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Origin of All of the Death Grips Album Covers!

I've seen a lot of this stuff pop up before on this sub but I haven't been able to find a post that contains all of this information together. I'm just kind of bored and wanted to highlight the origins/locations/details of all of the album covers used in the band's discography.
As a disclaimer, nearly all of this stuff has been discovered and even posted on this subreddit before, so I'm not taking any credit for most of the stuff here. I would like to give credit where it is due, but given the large number of people and non-redditors that have found the same things, I wouldn't even know where to begin on some of these. I simply dug out as much info as I could find and conglomerated this all into a single post. Also, if I'm incorrect about anything here or if there is anything else that you can add, please comment. That being said, here it is...

Death Grips (EP)
Album Cover
The album cover for Death Grips's original project is actually just a negative image of a distorted looking screenshot from the first few seconds of this music video for Full Moon (Death Classic). Here. It begins with a short video clip of a man speaking while a crow pecks at the dead carcass of what looks to be another crow. Although I've tried looking I cannot find the origins of the video.

Album Cover
As stated from these posts (1) (2) the cover for the Exmilitary mixtape appears to be a old photograph folded and unfolded into quarters from a book called The Dark Australians by Douglass Baglin and David R. Moore. As u/ebbsey said:
While i feel like i am spoiling the end of a movie...... here goes. The photograph was taken in 1968 at or around what was then know as Oenpelli Mission, today it's called Gunbalanya. The photographer was Douglass Baglin, he published a series of books primarily on Australian heritage throughout the 1970s with a few devoted to Aboriginal themes, his photographs also appeared in other Australian publications used like stock photos. In regards to the identity of the Aboriginal man, Baglin, like many photographers at the time never recorded who he was and simply called him "bearded man at Oenpelli".
The photos: (1) (2)

The Money Store
Album Cover
The Cover is a rendition of a photo taken at the Folsom Street Fair in San Fancisco in 2007 painted by artist Sua Yoo, who is also the girl on the cover of Fashion Week. The entire collection of photos can be found here (Warning: VERY NSFW). According to this Pitchfork article, Death Grips describes the cover as follows: "On the cover you have an androgynous masochist on the leash of a feminist sadist who's smoking. The sadist has carved Death Grips into her bitch's chest. There is an overly confident quality to the woman smoking and a calmness to the androgynous masochist."

No Love Deep Web
Album Cover (NSFW)
As most of you already know, this controversial cover is a photo of Zach Hill's erect penis with the album title written across it in black marker. It was taken in a bathroom at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles, which the band stayed in for an entire two months leading to the leak of the album on their website, which resulted in their dropping from Epic Records. The album cover was met with much controversy, and they were forced to censor the image on their website, YouTube, and SoundCloud, covering the penis with a black bar. On some music platforms, the penis is censored via pixelation instead.
Wikipedia says: In an interview with Spin Magazine, Ride responded to the interest by saying, "If you look at that and all you see is a dick, I don't really have anything to say, pretty much. I looked at it and said, 'This is a great photo, and I'd love for this to be the album cover.'" Hill further explained, "It was difficult to do, honestly, in general, it was very difficult. It's difficult even telling people that's the source of it; it feels sacrificial in a sense. That idea existed long before, by the way. This is going to sound funny to other people, but we saw it as tribal, as spiritual, as primal. Also, it comes from a place of being a band that is perceived as...such an aggressive, male-based, by some, misogynistic-seeming band... It's a display of embracing homosexuality, not that either of us are homosexual. Am I making sense? People are still going to think that it's macho, but that's not the source of where it comes from." In a separate interview with Pitchfork, Hill expounded, "It's also a spiritual thing; it's represents pushing past everything that makes people slaves without even knowing it."
There is also an alternate cover featuring Ride wearing mismatched dress shoes with white socks that say "SUCK MY DICK."

Government Plates
Album Cover
This is a really simple cover that features what looks to be a slightly tilted 3D model or photo of a California Exempt (for official vehicles exempt from registration fees) license plate that says "DEATH" over a black background. While this is just speculation on my part, California exempt license plates can only have a maximum of six characters, which could possibly be the reason why the license plate says "DEATH" and not "DEATH GRIPS" like some of their other album covers. As u/mutesirens discovered in this post, when viewed on an iPod Classic, the license plate appears completely flat, which is kind of creepy (in a good way).
On Record Store Day 2014, 900 new vinyl copies of Government Plates were released with new artwork showing some of the 3D models from the music videos over the original cover. These records also came with a physical replica of the license plate on the cover.

N***as on the Moon
Album Cover
The cover features a blurry, black and white photo of Ride walking through what is believed to be Sacramento City Cemetery. This Cemetery is located in Ride and Zach's hometown and is right off of Broadway. In the song Up My Sleeves (the first song from this album), Ride mentions a "Broadway Cemetery" multiple times. It also appears to be the same cemetery from Black Google, the I've Seen Footage video, and the infamous moth photo.
Although this is nothing but speculation, and most people believe "Jenny Death" refers to Marilyn Monroe, there is also a grave in this cemetery for a "Baby Jenny," who was an African American infant who died of worms in 1853. One user on imgur used this info to try and pinpoint the exact location where the album cover was taken here. Although this is very cool, the mausoleum (tomb building thing) from the google Earth view looks to be in a different spot than the one from the album cover, as there is a road directly in front of it. Using the cemetery's website, I found a plot map and grave directory to use with Google maps to try and find the spot myself. Unfortunately, it is a massive cemetery that is covered in trees, and there were no street view photos of the areas I was trying to look in. The plot map is also from 1975 and appears to be slightly out of date, and there may have been some renovations or plant growth since 2014 when the album released. I found it impossible to find a location that looked similar to the one taken for the album cover.
I did however, look through photos that tourists had taken and posted online, and found this photo, which shows a mausoleum eerily similar to the one used on the cover, having the same size, shape, door, immediate surroundings, and even similar shadows. According to the grave directory, it should be located at plot 31, which should be well within viewing distance on plot 19, however I still couldn't see anything well from Google maps. Hopefully a fan in Sacramento can one day visit the cemetery and try and find it and post some better photos.

Fashion Week
Album Cover
The chair is located in the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada. It sits on the second floor in the hotel lobby and has evidently changed upholstery color since 2015. The girl is Sua Yoo, who also painted the artwork for The Money Store.

Jenny Death
Album Cover
The glass mural of Marilyn Monroe can be found in the Cheetah's Club on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Many people speculate that the name "Jenny Death" comes from Monroe's real name: Norma Jeane Mortenson. Jeane = Jenny, Mortenson = Morte = Death. Many elements of the album also revolve around themes of fame and how destructive it can be, which was perfectly illustrated with the later years of the actress's life. Thanks u/Arthurlurk1 for posting the photos.

The Powers That B
Album Cover
The artwork actually made its first appearance in 2012 in some of the music videos for The Money Store. In the Blackjack music video, the outer rim of the circle appears blackened and sits in the center of the screen rotating while videos play on the inside. In the I've Seen Footage video, it appears in full view at one point and shows up again slightly edited out a few more times, something that was pointed out in this post.
It's basically just a blue ground light with some condensation on the inside. Here's someone else's post with a similar one they found. I can't find exactly where this particular light is located, but in the Inanimate Sensation music video, it can be seen from multiple angles next to Zach while he's laying down on a sidewalk next to a tree smoking a cigarette.
The scratching on the light that says "Death Grips" is not real. You can tell because of the way that the scratching goes off onto the pavement on the left and because there's no apparent dip around the edges. It looks nearly identical to the scratching on the bitch's chest from the cover of The Money Store.

Interview 2016
Album Cover
This one's easy. It's just a screen grab of Matthew Hoffman from the Interview 2016 video. You can see it at the 12:10 mark.

Bottomless Pit
Album Cover
The mouth on the cover belongs to Liz Liles Brown, confirmed by her own Instagram post. She is also believed by many to be the voice of "Mexican Girl" from Lord of the Game, but nobody has confirmed nor denied this. It is not confirmed where the cover was taken nor do we know exactly what we're looking at, but Liz did post this photo of herself on Twitter in late 2014, where it looks like she is wearing huge lit-up balloon eye balls where her head is positioned in the middle like on the album cover. Link for both photos. Given Death Grips's history of quietly working with people for years and photographing album covers well before the release date, it could very well be possible that the photo was taken in late 2014. It could also be possible that the Twitter photo was something completely different, and the group instead used large balloons like the ones found at teamLab Planet Tokyo.
A video loop version of the album cover appears on YouTube for each of the tracks on Bottomless Pit, showing Liz rapidly flipping her tongue between the big balloon things while saliva drips down her chin.
There have been a few theories floating around as to what the album cover means, with some saying that it looks like sexual imagery for cunnilingus, which may be supported by the videos on YouTube. The most supported theory is that the balloons are supposed to represent giant eyeballs like the annoying fan in the Inanimate Sensation music video, which sees Ride with giant googly eyes kind of like the Bottomless Pit cover. The photo of Liz in 2014 also definitely looks like giant eyeballs since they have black circles on the balloons. The lyrics for the title track Bottomless Pit mention "Gagballs drooling pools," which could explain the saliva and tongue flipping from the YouTube videos as well.
My guess is that the album is supposed to be about rabid fans personified by a drooling creature, who were given "Bad Ideas" from the band and are falling down a "bottomless pit," making their eyes pop out of their head, eternally getting "fucked in half" by new content from the band.

Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix)
Album Cover
The dragon mural can be found hanging on the wall at Simon's Bar & Cafe in Sacramento. The glowing red eyes are actually real and weren't edited in.
In the music video. the dragon is shown flashing different colors rapidly
In 2019, the EP was printed on vinyl and shipped with a slightly altered cover that included a white border, the band name, and a parental advisory badge. The vinyl release also included the songs More Than the Fairy and Electronic Drum Solo, using the artwork for the former on the back cover.

Year of the Snitch
Album Cover
If you look closely at the cover, you can figure out that it's a (plastic?) patio table, with someone (probably Zach) sticking their lips and tongue out through the umbrella hole in the center of the table. The mouth was then copied and pasted to other areas of the table at various rotations and sizes, while another shot of the mouth wide open was enlarged and pasted on the table by itself. The hand of the person under the table is gripping the edge of the table for balance on the top left, and you can see part of a patio chair on the top right. You can a closeup of the mouth moving at the 0:33 mark in the Year of the Snitch tracklist video. The location of the patio table is unknown.
The album and accompanying media that was released on YouTube features a lot of themes about snitching (obviously) as well as cults. The one large open mouth may represent a cult leader speaking while the other tongue-out mouths could be followers. Maybe the tongue-out mouths represent members of a group/cult while the large open mouth is snitch talking. Or I may just be interpreting it all wrong.

