nielsen arrived last summer, the first thing he did was vow to buy the building Ms. West rents from, and reduce her rent by more than half.
“If John hadn't done that,” says Ms. West, “I don’t know if I’d still be in business right now.”
This story is repeated a dozen different ways all around town.
John Mitchum, the appliance store owner, says Mr. Nielsen offered him a reduced rate on a sizable loan that the store uses to fund its appliances.
“I pay so much money on the interest of the loans of getting the machines in the store,” says Mr. Mitchum, “that John’s offer completely changed my books. My accounts are much healthier now.”
In other cases, John simply became a friend.
“He would eat dinner in here every night right here at Paula’s Diner,” says Susan Bristle. “Always ate alone, but he chatted. We don’t get too busy around 9. People around here don’t eat that late. He was always nice, always listened to me.”
“And he left great tips too!” she adds.
It’s the contradictory nature of how John Nielsen acted before the bombing that makes his story the talk of the town.
“It’s just such a shame it had to be him,” says Mayor Joseph Gibbons. “I guess it really shows you never know someone.”

The Bombing

At 8:42 AM on February 3rd, 2019, David Glass heard an explosion.
The bomb, a 560lbs combination of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, liquid nitromethane and Tovex, had just blown a 40 foot hole on the other side of the building.
“If I hadn’t been in the Milliways Cafe -- the cafe on site -- it would have killed me,” says Mr. Glass, an employee at the Google data center in Lenoir.
Law enforcement from the city of Lenoir and Caldwell county say the bomb was as dangerous as a homemade device could possibly be. One official describes it as “expertly made,” and said it was “a miracle” that no one got hurt.
The data center itself suffered extensive damage to the cooling system -- itself a massive complex of refrigeration units used to cool the hot running servers that populate the building.
Although operations at the data center have been negatively effected, off the record, staff tell me Google is using the damage to renovate and expand the data center, which originally launched in 2007.
Google and their parent company Alphabet have been provided multiple chances to give a statement, but have not responded to calls or emails about the bombing, John Nielsen, or plans to expand the Lenoir data center.

”Not Crazy”

John Nielsen is feeling lonely these days.
Denied bail and have been held in Caldwell county jail since February, John says the world has abandoned him.
“My wife won’t speak to me. My company won't even admit I’m here,” says John. “They just - they just believe it. They just believe I’m this crazy bomber and, I’m not. I didn’t do it.”
Mr. Nielsen, while seemingly quite sincere in pleading his innocence, is facing a mountain of evidence to the contrary.
Local prosecutor Scott Reilly described the case as open and shut, saying: “If the jury doesn’t finish deliberations within five minutes with a ‘convict’, then I’ve done a bad job.”
Included in the evidence against Mr. Nielsen is more than 20 minutes of continuous capture across dozen cameras as Mr. Nielsen came to the data center, dropped off the explosives, and left.
Prosecutor Reilly also says he has receipts for online orders of the bomb’s composite materials, and is currently seeking a warrant that would allow law enforcement to look at Mr. Nielsen’s browsing history, where they expect to find instructions for how to build the bomb.
Mr. Nielsen, in his defense, says it is impossible for him to have made the bomb described by prosecutors.
“They say this thing was expertly made,” says Mr. Nielsen. “Well I don’t know anything about bombs. I don’t know what materials you need, or what you even do with them once you have them. I just don’t know any of that. I mean have serious issues with Google and what we’re doing, but I’m not crazy - there’s no benefit in me blowing up a server farm.”
Ralph Basham, the Secret Service director from 2003 to 2006, believes it’s entirely possible Mr. Nielsen built the bombs, saying: “It’s dangerous, it’s risky, and the chances are you’ll be caught, but really what stops people from building these types of devices is not a lack of information - anyone can find out how to make this stuff online.”
In response to the quality of the device, Mr. Basham says: “It is my understanding that the device was well made, but I don’t think that should preclude Mr. Nielsen from being the likely culprit. All other forensic evidence is pointing in his direction right now.”