Let me know if I missed anything!
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Album of the Year 2019 #27: Surf Curse - Heaven Surrounds You

Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to today's installment of our Album of the Year coverage! With the decade winding down, nmhipstertrash is here with a piece on Surf Curse and their album Heaven Surrounds You.
Artist: Surf Curse
Album: Heaven Surrounds You
Background by NMHipsterTrash
Surf Curse is an American surf punk/indie rock band from Reno, Nevada, formed by lead guitarist/vocalist Jacob Rubeck and drummevocalist Nick Rattigan. Their first two projects, Buds and Sad Boys EP, were both released in 2013. After four years and activity in their other projects (Casino Hearts, Current Joys), their second full-length, Nothing Yet, was released by Danger Collective Records on January 13th, 2017.
Heaven Surrounds You’s was announced on June 11th of this year, along with the music video for the first single, “Disco”. “Midnight Cowboy” and “Hour of the Wolf” were also released as singles. The album dropped on September 13th, 2019.
Review by NMHipsterTrash
Surf Curse’s impact is somewhat strange. The greatest gripe about it is, well, have they actually made an impact? Their popularity stems from the period of time where “Kegz-core” videos would catch in people’s YouTube algorithms, be matched with aesthetic subtitles, and rest on either Tumblr home pages or playlist websites. Surf Curse followed a cycle other lo-fi projects would, receiving popularity in this subsect of the internet. 2020 is in five days. Not a lot of artists from this time are still active. The music started to age once its audience did, and trying to capture the same magic they once did can only accomplish so much. Nothing very apparent, on a wide-scale, can separate Surf Curse from similar bands from that era and scene.
Reno, the duo’s place of origin, is an incubator. I am lucky to have called the scene home until I went to college, and it is clear that Surf Curse is integral to its style. Centered around an art exhibit/DIY spot, it’s as if Salvia Palth never broke up. At any show you can see a combination of shoestring belts, beige pants, and Lynch references. The crowd synonymous with this venue are most present at any Surf Curse-related show, and along with them they carry a strong sense of energy. Nick and Jacob are hometown heroes, for better and for worse. Teens will bring their parents to the gig and swing from the wooden rafters.
They will grow up. We all do, as long as we’re still alive. Will Surf Curse grow up? How so?
Heaven Surrounds You does not open with a bang. If anything, “Maps to the Stars” is standard fare for the duo; a simple yet sweet guitar line and driving beat, overlapped by repetitive lyrics. However, there’s something different in the atmosphere, even if it’s not necessarily clear. We listened to Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck step past writing songs about making out, unreciprocated feelings, and carefree youth on Nothing Yet. How bleak and direct the first track was, “Christine F”, certainly caught fans by surprise. A sense of personal connection did feel stripped from their lyrics, and while the latest album is nowhere closer to the band’s earlier material, “Maps to the Stars” breathes the fresh air you would circling Lake Tahoe. The frenzied performance that we can come to expect is blanketed by synth, and the words sung up to that point is, at its heart, a love poem centered around a movie reference.
It would be absurd to deny the influence film has on their work. Not only does it say on their bandcamp that this record “expands the band’s songwriting to envelope new audiences in their cinematic sound”, but a lot of the songs on here share a title with an evident movie. “Labyrinth”, for example. Not a far cry from its predecessor, but now the atmosphere feels distinct. The band’s sound is more full than ever. There’s so much air to it. The instrumental break at 1:30 is a perfect accompaniment to the bounce of Bowie’s crotch bulge. “Maps to the Stars” and “Labyrinth” work as opening shots to a film of their own. We are hooked, but what is going to happen? Where are the two going to go? What do we expect?
Fucking bass.
When it was released as the lead single, “Disco” was recognized as an evident departure from their sound. First of all, fucking bass. There’s an emphasis on a groove we’ve never had. Paired with Rattigan’s vocals, “Disco” emanates the protagonist's elbow shake, hips nearing their love interest, their heart spilling out through the chorus’ falsetto. As Surf Curse wring out their new style, celluloid drips between their fingers. “River’s Edge” forwards the plot in a relatively calm and introspective manner. Lines like “I hope I can hear you sing/when I’m sick of everything” and “Where nothing is ever said/and all the people never forget/all the things you never said” resonate pain throughout the final yell, but catharsis sought by an overbearing instrumental finish is subdued by synth . Once again. Yet again.
Surf Curse are pulling on their roots. “Midnight Cowboy” and “Hour of the Wolf” are standout tracks for subverting familiarity. For Rubeck’s first stint as a vocalist on here, the guitar remains light in the mix (bass takes the front seat), reminiscent of surfier tracks like “Haunt Me”. The song holds an indie rock structure, something actually fleshed out compared to surf punk. However, Rubeck’s delivery and final refrain harken back to the youthful passion their old sound had. On the other hand, “Hour of the Wolf” is what I imagine doing coke is like. Not an implication of any person associated with Surf Curse’s lifestyle. It’s hard to explain. Something among the lines of envisioning faces falling off as time moves fast yet you feel younger than ever. Something like that. You know?
We enter the back half of the album after experiencing six of the strongest tracks in the band’s discography. Each one feels as if they serve as a soundtrack for their own, individual short film. The precedent has been set, and instead of trying to twist their formula even more, they decide to capitalize on their new gains. “Dead Ringers” features a punchy, back-and-forth riff with dreamy and brief lyrics. There is room for the protagonist to continue their journey with no wasted space. It lives up to its name, in which the film it soundtracks has a faint smell of Cronenberg. Not entirely, but it’s there.
Rattigan’s croon on “Safe” is a cry. We’ve heard it before when all was lost, forever dumb, or when Surf Curse were just freaks. While the juvenile nature of those emotional calls carried a scent of B.O. thinly veiled by deodorant, “I’m safe alone” is masked with cologne. For a two minute track, every second is filled with passion. The band nails simplicity as if it was six, five years ago, and no time was lost. “Memory” strikes nostalgia by using exposition (for the first time so far in the film!) amidst solid dream-pop instrumentation. Catchy as always, what’s important to note are the final chunk of lines. Songwriters usually use unique life experiences to evoke a deep sentiment. What’s weird is, although we can tell this is close to Rubeck’s heart, this is an exact moment in time I’ve experienced. What’s weirder is that I know more people who have also experienced it. The emotional truth, and the overarching effect of it in “Memory”, “was just so damn good”.
We can find the most cinematic moments within the final three tracks. “Opera” opens with acoustic guitar and has the space of a modern Current Joys track. Imagery of desperation and loss are painted by the descriptions of bondage, heartbreak, and wanting closure. The backing vocals on the second half adds an extra layer of what’s being articulated, and the dreamy, synth-filled ending shared with other tracks feels completely natural. A transition, sonically and tonally, to “Trust” has the listener dancing. We are moving on ground level, the dance floor, in the moment. Once baby takes a chance on the protagonist, the oo’s right after freeze time. We are at the climax. The protagonist knows what they want. The protagonist knows what they need.
“Jamie”. Eleven songs, scenes, films, have passed. Although it sits as the longest track at nearly five minutes, this is the Surf Curse we have come to expect. They let their lyrics soak in the time allotted. A wide range of emotions were expressed in moments of urgency, nostalgia, and loneliness. To hear Rubeck and Rattigan sing, in full confidence, “I love all the people in my life/All my friends keep me alive” before soundtracking an 80’s movie finish, accomplishes something for every party involved.
On the bandcamp page, Heaven Surrounds You is described as a “coming-of-age epic”. What makes coming-of-age stories evocative is when there’s an understanding of the emotions involved. If it’s relatable, it is real. Surf Curse is not telling a random coming-of-age story, but their own. They balanced a mature presentation while wearing their hearts on their sleeves every scene.
Surf Curse grew up, and remained personal as ever.
Favorite Lyrics by NMHipsterTrash
Hey are you gonna find me
Look on the maps to the stars
Oh my heart is on fire
Burn whoever you are
  • Maps To The Stars
But I can't touch your skin
It burns with the shitty grin of Zeus
And heaven surrounds you
  • Hour of the Wolf
Cause it hurts so much to close my eyes
But I never wanna watch you die
And I’d rather make myself go blind
Then stare into your dying eyes
So I’ll close mine
  • Opera
Talking Points
  • Surf Curse has stepped away from its gritty surf punk style. Do you believe this was a step in the right direction?
  • If you could pick any song to be your “Tumblr theme”, which one would it be? Why?
  • Is it important for a band to “mature”?
  • Do songs, from any band, ever paint movie scenes for you?
  • Are there any unsung classics from the Kegzcore era that should have gotten more attention?
Thanks again to nmhipstertrash for the terrific writeup! Tomorrow in this space, we'll have yoooooouuuuuuuu to talk about Avey Tare's newest solo album, Cows on Hourglass Pond. In the meantime, if you wanna discuss today's album, you can in the comments below! Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!
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Dec. 17-18 NV News - 28 Paywall article links in text post: Dental board issues; BLM and Burning Man in court; Carson/Reno impeachment rallies; Clark County School Board candidate; Stadium owner on taxes; New sales tax in Clark starts in Jan.; Funding for PreK; NV vs US Gov on plutonium; and more

The following news headlines come from sources which may limit or restrict access to those with a paid subscription.
Elko Daily Free Press
Elko County School District named to Advanced Placement Honor Roll
Las Vegas Review Journal
Nevada dental board threatens to dismiss complaint after patient talks to media
EDITORIAL: Sisolak needs to finish the job at dental board - Editorial
Nevada retail group official to seek Clark County School Board seat
North Las Vegas could settle deadly police shooting for nearly $400K
Allegiant Stadium’s Don Webb talks taxes, parking, tailgating
White House assails Nevada Rep. Susie Lee for impeachment support
Guide helps Nevada casinos plan for emergencies and threats
Clark County plans $14M for preschool programs at needy schools
New HOV access points to be added following motorists’ complaints
Las Vegas Sun
Nevada continues to make strides ensuring fairness in sentencing - Editorial
Nevada accuses U.S. government of ‘secret plutonium smuggling’
Ward 2 meeting on open space ordinance repeal draws a large, frustrated crowd
County wants to ensure that money from new sales tax is used wisely
Medical waste incinerator no longer coming to North Las Vegas
As the Raiders exit Oakland, Las Vegas and a $2 billion stadium await
Funding holdup is nonsensical - Opinion
Nevada Appeal
Nevada AG joins coalition seeking permanent rule that fentanyl has no medical use
Carson City motel could become transitional housing
Rural Nevada groups get $300,000 to promote tourism
Carson City supervisors eye $7.5 million grant for South Carson Street project
Nevada launches drive to test all inmates, treat hepatitis C
About 100 residents turn out to call for impeachment in Carson City
Adele’s house could be moved to another location after Planning Commission approves special use permit for service stations
Carson City Planning Commission approves Andersen Ranch Estates tentative map
Reno Gazette Journal
Will supporters step up for Reno ice sports facility? | O'Neal - Opinion
Photos: People gather in Reno in favor of impeachment
Burning Man sues feds over failure to address contested BLM costs
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Map Idea for Unturned. Nevada

The map takes inspiration from spec ops the line where las vegas were destroyed by massive Sandstrom. Due to the zombie apocalypse, there is no cleanup effort and roads and buildings remain cover in the sand. The player has to keep cool or risk dying on thirst or heat stroke due to the heat. During the night it becomes cold and you must seak heat to survive. Sandstorms are somewhat frequent and come in destroy or damage player structures(also deals damage to players and unprotected vehicles). Animals are scarce and so is water, it rarely rains, and most lakes have dried up due to being covered in sand. A new item is a water drill that builds up water over a somewhat slow time. Area 51 is a dead zone due to a nuclear explosion(caused by the government to protect the secrets) where all high tier loot is. There are no farms and you must use grow beds to grow crops which are rare spawns in plant stores. There are military convoys where you can find scattered on what remains of roads. Nellis AFB is the local HQ of the Collation they give you various quests doing with aiding the locals. Bellagio is HQ for a looter faction. Scatter through the map are various survivor camps that you can trade with. In Los Vegas casinos you can find casino coins that can be used on casino slot machines for the rare money payout but must be powered. A new enemy is a raider, which roams in by themself or up to groups 5, they carry various weapons and are hostile to the player. Killing them drops weapons, food, water medicine. Also, Collation and Looter have riders which by killing them affect your standing with them. from friendly to shoot on sight(Only affects raiders) however these guys have better loot than the normal raider.
Other towns are but limited to
  1. Reno
  2. Carson City
  3. Boulder City
  4. etc.(I don't live in Nevada)
New weapons are
New Vehicles
This post was inspired by Youtuber manoman video "Unturned Has A Map Problem"
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Dec. 23 - NV News - 16 Paywall article links in text post:

The following news headlines come from sources which may limit or restrict access to those with a paid subscription.
Elko Daily Free Press
Elko GOP chairman responds to comments on impeachment
Ely Times
Provisions of state Constitution must be adhered to in all cases - Opinion, Mitchell
Las Vegas Review Journal
OPPORTUNITY LOST Nevada began with millions of acres of school trust land to help pay for public education. What happened to them?
VICTOR JOECKS: Sisolak promised to ban assault rifles. Now, he admits he doesn’t know what that term means - Opinion, Joecks
Red Rock Resort employees vote against joining culinary union
EDITORIAL: The best way to get money out of politics is to shrink government - Editorial
As new plan for UNLV medical building take shape, questions emerge
Nevada officials slowly, but surely wrinkling out HOV lane issues
Las Vegas Sun
Dangerous consequences possible for Second Amendment sanctuaries - Editorial
Mineral County Independent News
TV District Approves Cost Increase
Nevada Appeal
School board appoints businessman to Family Life Committee
U.S. Attorney’s office collects more than $14 million in penalties in fiscal 2019
Backers offer amendments to Nevada redistricting measure
Reno Gazette Journal
Nevada water officials call moratorium on new groundwater pumping from Cold Spring Valley
Where's my snowplow? County releases nearly real-time plow tracking map for Tahoe communities
Don't trust your life with unknown pain pills | Ryan Mills - Opinion
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MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets

MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets
I wanted to get a better understanding of MPX Bioceutical's U.S. footprint and addressable markets
MPX hasn't updated their investor presentation since November 06, 2017 (Slide 8 for MPX Operations) so I used press releases, old interviews/investor calls, and cursory Google searches.
I suck at formatting so apologies in advance.
*MPX Dispensary Distribution: *MPX-Owned Dispensaries: *Health for Life Locations *The Holistic Center *Melting Point Extracts - Arizona Locations
Current Market Share in Arizona (March 28, 2018) - 24:12 ~7-8%
MPX Concentrates Dispensary Distribution
  1. Health for Life (Crismon) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 9949 E Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ 85207 (Opened April 6, 2018)
  2. Health for Life (East) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 7343 S 89th Pl, Mesa, AZ 85212
  3. Health for Life (North) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 5550 E McDowell Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215
  4. The Holistic Center AZ - Phoeniz, AZ (MPX-Owned) 21035 N Cave Creek Rd C-5, Phoenix, AZ 85024
  5. Catalina Hills Care - Tucson, AZ 12152 N Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Oro Valley, AZ 85755
  6. Green Hills Patient Center - Show Low, AZ 3191 S White Mountain Rd, Show Low, AZ 85901
  7. High Desert Healing - Lake Havasu, AZ 1691 Industrial Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
  8. Kompo - Taylor, AZ 600 Centennial Blvd, Snowflake, AZ 85937
  9. Leaf Life - Casa Grande, AZ 1860 N Salk Dr B1, Casa Grande, AZ 85122
  10. Metro Meds - Phoenix, AZ 10040 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ 85051
  11. OASIS - Chandler, AZ 26427 S Arizona Ave #8223, Chandler, AZ 85248
  12. The Good Dispensary - Mesa, AZ 1842 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202
  13. The Mint Dispensary - Tempe, AZ 5210 S Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283
  14. The Prime Leaf - Tucson, AZ 4220 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712
  15. Uncle Herbs Dispensary - Payson, AZ 200 N Tonto St, Payson, AZ 85541
  16. Urban Greenhouse - Phoenix, AZ 2630 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017
  17. Yavapai Herbal Services - Cottonwood, AZ 675 E State Route 89A Cottonwood, AZ 86326
  18. Botanica - Tucson, AZ 6205 N Travel Center Drive Tucson, AZ 85741
Relocated Production Facility: North Mesa, AZ
Annual Capacity
*Phase One - 150,000 grams of MPX-branded products (Currently in Operation) *Phase Two - 400,000+ grams (Scheduled for completion in calendar Q3 2018) *Phase Three - 800,000+ grams (Schedule for completion in calendar Q4 2018)
New production facility will increase production capacity 2-4x: 11:31 , 25:11
March 05, 2018 - MPX Signs Definitive Agreement to Expand Its Footprint in Arizona -
  • “This acquisition represents a solid addition to our industry and presence in Arizona, a State that offers MPX one of the best-regulated, yet industry-supportive markets in the country,” said W. Scott Boyes, MPX’s Chairman, President and CEO. “The entities being acquired have recorded trailing 12-month revenues of US$15 million and EBITDA of approximately US$3.5 million and its results will be immediately accretive to MPX earnings. Furthermore, the acquired companies are well-managed and will allow both parties to share best practises and benefit from the ability to share purchase economies. With the pending opening of our Apache Junction dispensary, the addition of the Holistic Center, will bring the number of dispensaries managed by MPX in the greater Phoenix market to four, will more than double our cultivation capacity and will materially complement our management team in the State. Adding to our critical mass of operations, this acquisition will add to MPX’s ability to benefit from purchasing economies, spread the administrative overhead costs over a larger revenue base and provide cash flows to support additional growth.”
April 03, 2018 - Mpx Enjoys Record Monthly Revenue of Cdn$5.2 Million in Arizona
  • Beth Stavola, COO and President of MPX’s U.S. operations, adds “With our fourth dispensary opening soon in the Apache Junction suburb and our expanded concentrate production facilities coming on-stream this month, we expect to see our Arizona revenues continue to expand over the next several fiscal quarters. The Arizona program is well-regulated by AZDHS, the patient count continues to grow, the supply and cost of flower and trim for re-sale and concentrate production is excellent and, while the Phoenix area market is increasingly competitive, retail prices and margins remain attractive. This is a great state for MPX to conduct business in.”
April 09, 2018 - MPX Adds a Fourth Dispensary in Phoenix and Triples Capacity for MPX Concentrate Production in Arizona
TORONTO, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MPX Bioceutical Corporation (“MPX” or the “Company”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) is pleased to announce that the official opening of the its newest “Health for Life” medical marijuana dispensary in the Metropolitan Phoenix area, located at the junction of E. Main and Crimson in the suburb of Apache Junction. This brings the number of dispensaries under MPX management in Arizona’s Sun Valley to four. The Crimson dispensary will meet the needs of patients in this comparatively underserviced southeast quadrant of the region by making available the full spectrum of MPX concentrates, an extensive variety of cannabis flower, and a broad selection of 3rd party, processed cannabis-infused edibles.
The Company also announces that it has relocated the processing and production of MPX concentrates to a new location in North Mesa. Phase one of the build-out at this facility, now in operation, will immediately double the current production capacity of MPX-branded products in Arizona to approximately 150,000 grams annually. The second phase scheduled for completion early in calendar Q3 will increase potential production to over 400,000 grams per year and the final phase expected in calendar Q4 will result in annualized capacity increasing to a total in excess of 800,000 grams annually with a wholesale value (at current prices) of approximately US$18 million.
Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 152,979 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 162,528 (March 2018) , Reports
Arizona is the 14th most populous state - 7,016,270 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Phoenix is the fifth most populated city
Population: 1,615,017 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada): *MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada): *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us) *[(Acquired October 13, 2017](
  • January 31, 2018 - 4:27 - 30,000 sq. ft. cultivation and laboratory for MPX concentrates
  • March 28, 2018 - 11:46
In Nevada, our production capacity has been limited by the availability of raw material, of biomass. And most of our product produced there has been sold 2-3 weeks in advance.
MPX Dispensary Distribution *Melting Point Extracts - Nevada Locations *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us)
  1. Acres Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2320 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  2. Black Jack Collective Delivery - Las Vegas, NV 1860 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  3. Blum - Reno, NV 1085 S. Virginia St. Suite A Reno, NV 89502
  4. Blum Western - Las Vegas, NV 1921 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  5. Blum Decatur - Las Vegas, NV 3650 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  6. Blum Desert Inn - Las Vegas, NV 1130 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  7. Canopi (Southwest) - Las Vegas, NV 6540 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89139
  8. Cannacopia - Las Vegas, NV 6332 S Rainbow Blvd #105, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  9. Deep Roots Harvest - Mesquite, NV 195 Willis Carrier Canyon, Mesquite, NV 89034
  10. Essence (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 4300 E. Sunset Road Suite A3 Henderson, NV 89014
  11. Essence (Las Vegas Strip) - Las Vegas, NV 2307 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  12. Essence (West) - Las Vegas, NV 5765 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  13. Euphoria Wellness, Las Vegas, NV 7780 S Jones Blvd, Ste 105 Las Vegas, NV 89139-6489
  14. Inyo Fine Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2520 S Maryland Pkwy #2, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  15. Jardin - Las Vegas, NV 2900 E Desert Inn Rd #102, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  16. Jenny's Dispensary (North Las Vegas) - North Las Vegas, NV 5530 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89130
  17. Jenny's Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 10420 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
  18. Las Vegas Releaf - Las Vegas, NV 2244 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89104
  19. Nevada Wellness Center - Las Vegas, NV 3200 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  20. NuLeaf (Lake Tahoe) - Lake Tahoe, NV 877 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451
  21. NuLeaf (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 430 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169
  22. Oasis Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 1800 Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  23. Reef Western - Las Vegas, NV 3400 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  24. Rise Dispensary - Carson City, NV 135 E Clearview Dr #119, Carson City, NV 89701
  25. Sierra Wellness Connection (Reno) - Reno, NV 1605 E 2nd St #103, Reno, NV 89502
  26. Sierra Wellness Connection (Carson City) - Carson City, NV 2765 US Highway 50E Carson City, NV 89701
  27. Silver Sage Wellness - Las Vegas, NV 4626 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102
  28. The Apothecarium - Las Vegas, NV 7885 W. Sahara Ave #112 Las Vegas, NV 89117
  29. The Apothecary Shoppe - Las Vegas, NV 4240 W. Flamingo Rd. No. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89103
  30. The Dispensary (Decatur) - Las Vegas, NV 5347 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118
  31. The Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 50 N Gibson Rd #170, Henderson, NV 89014
  32. The Dispensary (Reno) - Reno, NV 100 W. Plumb Lane Reno, NV 89509
  33. The Grove - Las Vegas, NV 4647 Swenson Street Las Vegas, NV 89119
  34. The Source (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 9480 S Eastern Ave #185, Las Vegas, NV 89123
  35. The Source (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2550 S Rainbow Blvd #8, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  36. Thrive (Downtown) - Las Vegas, NV 1112 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  37. Thrive (North Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2755 W Cheyenne Ave #103, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
  38. Top Notch THC - Las Vegas, NV 5630 Stephanie St, Las Vegas, NV 89122
  39. Zen Leaf - Las Vegas, NV 9120 W Post Rd #103, Las Vegas, NV 89148
Population: 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017
U.S. Census Bureau
Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 23,489 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 21,759 (February 2018) , Reports
Nevada is the 34th most populous state - 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Las Vegas is the 28th-most populated city
Population: 632.912 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Las Vegas Tourism
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority - Las Vegas Visitor Statistics *- Year End Summary for 2017: 42,214,200 *- Year-to-Date Summary 2018 (As of Apr 20, 2018) - 10,274,100
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts):
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England):
  • Dispensaries 2 of 3 dispensaries disclosed: Fall River, Attleborough
  • Production Facility: Fall River, MA (40,000 - 50,000 sq. ft. cultivation and production facility)
  • Dispensaries: 3 (Approved for building, 1 in Fall River, 1 in Attleborough, 1 still being targeted)
  • 3rd dispensary targets:
  • October 14, 2017 - 34:08 - Near Wynn Casino, 34:50 - Third dispensary target: "Near Revere, not right in the city itself"
  • January 31, 2018 - 6:13 - "Right now we are searching for third location. We've got a number of really good prospects there."
  • March 28, 2018 - 16:29 - "I think we're pretty close on number three. It is a great location and I'm gonna refrain from mentioning the town but it's a great population."
MPX-owned Dispensaries
  1. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Fall River 160 Hartwell St, Fall River, MA 02721 (Under construction) April 11, 2018 -
  2. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Attoboro 220 Oneil Blvd, Attleboro, MA 02703 (Under construction)
The company, which is building a facility to grow and process marijuana for medicine, sold 51 percent of its real estate and management companies to The Canadian Bioceutical Corp., for $5.1 million. The agreement was announced Tuesday.
The company is in the process of building a 50,000-square-foot facility on Innovation Way, next door to Amazon and Mass Biologics, the medical research and testing facility run by the University of Massachusetts.
  • TORONTO, Ontario, June 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “BCC”) (CSE:BCC) (OTC:CBICF) today announced that further to its press release of April 4, 2017, the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CGX Life Sciences, Inc. (CGX), has completed the acquisition of a 51% interest in IMT, LLC and Fall River Developments, LLC (“FRD”), Massachusetts registered companies active in the cannabis space.
The marijuana industry has become a popular spot for Fall River.
According to MPX Bioceutical Corp, construction of a 40,000 square foot marijuana cultivation/processing facility on Innovation Way in Fall River, Massachusetts is targeted to be complete in the summer of this year with cultivation beginning in the third quarter of 2018. Cannatech Medicinals, who is owned by MPX Bioceutical Corp, has been working on the facility next to Amazon.
They have also commenced construction on the first of three dispensaries in Massachusetts, including one at 160 Hartwell Street in Fall River near the Applebee’s restaurant. The Hartwell Street location will get their supply from the Innovation Way facility.
CannaTech Medicinals; Hope, Heal, Health; and Northeast Alternatives will all be in the running for licenses to grow and sell marijuana for the recreational market. Recreational sales are scheduled to start July 1.
CannaTech Medicinals is building a 50,000-square-foot growing facility and processing laboratory in the biopark on Innovation Way. It is also building a dispensary off Hartwell Street.
Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 45,505 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 48,265 - (March 31 2018) - Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
  • Under "RMD information", the current status of all registered marijuana dispensaries and applicants through April 27 2018 - Entries #35-37 - Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.:
*- Only two of three have "Proposed Dispensary Locations" (Fall River, Attleboro)
*- No siting profile has been submitted for the third dispensary yet, invited to submit on December 12, 2017 (same date as Attleboro)
Massachusetts is the 15th most populous state
Boston is the 22nd most populated city in the U.S. and most populated in New England
Population: 673,184 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau ,
Not to mention the populations from surrounding states and tourism.
*- Managing dispensaries under Health for Life brand
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland):
*- Melting Point Extracts - Maryland Locations (None available yet)
From the press releases below, I gather:
  • 1 production facility in Gaithersburg/Montgomery Country (through Rosebud Organics/Budding Rose, Inc.) (January 8, 2018) - No square footage provided. However,
  • January 08, 2018 - The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
*- Possibly at: 4909 Fairmont Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": GreenMart of Maryland (District 6: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": LMS Wellness BLLC (District 8: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": Budding Rose, LLC (District 16: Montgomery County)
*- Under "Licensed Processors (as of April 10, 2018): Rosebud Organics LLC (Montgomery County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Processors": Rosebud Organics, LLC (Montgomery County)
I'm guessing that they will be selling MPX concentrates through these dispensaries as they have done in Arizona and Nevada once their production facility is operational. I'll wait for the press release and theMelting Point Extracts site to update before factoring that into their footprint.
  • MPX Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “MPX”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) today announced that the Company, through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, S8 Management, LLC (“S8 Management”), is entering into a management agreement (the “Management Agreement”) with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC (“LMS”) which will result in MPX building and managing a full service medical cannabis dispensary in the White Marsh suburb of Baltimore, Maryland.
Photo caption: A medical marijuana company has signed a lease for the space at 4909 Fairmont Ave., next to the mural.
A medical marijuana dispensary is coming to a long-dormant space on Fairmont Avenue in downtown Bethesda.
Rich Greenberg, of Greenhill Capital, which owns the building, said Budding Rose LLC signed the lease for the roughly 1,900-square-foot space about six months ago. He said work is ongoing to fit out the interior to meet the dispensary’s needs, and he wasn’t sure when the shop would be ready to open.
The management agreements with Budding Rose and Rosebud will result in MPX subsidiaries now operating three medical cannabis enterprises in the State of Maryland. The first management agreement with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC was announced on December 12, 2017. Rosebud is one of only 14 licenses issued to process cannabis derivatives in the State of Maryland. The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
Budding Rose will operate a dispensary in a high-traffic area of downtown Bethesda, Maryland, in close proximity to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center and National Institutes of Health. Bethesda, Maryland is located within the Capital Beltway and is one of the wealthiest communities in the Capital Region. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in late February of this year.
GreenMart will operate a dispensary, under the “Health for Life” brand, in a high-traffic area of Baltimore, Maryland, situated off of North Point Road in the community of Colgate. The location is conveniently located near Interstate Routes 695, 95 and US Route 40 and a 15-minute drive from Baltimore’s Inner Harbour, Canton Waterfront, Federal Hill, and Fells Point. Within 2 miles of the location sits Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, a teaching hospital within the world renowned John Hopkins Health System. GreenMart has been welcomed and supported by the community leaders of Colgate. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in April 2018 of this year.
Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 18,000+ (Current through 12/15/17)
*- 17,000+ (March 20, 2018)
  • More than 17,000 consumers in Maryland have registered for medical marijuana.
Maryland is the 19th most populated state - 6,052,177 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017) , U.S. Census Bureau
Baltimore is the 30th most populated city
Population: 614,664 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Training/staffing/spreading themselves too thin:
*- March 28, 2018 - 25:56
Future Targets *- January 31, 2018 - 10:03 *- November 2017 Presentation: Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio
California *- March 28, 2018 - March MPX Bioceutical Q3 Investor Call: March 8, 2018 California 15:53, 33:45
Ohio *- March 28, 2018 - 14:32 - Five applications in Ohio.
New Jersey
*- January 25, 2018 - Beth Stavola, MPX COO is invited by NJ Governor Murphy as a Marijuana Industry Leader during the signing of an executive order which would ease access to medical marijuana in the State.
*- 1:14 - "Beth, this one is for you. You represent not just you but the whole industry"
*- January 31, 2018 - [Beth Stavola MPX Bioceuticals Interview with New Cannabis Ventures - 10:14](]
*- March 28, 2018 - 14:54
Keep in mind they're in only four states right now and currently operating in two. There are other U.S operators with multi-state footprints (IAN, CRZ, LHS, MRMD, etc.).
A few private players:
*1) Acreage Holdings - 11 States,
*2) Columbia Care - 9 States + D.C and Puerto Rico,
*3) Green Thumb Industries (GTI) - 5 States,
*4) Cresco Labs - 4 States.
Also, there are the other companies with agreements/operations in both the U.S. and Canada (CRZ, SNN).
Once their RTO (April 30, 2018) is completed, MedMen will have the highest addressable market of the publicly traded U.S. operators (CA - 39.5 million, NY - 19.8 million, NV - 2.9 million, Canada - 35 million through their JV with Cronos). Not too mention the number of visitors each of those markets get annually.
That being said, of the current public companies, I think they give good multi-state exposure in the U.S. in markets with high population density]( This doesn't even factoring their Canadian exposure once they get operating. We'll see where they stand in the U.S. market if they're able to execute on the Massachusetts, Maryland, and Canadian operations. Also, remember they're pushing the MPX concentrates brand and are set to get exposure on both coasts.
I can't speak on their capital structure or financials. Some other users can discuss that.
Arizona - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution:
*- MPX-Owned Dispensaries:
Nevada - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada):
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada):
Massachusetts - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts):
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England):
Maryland - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland):
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Sports betting: Guy in Reno loses out on $565K in Kentucky Derby bets because he didn’t know the rules