Finding a Motive

Prosecutor Reilly may be able to get a conviction on Mr. Nielsen based on evidence alone, but for the people of Lenoir, it’s a motive that they desperately seek.
Mr. Nielsen might just have one.
“Google is nobody's friend,” says Mr. Nielsen, during our fifth interview. “You might think they care about you, that they care about giving you information. But no, that’s impossible. It’s a company run amok seeking profit at the expensive of everything else. And so poorly god damn managed that they don’t even realize the extent of it, with so much f**king hubris that they believe only they can fix it.”
Mr. Nielsen’s grievances with Google are severe, but John’s qualms seem to be with the internet more generally, or at least some aspect of how it is presented.
He describes in detail several stories from Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, countries where a lack of police presence in many regions, coupled with a lack of credible news sources, have led to numerous rapes, murders, community floggings and torture, all reportedly caused or exacerbated by rumors spread online.
In one instance, he describes a scene at a restaurant in Sri Lanka where the owner was nearly beaten to death. His crime? A patron had found a lump of flower in his curry, and from online reports of the local minority group providing sterilization pills to the majority group, a riot broke out that would lead to broken bones, thousands in property damage, and an eternally frayed and untrusting community.
John’s examples are numerous, but his details are not always accurate.
In one instance he describes a group of rural travelers that came to a small community in India. The community, having read repeatedly online about outsiders of the ethnic minority group wandering into rural towns to steal children, “beat the men till police arrived after one was seen talking to a child”, says John.
In reality, they were killed before the police arrived.
Mr. Nielsen realizes these are not problems in the United States, and that specifically the medium of violent messages being spread is far more attributed to Facebook and WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook.
But in Mr. Nielsen’s comments is a clear worldview -- he has severe reservations about how information rises above the water in an ocean of information, and feels Google is eminently responsible.
“Our institutions aren’t so precious,” says John. “You’ve seen it happen to everyone around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean violence, but it definitely means anxiety and loneliness, and why, for what? So Google can have no competitors?”
Mr. Nielsen is nearly alone in his view. The internet, and big tech, has improved the lives of countless people all over the world. From information getting to remote communities on the cruelty of female genital mutilation, to an underground economy in North Korea, to literally thousands upon thousands of new jobs and rising wages that have led to improving the social and economic status of billions of people, it’s difficult to see the merit in what John argues.
But as John makes his case, it’s clear it’s not the internet he sees as causing rifts, but rather the machine algorithms we let sort it for us. On information sorting, John has some support.
“This period will certainly be looked at as the rule of the machines,” says University of Turku anthropology researcher Dagon Jarvela. “There is no human editor anymore. There is no local community to push back. For so many of us, we are the whim of the algorithms giving us our next story, our next piece of the puzzle of the outside world. It shapes us because it seems more important, more accurate than what we actually see in our everyday lives.”

Is Something Different?

“We all have the potential to be the monsters on Maple Street,” says John, “and I think Google is doing exactly that.”
Mr. Nielsen’s claim is both bold and alarmist.
For the last several years, he claims, you've seen it happen to your friends, family, teachers and coworkers.
He describes it as a disease, saying it doesn’t care about sex, age, political affiliation, class, or geographical region.
He says it is endemic and transforming, and yet so slow in its mechanism that we barely recognize it happening.
“We do it with news, we do it with video, we do with social media,” says John. “All of us tech companies - cause it works.”
Mr. Nielsen is referring to the well documented claim that algorithms that provide information feeds to many internet users will consistently ‘serve’ more radical and divisive views over time.
“Not out of malice,” says John. “Algorithms don’t think for themselves. It arose naturally, but now it’s clear the best way to hook a user is to scare them, to get them to think about the people around them as crazy and trying to take something from them."
John adds, "If YouTube can make it seem like the next town over is full crazy people, completely incompatible with how you see the world and in such a way that no compromise is achievable, then you’re going to hunker down and not relate with them - instead you just fall back into YouTube. At some point in the future you might be afraid to travel to parts of the country because you just think they’re too different from you.”
Mr. Nielsen realizes that his comments have proved something of a motive in the bombing.
“A tech chief wants to destroy a server farm because he believes it is corrupting”, prosecutors might say, but John insists this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What Community?