A Nevada man could have won $600,000 on the Kentucky Derby, but it turns out his tickets were worth only $35,000.

It is a dispute that is now in the hands of the Almighty, aka the Nevada state gaming commission.

Horse player Steve Friedlander told the Action Network’s Darren Rovell that he went to the William Hill sports book at the Tamarack Junction Casino in Reno before the May 4 Derby and played, among others, a $40 trifecta box and a $100 exacta box. He bet more than $2,700 on the race.

When Maximum Security was disqualified and Country House (at 65-1) declared the winner, with Code of Honor (14-1) second and Tacitus (6-1) third, Friedlander thought he was looking at 600 large.

His trifecta would have paid $459,024, and his exacta was worth $150,480.

But hold your horses.

Friedlander placed his bets at a non-pari-mutuel shop that sets a cap of 150-1 for exactas and 500-1 on trifectas. It’s legal, and William Hill-US says there is signage making customers aware of this policy.

“Because of the requirements of the gaming regulations, there are significant costs involved to offer pari-mutuel wagering in Nevada," the William Hill company said in a statement. "Unfortunately, it doesn’t make economic sense to offer pari-mutuel wagering at all of our 115 Nevada locations.”

Such parlors do not exist in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, at least not legally. (Exotic sports bets, such as 10-team parlays, could be subject to caps on maximum payouts. Always check with the 'book.)

The Borgata is the only casino in Atlantic City that takes action on horses, including Saturday’s Preakness Stakes. Most of the casinos in Pennsylvania are either linked with a horse track, (i.e. the three Parx locations or Harrah’s in Chester) or don’t offer horse betting. It’s too risky for the house to not be involved in the pool of money that would cover such a huge hit.

Delaware’s three casinos are connected to race tracks, as well.

The 20-13 exacta for the Derby paid $3,009.60 for every $2 bet. The 20-13-8 trifecta was worth $22,950.60 for every two bucks. At the pari-mutuels, that is.

Unfortunately for Friedlander, he is paying for convenience. A Google Map search found several pari-mutuel locations within 20 minutes of Tamarack Junction.

“The capping of booked race payouts has been industry standard for decades and allows race books to book without taking on unlimited liability, which no one would want to do,” the statement continued.

"Tamarack Junction, a small casino in Reno, is one of the locations where we have booked the Kentucky Derby for many years. We congratulate our customer at the Tamarack Junction for his winning exacta and trifecta bets.

“The customer has the right to appeal to the Nevada Gaming Control Board but we are confident that we have fully complied with the relevant gaming regulations and had prominent signage alerting customers to the payoff caps.”
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State of the Week 36: Nevada


Name and Origin: "Nevada"; Spanish for "snow-covered", after the Sierra Nevada; "snow-covered mountain range".
Flag: Flag of the State of Nevada
Map: Nevada County Map
Nickname(s): The Silver State, The Sagebrush State, The Battle Born State
Demonym(s): Nevadan
Abbreviation: NV
Motto: "All for Our Country"
Prior to Statehood: Nevada Territory
Admission to the Union: October 31, 1864 (36th)
Population: 2,890,845 (35th)
Population Density: 24.8/sq mi (42nd)
Electoral College Votes: 6
Area: 110,653 sq mi (17th)
Sovereign States Similar in Size: Burkina Faso (105,878 sq mi), Ecuador (106,889 sq mi), Philippines (120,000 sq mi)
State Capital: Carson City
Largest Cities (by population in latest census)
Rank City County/Counties Population
1 Las Vegas Clark County 583,756
2 Henderson Clark County 257,729
3 Reno Washoe County 225,221
4 North Las Vegas Clark County 216,961
5 Sparks Washoe County 90,264
Borders: Oregon [NW], Idaho [NE], Utah [E], Arizona [SE], California [W]
Subreddit: /Nevada


Governor: Brian Sandoval (R)
Lieutenant Governor: Mark Hutchison (R)
U.S. Senators: Harry Reid (D), Dean Heller (R)
U.S. House Delegation: 4 Representatives | 3 Democrat, 1 Republican
Nevada Legislature
Senators: 21 | 11 Republican, 10 Democrat
President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Michael Roberson (R)
Representatives: 42 | 24 Republican, 17 Democrat, 1 Libertarian
Speaker of the House: John Hambrick (R)

Presidential Election Results (since 1980, most recent first)

Year Democratic Nominee Republican Nominee State Winner (%) Election Winner Notes
2016 Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Hillary Clinton (47.9%) Donald Trump Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson won 3.3% of the Nevada vote.
2012 Barack Obama Mitt Romney Barack Obama (52.4%) Barack Obama
2008 Barack Obama John McCain Barack Obama (55.2%) Barack Obama
2004 John Kerry George W. Bush George W. Bush (50.5%) George W. Bush
2000 Al Gore George W. Bush George W. Bush (49.5%) George W. Bush Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader won 2.46% of the Nevada vote.
1996 Bill Clinton Bob Dole Bill Clinton (43.9%) Bill Clinton Reform Party Candidate Ross Perot won 9.5% of the Nevada vote.
1992 Bill Clinton George H.W. Bush Bill Clinton (37.4%) Bill Clinton Independent Candidate Ross Perot won 26.2% of the Nevada vote.
1988 Michael Dukakis George H.W. Bush George H.W. Bush (58.9%) George H.W. Bush One faithless elector gave Dukakis' Vp pick, Lloyd Bentsen, an electorate vote.
1984 Walter Mondale Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan (65.9%) Ronald Reagan
1980 Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan (62.5%) Ronald Reagan Independent Candidate John B. Anderson won 7.1% of the Nevada vote.


Racial Composition:
  • 65.2% non-Hispanic White
  • 19.7% Hispanic/Latino (of any race)
  • 6.8% Black
  • 4.5% Asian
  • 3.8% Mixed race, multicultural or biracial
  • 1.7% Native American, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
Ancestry Groups
  • German (14.1%)
  • Mexican (12.7%)
  • Irish (11%)
  • English (10.1%)
  • Italian (6.6%)
Second Languages – Most Non-English Languages Spoken at Home
  • Spanish or Spanish Creole (16.2%)
  • Tagalog (1.6%)
  • Chinese (0.6%)
  • German (0.6%)
  • French or French Creole (0.4%)
  • Christian (66%)
    • Catholic (25%)
    • Evangelical Protestant (20%)
    • Mainline Protestant (10%)
    • Historically Black Protestant (5%)
    • Mormon (4%)
    • Jehovah's Witness (1%)
    • Orthodox (1%)
  • Unaffiliated, Atheist or Refused to Answer (28%)
  • Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, or Other (5%) _______


Colleges and Universities in Nevada include these five largest four-year schools:
School City Enrollment NCAA or Other (Nickname)
College of Southern Nevada Las Vegas ~54,113 Division I (Coyotes)
University of Nevada at Las Vegas Paradise ~33,007 Division I (Rebels)
University of Nevada at Reno Reno ~21,463 Division I (Wolf Pack)
Western Nevada College Carson City ~5,238 ? (Wildcats)
Nevada State College Henderson ~4,714 ? (Scorpions)


State Minimum Wage: $8.25/hour
Minimum Tipped Wage: $8.25/hour
Unemployment Rate: 7.1%
Largest Employers
Employer Industry Location Employees in State
MGM Resorts International Gaming, Hospitality, Tourism Paradise (HQ) + Various ~ 56,000+
Clark County School District Education Clark County ~35,000+
Caesars Entertainment Gambling, Hospitality, Tourism Paradise (HQ) + Various ~ 26,600+
Nellis Air Force Base Military Clark County ~14,000+
Wynn Resorts Gaming, Hospitality, Tourism Paradise (HQ) + Various ~11,000+


While Nevada currently does not host any professional franchises, the NHL has announced that an expansion team will begin play during the 2017-18 NHL season.
The NFL's Oakland Raiders have announced they are considering a move to Las Vegas in the near future.
The city of Las Vegas has been a host to some of the most prominent professional boxing matches in recent years, including both fights between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.
Las Vegas Motor Speedway currently hosts the third race of the NASCAR season, and has hosted Indycar races previously, including the disastrous 2011 race.

Fun Facts

  1. The ichthyosaur is Nevada's official state fossil.
  2. Nevada's the seventh-largest state in size, and about 85% of its land is owned by the federal government.
  3. Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the nation, and is second in the world behind South Africa.
  4. Construction worker hard hats were first invented specifically for workers on the Hoover Dam in 1933.
  5. In March 1931 Governor Fred Balzar signed into law the bill legalizing gambling in the state; shortly thereafter, the Pair-O-Dice Club was the first casino to open on Highway 91, the future Las Vegas Strip. ____ List of Famous People
Previous States:
  1. Delaware
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. New Jersey
  4. Georgia
  5. Connecticut
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Maryland
  8. South Carolina
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Virginia
  11. New York
  12. North Carolina
  13. Rhode Island
  14. Vermont
  15. Kentucky
  16. Tennessee
  17. Ohio
  18. Louisiana
  19. Indiana
  20. Mississippi
  21. Illinois
  22. Alabama
  23. Maine
  24. Missouri
  25. Arkansas
  26. Michigan
  27. Florida
  28. Texas
  29. Iowa
  30. Wisconsin
  31. California
  32. Minnesota
  33. Oregon
  34. Kansas
  35. West Virginia
As always, thanks to deadpoetic31 for compiling the majority of the information here, and any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Nevada Community Update - Update from the project leader

Howdy folks, well, it was a pretty long time since last time I posted about Nevada (I did 4 months ago!) but now I guess I'll post an update. I was pretty busy past these 4 months irl but now I have a lot of time to work on Nevada again. I started with Area 51 and it's half-ready, it'll be a huge underground complex located in the middle of the map, hopefully in the final version it'll be even bigger than Russian metro :D. Area 51 be divided into several sections, like Office, Lab, Warehouse, Maintence Tunnels, etc. and will feature four or five entrances, one cargo elevator, two regular elevators (all elevators will work when powered, but I'm still thinking about that since the main base will have partially access to Hoover Dam's power), stairs and vents entrance. Oh and the last one, almost every room will be connected by a ventilation system. (Just make sure you will crouch or move prone since you may make a lot of unwanted noise). The base will be filled with dangers, so depending on the sector you're in, you may stumble upon a hazardous environment, automated celling turrets or other, maybe even otherworldy dangers. Players will be even able to get quests there from an AI (or more like a brain scan of someone) and find prototype gear (did I mention hoover tanks or UFO? :>). Also, A51 will be located in the middle of the map so all players, after getting some basic gear (or full gear if you want to go into deeper levels without getting shredded to bits by turrets or glow in the night thanks to the radiation) will probably go there and have fun exploring and fighting each other. Alright, I guess that's enough about the main dungeon. What else will you be able to find on the map? Two major cities located on the opposite sides of the map, a shining diamond in the desert, still powered by huge hydroelectric dam, Las Vegas, with a lot of casinos and neons (and zombies!). The second town will be Reno, it will be teared down to the ground by extensive riots (you will finally see Riot Gear and some other new police equipment like possibly an apc with a water cannon) following the zombie outbreak. As I mentioned the city will be mostly destroyed (I think I'll add destroyed or burned buildings there too) filled with garbage and junk on the streets, with graffitis on the walls and overall it will have a post apocalyptic feel. So we have two sides of the map, the light one and the dark one and in the middle the Area 51. There'll be also some minor locations like Bonnie Springs (want to get some cowboy gear, eh partner?), Carson City, Nelson, Prison, Solar Plant, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Charleston Peak, Mines, Ranches and a lot of place for players to make bases. Alright I guess that's enough about the locations, let's talk about gameplay, I hope that we'll bring to you together with Nelson such features as overheating, rideable horses, sandstorms and solar power so well, it may take a while for the update to come out after we'll be done and handle all we created to Nelson.
Also, yesterday I started to work on small objects that I'll finish this week, take a look if yer want.
You can also go to my profile on Steam and check my artwork section from time to time for new objects and other stuff:
Also here's trello of our project:
And the most important thing, note that it solely depends on Nelson what he'll allow to be added and what not so some features may not appear in the update or be changed.
Well folks, I guess that's it for now, Bungo out.
PS: I hope we'll be done with our part in under two months :>
PS 2: If you have any suggestions post them in the comments :P
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-= Chapter 15: Ghost Town =-

There was a garden that was essentially a stone pathway through dense trees and another with a more modern layout. He still favored the oriental garden most but decided it was good to explore different things, and there was something to appreciate in all of them.
When the 'tour' was concluded Rachael looked toward the valley where the city was. "I guess I did all of this to emphasize that base reality can be made into your concept of beautiful; it doesn't have to be like the city. I know you were not fond of urban environments. Truthfully we could tear it all down and it would have little impact on anything except that a few people prefer to live there still and have requested it be preserved for them. Most that thought of it as home originally have moved on because while the buildings remain, the 'spirit' of the city just isn't the same without all the people."
"It looks pretty far away. I don't suppose we are going to walk there?"
"Naturally, no. I've arranged transportation for us." An object about the size of a car could be seen swooping in from behind a tree, pushing a fair bit of air around as evidences by the leaves nearby, but making very little noise. It had two turbines in front of the passenger area, to the left and right, facing upward. It also appeared to have two more turbines behind that, but facing backward. The combination seemed that it would generate both lift and thrust but there were some other airfoils and control surfaces that would have combined in ways that were not immediately obvious. It had landed so gracefully and quickly that Arthur had no concerns about its flight-worthiness. As there were currently no passengers in the compartment (or should it be more appropriately called a cockpit in such a flying car-like vehicle?), he could only imagine that an AI was piloting it.
The door nearest them glided upward smoothly to open. Rachael scooted over on the single seat the width of the cabin and Arthur did the same. It was comfortable but there was no dashboard or instrument panel to be found. Arthur reflexively went to pull his seat belt but found that the wasn't one. He looked around on his sides for something to strap in, just in case it wasn't in the traditional place.
"Oh, we don't use those anymore. First of all these can handle in any weather including a hurricane. Second, we can predict the weather with near perfect accuracy. Finally, we can stabilize most weather systems and temperature differentials before they become an issue. In any case, if anything were to begin a crash trajectory nanobots on the ground would immediately create a safety platform to absorb the impact. As it stands, this model has a perfect track record across billions of trips globally."
"Oh, well it's nice to hear. So it has a 5 star crash rating huh?"
Rachael rolled her eyes.
It didn't take long at speed to reach their destination. The 'car' landed in what looked like a transport hub of sorts near the center of the city. Bus and rail lines lay dormant. There was also a large airport nearby but something was off... while the area was lit (brightly to Arthur's sensitive eyes) there was no sound to be heard except his own breathing. For a city this size, there should have been traffic or else some other noises. He thought about what he had been told and realized why: the city was nigh abandoned.
A similar looking vehicle but without the turbines pulled up adjacent. They transfered between vehicles. "I figured you'd want to drive around and tour the city a bit instead of flying since it's more familiar. At least there is no traffic to contend with." Arthur was shuttled around various main streets and highways at a fast clip. The buildings and their signage looked authentic, though he knew there wasn't anyone around to provide any of the services advertised. Banks were obviously irrelevant - who needed the Greater Nevada Credit Union or HSBC now when money was a non-issue? He was sure that any restaurant food could be replicated for him, but there was no need for any of them except perhaps the inside decor and 'ambience'. He recalled Black Bear Diner, a chain where he could order a huckleberry malt (with extra malt naturally). He might have to have one of those later for old time's sake. The casinos were still there mostly: Peppermill, Grand Sierra Resort, and Atlantis (his personal favorite; they had the best gelato). The Nugget had apparently gone out of business and was no where to be found. All of these buildings, seemingly held as historical monuments to the City of Reno, were unnecessary he realized - any of them could be experienced in VR and tuned to the user's wishes.
Rachael broke the silence. "The entire city has been mapped and converted to VR like all other man-made structures. Once the final person gives up their lock on the physical city, which is projected to happen within the next 10-15 years, the entire thing will be demolished and replaced with solar panels most likely as it will no longer be wanted. Most of the residents are experiencing it already in VR and that is where the city really lives."
"I suppose..." Arthur began, "it doesn't really matter when there is a virtual copy somewhere. It's not like the information or history of the place is lost. The physical city already is dead which is apparent to me; there is no utility in keeping two copies forever. Hell, you could probably copy it back from VR to here if you really wanted to, assuming there was a reason to."
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Geological Eng. M.S vs. Civil Eng. (Geotechnical) M.S, and help picking a school.