$4.3 million is more than half the wealth John Nielsen has accumulated during his career in tech. Why did he spend it on local businesses in Lenoir, North Carolina?
John says his motivations were rooted in pragmatism to support the fledgling economy of Lenoir, but a closer look shows a much more specific motivation.
Heather West, owner of Tybrisa Books and a distant third cousin to Mr. Nielsen, was struggling financially when she received what she thought was positive news.
James Comey, former FBI director and then recently published author, was coming to Lenoir for a book signing.
“Book signings are really good for business if the author is well known enough,” says Ms. West. “I realized it was a controversial book, but I didn’t realize having him would hurt my business so much.”
Caldwell county, like it’s neighboring counties, has an approximate a 75-25 split in political leanings.
Heather’s bookstore relies on on her neighbors, and appealing to the minority in political leanings, she realizes, was decidedly a bad move.
However when an online boycott was set up against her store, Heather struggled not to take it personally.
“I understand that you don’t like him. Honest, I don’t like him either,” says Heather. “But to feel that he is such a menace that you need to take it out on me and my bookstore for months afterwards, it felt like a real insult, like I wasn’t part of this community anymore. I sell Dinesh D'Souza books too for god’s sake.”
Mr. Nielsen says, and accepts the irony, that he heard about Heather's struggles through a rising story provided to him in one of his algorithmically controlled news feeds.
Upset not at the individual boycotters, but at the online outrage propagating the message that Heather’s bookstore was a detriment to that region of North Carolina, Mr. Nielsen took a sabbatical and went to Lenoir in the summer of 2018.
There, he found what he described as a frayed community that he wanted to help.
“When people’s position improves, and not like a little bit, but by like a lot, like something you notice,” says Mr. Nielsen, “You know I can’t really prove it, but I think we don’t look inward anymore. We’re, you know, happier, and that sort of just echoes out into the community.”
Mr. Nielsen has no evidence of this, however generally speaking, people are indeed less ‘anxious’ when their economic security has improved. But this is obvious, and Mr. Nielsen realizes that.
More indicative of success was the celebration in December when the ‘key to the town’ was awarded to Mr. Nielsen. “The health of the economy,” he says, “and not just small gains, brought that community closer together. I feel like, at least a little bit, I got the monsters off Maple Street.”
A second reference Mr. Nielsen has made to the 1960 episode of the Twilight Zone, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.

Algorithmic Decay

At the Comfort Inn on the edge of Lenoir, I search for an answer to my most basic questions: Why is no one reporting on this story, and why can’t I read about the bombing online?
A search leads me down rabbit holes of Lenoir rumors, both ancient and new.
In one, I watch a YouTube video about General William Lenoir’s stash of gold treasure hidden in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the autoplay continues, a video discusses the altitude sickness of Lenoir that makes citizens go crazy.
Another makes claim that James Comey’s visit to Tybrisa Books last spring was a way for him to hide key evidence of a pedophilia ring in the basement of the store, "where no one would ever suspect", says the video.
And as the autoplay goes on, the videos grow more brazen. Several in a row make claim Google’s server farm is causing cancer in the citizens of Lenoir.
Before I turn the video off, I see next on the autoplay is a video about different uses for fertilizer.
Tired, I climb my way out of the rabbit hole and go to my trusted sources. Trending, a video on how Google’s image search algorithm can replace digital video files to make it appear as though anyone could be in a captured video.
The report has me thinking about what John Nielsen said about Maple Street, and whether or not we’re all there and the monsters are too. I watch the old Twilight Zone episode and am left with Rod Serling’s final words:
The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices – to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill – and suspicion can destroy – and a thoughtless frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own – for the children – and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is – that these things cannot be confined – to the Twilight Zone.
As I prepare for bed, a new question pops into my mind. If an algorithm could gain consciousness, what would its priorities be, and who would it perceive as its enemies to that mission?
Myra Kindle is an independent investigative reporter. She covers tech, law, politics, and other stories that would be impossible to write about in more traditional outlets.
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Hotel Figueroa Liquidation Presentation Movie

Mario and Sonic turn on each other in an epic prank battle to see who is the ultimate asshole. Who do you think won the Prank Battle? Mario or Sonic? Comment... Black Helmet Apparel co-founders at the Argosy Hotel & Casino during our trip to Kansas City. This was our room. Fun stuff. NEW MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: INSTAGRAM ;) ICL announces the Liquidation of items surplus to the needs of the Hotel Figueroa. This is a fantastic inventory of Moroccan antiques & Spanish architectural fixtures. We go to check out an internet Duster for a friend and find that absolutely nothing is as it seemsCOMMENTS FOR THIS VIDEO HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF DUE TO THE EXC... I find hundreds of free gift cards from Big Corporate Stores every month and then I cash in the remaining balance for cash or products. I show you how I do i... Furniture Wholesale Liquidators - Crazy 2005 TV Commercial - Duration: 32 seconds. greenrosetv. 2,256 views ; 11 years ago; 0:31. Furniture One TV ad - GOING OUT OF BUSINESS South Jersey ... Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more.On any given day we're lie... Part 1 is the prosecutor questioning his witness. Part 2 is the biker defendant questioning him. The final result is totally worth all the effort! 💙😲