Howdy y'all. I'm a slightly older (29), recent geophysics graduate (B.S.) from Western Washington University. For the upcoming fall I've been accepted with funding to three different engineering M.S. programs, Colorado State U, U of Wyoming, and U of Nevada-Reno, and I'm having a dickens of a time deciding. It's a nice problem to have. They all have their pros and cons, however. I'll list a bit about each program and ask a few questions about what's going to set me up for a future career the best.
U of Wyoming - Civil Engineering M.S. with a geotechnical focus conducting earthquake engineering research (seismic response, etc) around the Rockies using geophysical methods. $1300 a month stipend, tuition, health insurance, and no fees on a TA for the first year, then a switch to an RA. Would need to attend 5 semesters because of prerequisites and fund 1 of those (or squeeze in 9 credits within 4 semesters. Not ideal). Only $900 for those 9 credits, however. Cheap cost of living in Laramie, but isolated and the long windy winter scares me a bit. Might be good for my studies to keep me inside though!
CSU - Civil Engineering M.S. with a groundwater engineering focus. Aquifer storage and recovery type research 40 miles outside Fort Collins(actually aquifer drainage). Half field work/half groundwater modeling. $1700 stipend on an RA. No TA needed here, which is a plus. Tuition, health insurance covered. Would need to pay fees of about $200 a quarter. Would also need to attend 5 semesters because of prerequisites and fund 1 of those. $5,678.14 for those 9 credits! Fort Collins is pretty rad, but the cost of living is high.
UNR - Geological Engineering M.S. Research using geophysical methods to map abandoned mine features around Nevada and delineate contaminant boundaries. Nice field work/modeling research mix here. Can design my classwork around geotechnical and/or groundwater if I choose. Much more flexible with prerequisites than a Civil Engineering M.S., and thus only need to attend 4 semesters. Stipend is $1700 on a TA for the first year before switching to an RA. Tuition and health insurance are covered, but will need to pay fees of about $200 a month also. Cost of living in Reno is pretty good, and the city and its location are awesome despite the reputation derived from the casino scum downtown.
So here I am having a touch decision to make. All the advisors are great and all the research interests me. After all the visits, the campuses seem great, and the towns are awesome (besides downtown Reno). The outdoor recreation is fantastic at all. I think the 4 semesters at UNR vs. 5 semesters at the other two is a pretty big deal because that's a half years salary and experience I'd be losing while still in school. This will be a terminal degree. Then again, not having to be a TA at CSU is a pretty good deal, also. I don't want to die in grad school. As for my future, my aim is to get licensed as a PE, and maybe even a PG, if possible. All 3 schools say I am on the road to that, despite my non-ABET undergrad. There are just a few more hoops to jump through. Does anyone have any insight as to the difference in perception of a geological engineering M.S. vs. a civil engineering M.S? What's in a name of a degree if my focus is still groundwater ore geotechnical either way? Are their salary differences between the degrees? Is earning potential different? As for a career, straight up, what pays more, a groundwater engineer or a geotechnical, soil mechanics, earthquake-type engineer? Like I said, I aim to get licensed either way.
Any information or insight into these schools, degrees, or career paths would be very helpful, Reddit. The voices in my head are loud, so I could certainly use some outside input from those in the know. This got a little lengthy. Appy polly logies.
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[SPOILERS] Rundle Realty

So in the first episode Lorne calls his boss to tell him he completed the job with the guy in the trunk and he's taking a small detour (to the Lucky Penny) before he will meet Stavros.
The guy he calls works at Rundle Realty and whoever updated the Fargo Wikia assumed his name was Mr. Rundle. When Lorne does go to meet Stavros, he refers to Mr. Rundle as "our mutual friend". So isn't Mr. Rundle going to be really pissed off when he finds out Lorne isn't doing his job at all?
I noticed when I rewatched the first episode that Lorne's codename isn't 'Duluth'. His codename is actually 'St. Paul' and presumably 'Duluth' is just the name on his mail in episode 2. The only other codename that can be seen on Mr. Rundle's telephones is "Pittsbrg". I'm kind of hoping that if we are given a second season it will be focused around Pittsbrg or any of the other 8-10 people who have a phone dedicated to them at Rundle Realty.
I also noticed that outside Rundle Realty is a taxi that gives away the fact that Mr. Rundle is based in Reno, Nevada. The taxi also has an advert for 'Montecito Casino' on it. Isn't that the Casino form the TV show 'Las Vegas'? A Google maps search definitely didn't help.
Just some dumb shit I noticed from that scene, I'm not really making any points.
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North Ops News & Notes Update (6/26/16-6:57PM)

News and Notes 06/26/2016 1857 CA-LNU Creek Fire: 300 acres, 50% contained. 06/26/2016 1820 CA-LNU Creek Fire: 300 acres, 0% contained. 06/26/2016 1750 CA-LNU Creek Fire: 40 acres burning in grass and oak woodland with a moderate rate of spread, 0% contained. Fire is 4 miles south of Brooks, near the Cache Creek Casino. 06/26/2016 0800 CA-SCU Grant Fire: 211 acres, 100% contained. 06/25/2016 1700 CA-SCU Grant Fire: 100 acres of burning grass with a dangerous rate of spread, 0% contained. Three separate fires are burning, with threats to 230KV powerlines, wind farms and grazing lands. Fire is 10 miles east of Livermore. 06/24/2016 1230 National Weather Service-Sacramento has issued a Red Flag Warning for a portion of interior northern California. It will be in effect from 2300 tonight through 1800 Saturday evening. For more detailed information follow this link flag warning 06/22/2016 1810 Light initial attack activity reported today. 06/22/2016 1800 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,858 acres, 60% contained. Fire transitioned to Type 3 Organization. Minimal fire activity. Continued mop-up and suppression repair activity. Last report unless significant increase in activity. 06/21/2016 1900 CA-AEU Camanche Fire: 210 acres, 100% contained. 06/21/2016 1800
CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,858 acres, 60% contained. Minimal fire activity observed. Mop-up and suppression repair continues. 06/21/2016 1700
National Weather Service-Reno has a Red Flag Warning in effect from 1300 through 2100 Thursday for gusty winds and low humidity for the Western Nevada Sierra Front. flag warning
Additionally, a Lake Wind Advisory is in effect for Lassen, Eastern Plumas and Eastern Sierra counties, effective 1300 through 2100 on Thursday. wind advisory 06/21/2016 1243 CA-TGU Paskenta Fire: 43 acre, 100% contained. 06/21/2016 1030 CA-TGU Paskenta Fire: 25 acres burning in oak woodland, with a moderate rate of spread. 20% contained. Fire is 18 miles west of Corning. 06/21/2016 0700 CA-BTU Coal Fire: 112 acres, 100% contained. 06/20/2016 1815 CA-BTU Coal Fire: 50 acres, 25% contained. Forward spread has been stopped. Rail lines are reopened. 06/20/2016 0546 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,877 acres, 60% contained. Minimal fire activity observed. 06/20/2016 0533 CA-BTU Coal Fire: 25-30 acres burning in grass and oak/woodland, 0% contained. The fire has a moderate rate of spread with threat to railroad operations. 06/20/2016 0600 CA-SCU Camanche Fire: 210 acres. 95% contained. 06/19/2016 1742 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,855 acres, 58% contained. Fire continues to exhibit minimal spread mostly through roll out and consumption of heavy dead component. A return to hot and dry weather pattern has begun. For additional information select the Fire Information Summary 06/19/2016 0800 CA-SCU Camanche Fire: 210 acres of brush and grass. 85% contained. 06/18/2016 1738 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,826 acres, 55% contained. Today's fire spread is minimal. Isolated pockets of heat continue to burn in the heavy concentrations of the dead and down. As clear skies have returned to the fire area, fuels are drying out and showing limited activity. 06/17/2016 1749 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,826 acres, 40% contained. Rainfall in amount and duration has been effective in halting fire spread and reducing any fire activity to smoldering area. Fire continues to be moderated by a low pressure system. 06/17/2016 1100 National Weather Service-Reno has issued a Lake Wind Advisory for Lassen, Eastern Plumas, Eastern Sierra Counties for strong southwest winds from 0800 through 2000 on Saturday. wind advisory 06/16/2016 1750 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,806 acres, 25% contained. 06/15/2016 1755 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,706 acres, 20% contained. The fire continues to hold in creek beds where direct tactics have been effective. A much colder air mass with higher relative humidity moved into the area and will continue through the rest of the week. 06/15/2016 0930
National Weather Service-Reno has a High Wind Advisory for Lassen, Eastern Plumas, Eastern Sierra Counties for strong southwest winds from 1400 today through 2300 this evening. Miles S Eagle Lake CA&product1=Lake+Wind+Advisory&lat=40.5263&lon=-120.7455#.V2GFg5gVGUk
Additionally, there is a Red Flag Warning in place for the Western Nevada Sierra Front for strong southwest wind 20-30 miles per hour with gusts to 50 miles per hour. This warning is in place from 1100 this morning through 2300 this evening. flag warning 06/14/2016 1805 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,396 acres, 20% contained. Fire behavior moderated with increased relative humidity values and decreased temperatures. 06/14/2016 0630 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,396 acres, 20% contained. Fire behavior moderated overnight under the influence of the incoming cold front. Crews, overnight held existing fire lines and improved lines where feasible. 06/13/2016 1810 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,096 acres, 20% contained. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity moderated fire behavior today. 06/13/2016 1740 CA-SCU Mountain Fire: 49 acres, 100% contained. 06/13/2016 1600 CA-SCU Mountain Fire: 49 acres, 50% contained. The forward spread of fire is stopped. 06/13/2016 1215 CA-SCU Mountain Fire: 20 acres burning in brush, 0% contained. The fire has a moderate rate of spread with no threats. 06/13/2016 0600 CA-SHU Keswick Fire: 24 acres, 100% contained. 06/13/2016 0600 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 2,096 acres, 20% contained. Fire activity remained moderate over night. For additional information please select the Fire Infomation Summary 06/12/2016 0800 CA-SHU Keswick Fire: 24 acres, 60% contained. 06/12/2016 0800 CA-TGU Hoag Fire: 80 acres, 100% contained. 06/12/2016 0600 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 1,655 acres, 20% contained. Fire remained active over night. For additional information select the Fire Information Summary 06/11/2016 1728 CA-SHU Keswick Fire: 15 acres burning in brush and timber, 0% contained. The fire has a moderate rate of spread with short range spotting. No structures threatened. 06/11/2016 1542 CA-TGU Hoag Fire: 35 acres, 35% contained. 06/11/2016 1306 CA-TGU Hoag Fire: 30 acres grass, 10% contained. Located at Corning Road and Gaylord Avenue, east of Corning. The fire has a dangerous rate of spread, with structures threatened. 06/10/2016 1749 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 900 acres, 20% contained. Fire behavior moderated today, due to cooler weather and higher humidity. 06/10/2016 1448 National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey has issued a Red Flag Warning for dry and gusty winds tonight through Sunday. flag warning 06/10/2016 1117 National Weather Service-Sacramento has upgraded the Fire Weather Watch to a Red Flag Warning for gusty winds and low humidity. flag warning 06/09/2016 1754 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 700 acres, 0% contained. NORCAL2 IMT2 (Young). Decreased acreage due to updated mapping. Fire will continue to back down toward Swillup Creek to the north east and south toward Elliot Creek. 06/09/2016 1753 CA-SCU Coe Fire: 120 acres, 100% contained. 06/09/2016 1421 National Weather Service-Sacramento has issued a Fire Weather Watch for gusty winds and low humidity for Saturday. Miles E Willows CA&product1=Fire+Weather+Watch&lat=39.5132&lon=-122.0742#.V1ndN5gVGUk 06/09/2016 0907 CA-SCU Coe Fire: 120 acres, 70% contained. 06/09/2016 0630 National Weather Service-Reno has issued a Lake Wind Advisory for strong southwest winds and low humidity effective 11 am this morning through 0500 Saturday. Miles E Antelope Lake CA&product1=Lake+Wind+Advisory&lat=40.1447&lon=-120.3197#.V1l1w5gVGUk 06/08/2016 1800 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 1,000 acres, 0% contained. Heavy roll out is occurring with up hill fire runs. Fire is burning within old fire scars from 2001, 2008 and 2009. 06/08/2016 1715 CA-TNF Sagehen Fire: 5 acres, 100% contained. 06/08/2016 1610 CA-TNF Sagehen Fire: 15 acres burning in timber and brush, 0% contained. Fire is located northwest of Truckee, near the Sagehen Experimental Forest. 06/08/2016 0800 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 560 acres, 0% contained. Fire remained active overnight. 06/08/2016 0800 CA-SCU Coe Fire: 120 acres, 30% contained. 06/07/2016 1717 CA-SCU Coe Fire: 50 acres, burning in brush and oak woodland and is 0% contained. Fire is located 20 miles west of Gustine. Fire is in a remote location with difficult access. 06/07/2016 1753 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 250 acres, 0% contained. NORCAL2 is being mobilized for this incident. Pony fire is burning in old fire scars with active fire behavior, and long range spotting. 06/07/2016 1450 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 125 acres, 0% contained. 06/07/2016 1240 CA-KNF Pony Fire: 10 acres burning in brush and timber, 0% contained with a rapid rate of spread. Fire is located southwest of Happy Camp. This is a remote area with limited access. 06/06/2016 1100 Northern California continues to see isolated thunderstorms with precipitation. Successful initial attack activity is continuing and all fires are remaining small. 06/04/2016 1338 CA-AEU Aukum Fire: 25 acres, 100% contained. 06/04/2016 0805 CA-SCU Blackhawk Fire: 33 acres, 100% contained. 06/03/2016 1546 CA-SCU Blackhawk Fire: 33 acres, 90% contained. 06/03/2016 1509 CA-SCU Blackhawk Fire: 25 acres, 30% contained. Fire is located east of San Ramon. 06/03/2016 1410 CA-AEU Aukum Fire: 15 acres, 0% containment. Fire is located 5 miles south of Placerville. The fire has a moderate rate of spread.
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[Table] IAmA: I quit my job and am currently following my dream of riding my motorcycle solo 6k miles from SF to NYC and back to experience and document America firsthand. Currently I'm 60% across, one way. AMA!

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Date: 2013-06-18
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Questions Answers
Well, it looks like you'll be in Saint Louis soon. If so, you should check out the City Museum. It's downtown, it will be very worth it. Also if you're very hungry and want to eat on the cheap I can make a couple recommendations there. Now for my question, have you brought any tools with you and / or what kind of preventative maintenance have you done on the bike in preparation for this trip? Yes I'm excited for St Louis! What's the best part about the City Museum? For maintenance, I clean and wax the chain, check the lights, and check tire pressure around every 600 miles (more like 800 in reality). I bought a puncture repaire kit and a CO2 gun should I need to temporarily fix a flat — lord help me if it ever actually happens.
It's almost to bad you don't have tube type tires and wheels. Not that fun using spoons to change a tube on the side of the road though, but it would beat being stranded or calling for a really expensive tow. I've had good results with tire patches though. Found a Youtube video of it: Link to It pretty much looks like the coolest thing ever! Will definitely check it out. Link to On Thursday nights they ban kids and allow alcohol.
OH! One other thing. Should something go wrong between there and here we have a few shops and a motorcycle salvage yard here in town. Basically, you'd be able to get a part locally that you might have to order otherwise. We do have a Ducati Dealership as well. Good to know. Thanks Reganator! That's part of the worry of driving an Italian bike across the country. Not a lot of available Ducati repair shops...
Had you always planned to set out on your trip alone? How different do you think your experience would be if you were with one or more other people? Link to
If I had a buddy with me, we would just be looking up the answer on our phones.
What is the best tasting insect? I'd have to go with rolly pollies. They seem so juicy.
Link to (gross picture)
Amazing man. I'm from the UK, and i'd love to do this trip. There seems to be such a diversity in the US, I think it'd be amazing. One question, do you also want to do a route along the Pacific Crest Trail after this? Thanks Man. Honestly I had no idea whether I was actually capable of doing this trip—the longest trip I had done before this was 700 miles on a 3-day weekend. I thought to myself if I make it to NYC and don't want to ride all the way back, I'll sell the bike there and fly home, but after 2,333 miles under my belt for this trip I know I can do it. I'd definitely be down for the Pacific Crest Trail. Especially because it's not too far from San Francisco.
Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure, and any that follow it! You, too Connerbill!
Whats the most inspirational thing, person, or event youve seen so far? This quote by Hunter S. Thompson: "Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"
One other thing that I learned has to do with the fact that cool stuff you have never seen is closer than you think. I learned I can do roughly 450-500 miles a day easy, 600 miles pushing it—but once I finish this trip I won't need to. Reno for example is only 217 miles (or 3 hours drive) from San Francisco and was actually a really neat place full of art and nice people not just casinos. We're always looking to fly to far off lands when we should be looking at what's around just 3 hours away.
Forgive the paraphrasing, but didnt hst also say "there are two kinds of motorcycle riders, those who have gone over the high, and those who have yet to go over the high side." Oh I've already high sided before. That was the 1st year. I'm hoping that means I've passed that life lesson. Though I do believe one should always ride with fear as their passenger.
What's been the hardest aspect of the trip so far? Early on it was the wind. I'm used to driving for 30 minutes - 1 hr at a time in the city back at home and never wore earplugs even though people recommend it. I think the first big leg of the trip from Reno to Salt Lake City was the worst in terms of wind — Nevada desert AND the flat dry lakebed of Utah. I could still hear the wind in my ears an hour after I got off my bike. It really is the silent killer. Now I wear earplugs or in-ear headphones with music for a few hours (until they get uncomfortable and I put the earplugs back in.)
The wind is also crazy in terms of blowing you off the road or in another lane. Its not as bad since I've left Nevada/Utah but every now and then I get a good gust. You especially need to be aware when passing or being passed by a big freight truck. They bring the wind gust down to 0MPH for a few seconds as they pass you and then it jumps up suddenly.
The trick is the wind can knock around your head but not your bike—which mine is about 450lbs. If you ride too stiff then when the wind moves your head around your arms move your bike around. You need to disconnect those two things, relax your neck and your arms—you ride more comfortably that way, anyways.
This all might sound pretty terrifying but it becomes second nature.
The other aspect is the necessity of pulling over when needed to adjust. If you cross a state line and it suddenly gets colder because you're up in the mountains or the wind is going under your glove and bothering you or you have a dark visor on (when it was sunny) and it's dark now—you need to pull over and change it / fix it. Don't delay because you'll get sick from being too hot / cold or you'll crash from not being able to see with a dark visor, etc. Also sometimes I just want to check my email or see if I have any txts. I'm too much of a tech junkie.
Lastly, sometimes my throttle hand gets tired and I switch on the mechanical cruise control. That shit is scary and I usually only use it for 5-15 minutes at a time on straight roads to give my hand a brake.
TLDR: The wind and pulling over when I know I should.
How many miles per gallon are you getting on that hog? I get about 40MPG or so. My tank only holds about 5 gallons so I need to refuel every 2 hours or so which is a good time for a break anyways. I generally do 2-3 fillups per day. I also have two small MSR backup canisters of gas that will give me about a measly 14 miles but saved me at least once during the trip so far.
Also a Mulsitrada isn't' really a hog. Wikipedia says it best "Essentially the bike is a hybrid of a supermoto and a sport touring motorcycle. Its upright riding position gives it a stronger appeal for those who like touring but want something lighter than a touring bike." The word Multistrada is Italian for "many roads" as the bike is designed to handle asphalt as well as some unpaved surfaces.
I shall accept the term though because most long trekkers ride hogs. :)
Very interesting! I only used the term Hog because I had that scene from dumb and dumber in my head. Hilarious! Link to
What sort of maintenance or reliability issues have you had with your first generation Multi, if any? This is a GREAT question. First gen Multistradas are known to have gas leaks due to tank expansion because apparently in Europe they don't put 10% ethanol in their gas. I don't know if we do that in California but in most every state I've been to outside of Cali I see stickers on the gas tank that says "Uses up to 10% ethanol". It worries me some, but so far no problems with that.
I did have this problem with my rear brake light "burning" out every 700-1k mile or so. It's due to the vibration of the bike. The lightbulb is actually really difficult to replace, you have to get to screws in weird positions and takes like 10 mins to get the case off so instead of worrying about that I opted to replace the whole backend with an single LED system I installed myself right before the trip...
Turns out the new system is not water proof and when it rains some of the LEDs went out (they came back on when it was dry). I had to duck tape the sucker in the rain. Never buy motorcycle parts on Amazon...
Link to
Edit: Fix image link.
Congrats on your bike choice, by the way. I don't know many people in USA that ride Ducati. If they ride a European bike at all, it's often for nostalgia reasons, so they go for Triumph Bonnies or Royal Enfield or some café racer custom build. Ducatis are quite popular in the Bay Area of California but not out here. People comment on it all the time.
Since there's a lot more to be seen on local highways than there are on limited access freeways, are you mostly driving down them or are you taking interstates? Great question. I say its about 90% interstate when I'm driving. Some people ride to enjoy the twisty roads, I also enjoy the twisty roads but am more fascinated by actual towns and cities (and it's people). The freeways take you there. Once I reach a city then I will explore the outskirts and an occasional trail.
Link to
Here is a pano from a country road in Kansas: Link to
TLDR: I do like to take the side roads but at the same time I'm trying to keep the trip around a month.
Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a really interesting journey! Stay safe out there and best of luck. Thanks Corey_Howard! Will keep postin' updates!
These photos are absolutely beautiful...i'm still in high school but i've always dreamed of buying a harley and doing a cross-country motorcycle trip. i see all these photos of places that i've never been and i think that's what inspires me. Follow your dream and travel not only in the USA but all around the world whenever you get the chance! It is the best thing a person can do to be a well rounded person.
With riding so many miles in a day, how do you make sure to take time to "experience and document America" as opposed to just riding from point A to point B? I get up really early. I try to get up at 7am and do 150 miles or more before breakfast. I try to pack and prep everything before bed so all I have to do is brush up, put the bags on the bike, and go in the morning.
It doesn't always work out that way, though. Sometimes I snooze to 9am and am out by 10am. Those days, if I'm really looking forward to visiting that city, I will stay for a whole extra day there. Every now and then I just do a 300 mile day. Break day for me and more time in town.
Also, to help be flexible I usually book my AirBnB like 8 hours ahead of time. I get cheap places with interesting people that are $40-65 a night. I figure I could always get a motel if it doesn't work out and so far it hasn't failed me yet. In fact, it has been pretty crucial in helping me make new local friends (and their friends) fast.
Ya'll are just full of great questions!
Ah! Which one? North city or Manchester location? I actually live just a few blocks from the Manchester store. Manchester! Come have lunch with me so I can interview you for my blog!
Lol, I'll see if I can make it. Stomach is a little messed up at the moment from a diet change, trying to get back in shape after a rough to of it at school. Give me just a few to take a shower and hop on the bike. Ok, we could always meet up after lunch, too if that's better. I got space on my moto if you have an extra bike/moto helmut. Also I've been in this line for over an hour. Crazy!
Wow. I've never actually eaten at that place but my fiancé has. Had no idea they would be so busy for a weekday lunch. Sounds good. Will PM you my info! Great hanging with ya @Reganator! Link to Hit me up whenever you're in SF and we shall do the same!
As far as the bike goes, no problem. I've got a helmet and my own bike to go with it. I'll see where you are after I hop out of the shower.
What was your job back in San Francisco? And also, what do you plan on doing upon your return? Thanks Tumblr makes things look simple and beautiful. So glad I didn't set up a Wordpress instead.
I was the technical lead and CTO of a startup that was doing well. I found a good replacement for me before I left.
I plan to try my hand at being an independant developer and making iPhone apps.
I've always wanted to do this! quick question, are you using a gps? maps? how do you read the gps if you are on a motorcycle? I have a Garmin Zumo 650 motorcycle GPS. I wired it into my battery so I don't need to worry about it's battery and it's also waterproof and drop resistent. I must have dropped it on the ground a dozen times and it's still going strong. It's also touch sensitive with a gloved finger. It can even pair with one of those intercom headsets you can place inside your helmet, which I currently do (scala rider g2, I think). It's by far not a perfect GPS—so bad in so many ways, but it's the best thing out there right now. It's pretty old now and still wicked expensive and there have been newer versions of it that have come out but the reviews of the new stuff is far worse than this guy so I keep using it.
I also use an iPhone with in-ear headphones and Google Maps / Apple maps as a backup. When in the city, sometimes its easier just to type the name of a place or tell Siri to do it and get voice directions. For longer trips I like the Garmin as I like to physically see how much distance is left to go.
What do you plan to do after you've finished your trip? I want to try my hand at making useful iPhone apps. Just visions in my head for now (and in my notebook). If it doesn't work out then I'd get a "real job" again.
This trip has actually given me a lot of time to think about that.
Did you have a couple possible or likely jobs lined up before you left? And what area were you working in before your trip? I've been wanting to do a trip like this sometime in the future but I don't know how easy it would be considering the job situation. I've been wanting to do this trip for a long time, too! I saved up enough money to last me about 2 years. When I get back I'm going to learn Objective-C and build my own iPhone apps for money. If that doesn't work out and I run out of money I'll find a "real job".
Part of my last job involved growing the company and it was hella hard as the market is dry. All the gaming companies have hires up all the good guys. I know of one gaming company that isn't even well known that grew from 115 devs to 300 in about one year. I think I'm a good dev and could find a quality job if I tried. Who knows though!
As someone who has never driven a car (or taken drivers ed) but wants a motorcycle (sort of like yours), what advice would you give? Is the process of getting a motorcycle hard, and what is it like? How do you keep it from being stolen? I love the rain, how are motorcycles in the rain? Any other tips? Take the MFS (Motorcycle Saftey Foundation) course. It's a 3-day class, one day in the classroom and 2 days on the street. You come in knowing nothing and come out as a motorcyclist. Its in pretty much every city and at least in California you don't have to take the road test, just the written one if you pass.
What's more is that your insurance may discount you for taking the course and a lot of motorcycle gear shops will give you 15% off if you bring in your passing certificate. Moto gear is expensive!
As for rain, it sucks. In SF i just ride through it but here on the open road I pull over and take a break or even get a motel if I know its going to be a few hours. Rain is usually not too much of a problem driving-wise. Just takes a little longer to stop and to start. Unless its really pouring and blocking visibility or cold out. I just don't like having wet gear.
Hope that helps!
What was riding on the salt flats like? How fast did you go, and for how far? Link to
Next door to this place, in the middle of nowhere is the Salt Flats Cafe. A mexican restaurant. For $7 you get A LOT and it's good!
Link to
Please disregard this question if you've already answered it. Where do you sleep when you're not staying with relatives or friends? I answered this as part of another answer but it's ok. I usually book AirBnB's about 8 hours ahead of time. It's a website that lets you stay in an extra room or sometimes a whole house of a local stranger (I like to think of them as friends I haven't met yet.)
They generally have reviews and pics so you know what you're getting in to. I usually pay about $40-65 a night for 'em and some of them have been really nice, artistic, or unusual. They are also critical for me in making new friends quickly. Much better than staying in clean and sterile motels at each city that all look and feel the same.
What's your favorite subway sandwich? 6-inch meatball on italian herbs and cheese bread with american cheese and lettuce, toasted. I try to avoid fast foods though. Don't want that motorcycle gut.
I want to know what you did to get ready to have you butt in the saddle for this long? I did a 500 mile ride once and it wreaked me. Be safe and watch out for deer in the wooded areas. My seat is pretty comfy but I do change up my riding positions every now and then and take a break about every two hours. So far the only achy part has been my back occasionally. I also do a lot of stretches when I'm off the bike. Thanks, I fear retarded deer and have a deer whistle on the front wheel fairing!
I swapped out my original seat and got one from Corbin. It was well built and the support was outstanding. The guy I bought my bike from on CL three years ago was a long distance guy and he tricked the bike out with comforts. I'm pretty sure I have an aftermarket seat. I also installes a USB port myself for charging.
How many sets of tires do you plan on going thru? I have no idea about tires but I replaced them both a year before this trip and I think they'll last the entire trip. I check my whole bike out every 6-800 milea in any case!
The USB ports are sweet hook up on a bike! I currently have an 1992 DR 650 dual sport with the stock seat but it is one of those thick foam deals. It did the job on a 100 mile ride thru the mountian trails. The USB thing is relatively easy since it's 12v just like your battery.
I want to Honda Goldwing and do a trip up PCH to Washington then over to Montana, down to back of the Rockies and home thru the Grand Canyon. I did it in a car when I as 18 and had a blast. Trip idea sounds like a blast!
What would you rather encounter in the middle of the night on a lonely stretch of road while taking a pee break; 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck? 100 duck sized horses. I'd be afraid a horse sized duck would knock over my bike.
I'd probably put 1 duck sized horse in my top case to give to my brother in Louisville.
But then you would leave only 99 duck sized horses. That would collapse the universe. Some people just want to watch the world burn...
But not me. In that case I'd put the horse back!
What has been the general cost of everything (gas, lodging, food etc.) for this trip? I know you're not done, but based on what you've done so far and what you've budgeted for, how much is it looking like this will cost total? Hi, I wrote this out in detail in another comment response. Sorry can't link it, on my phone. :)
I think about doing this every single day of my life, except on a bicycle. As for the bicycle. Do it up bro and if you need advice or feedback hit me up. I've only done 100k in Death Valley in my cycling days but it was awesome. I'm sure a bicycle would be a whole other experience and you should blog about it. I know I would read it. Definitely wear a Camelbak.
How long did it take you to finally flip the table ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻\ and say "screw it. I'm out of here," and did you feel more liberated or panicked after you had done so? I'm glad I'm doing it and with so much done I feel good that I'm actually going to be ok. It's still a little scary to think I'm not even halfway done but when I'm actually on the bike I feel less scared and more confident and I've seen some really cool shit. The fact that people actually read the blog inspires me, too. Really makes me feel I'm not doing this by myself and that we're sharing this experience together.
Seems like an awesome trip and a life-defining experience. However, if it were me, I'd be heading through Central America and ideally into South America. Did you ever consider something like this with a more international flair? I think realistically if I don't die or get severely injured on this trip that in a year or two I will have the hankering of doing just that or even going north through Canada to Alaska.
This is a great first big trip as everyone speaks English and food, gas, and ATM machines are bountiful. Not sure what to expect on those other trips.
I hear you but those aspects are exactly what make that kind of travel rewarding in its own way. Good luck to you though! Indeed! Once I conquer one challenge I shall need a harder one and that sounds about right.
I'm 30 next months, can I come and join you on your next trip? way to go for living the dream! Thanks 30 is where its at. We have to live some of our dreams before we have kids. You can join me but you have to book all the cool AirBnBs and help plan good routes!
How much have you budgeted for the trip, and did you budget well? Happy travels! Thanks! I just answered this in detail in another question. Sorry I'm on my phone and don't know how to link it!
I second that: The City Museum is amazing! And St. Louis is a great small city. I'm moving there next month actually. I regret the rainstorm that prevented me to spend twice the amount of time there. Will try to see a lot there tomorrow!
Hey, another cross-country road tripper! We're traveling around giving away free pie. If our paths cross, we'd love to swap road stories and give you food. We'll be in Little Rock June 26th and OKC June 29th. Awesome. Our paths may very will cross, my schedule is so flexible I'm not sure where I will be at any current time but I will PM you should I be near those cities on those dates. Ride safely and enjoy!
Why not just take 2 weeks for off. The trip was going to take at least a month (probably 5 weeks now from the looks of it) but I'm actually going to start working for myself when I return.
When in Kansas, be sure and stop by for the tree. You mean stop at any tree? Or is The Tree a place?
Kansas has a tree, somewhere. Done!
What will you do when youve completed your dream. Get a new one. ;)
When you get to New Haven, you really ought to go to Pepe's pizza. Anyone who tells you to go to Sally's is a heathen (even though it's still pretty damn good). Thanks! I will have to try them both and compare!
How much in total will this trip cost you. I'm not exactly sure. I spend about $13 in gas per fillup every 180 miles or so. 6,500 miles / 180 = 36.1 fillups = $469 in gas.
AirBnB's go from $40-65 (at least the ones I use) so we'll average at $55. At an estimated 30 days for this trip about 1/4 of the time I woll be staying at friends or family = 23 days I'm paying. 23 days * $55 = $1265.
Food really fluctuates but I'll say I spend $7-12 dollars per meal (It's my vacation ok?). But I usually only eat 2-3 meals a day with some light snacking. Factoring days I'm with people the food is free = 23 days * 2.5 meals a day = 58 meals * $10 = $580.
Plus $40 in water and other supplies I'm buying here and there. $40 in souvenirs.
So total is: $469 gas $1265 rent $580 food $80 misc = $2394 estimate total for most expenses of the trip.
Someome can double check those numbers as I'm on my phone in St Louis. Waiting in line for Sweetie Pie's restaurant.
Then there's the $500 I spend tuning the bike up for the trip. And the x amount of dollars I'm paying for rent for my apartment at home for a month I'm not there. When I reach NYC I will need to do a 30k maintenance on the bike which I don't know how much it will be.
Hope that sheds some light!
NYC is a must for a trip like this. But just be careful, people drive VERY fast over here. Yeah and switch lanes fast! Especially those crazy taxis. I am prepared, I think.
Well then, guess all I can say is thanks for living my dream for me! Thanks for your recommendations, seriously! I will hope to visit those places one day.
Do you have any Naruto stickers on your motorcycle? Can't say that I do POOPING_BUTT_FACE.
How do you plan to remedy this? I'm putting them on my bike as we speak...
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