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BLUE RODEO - Nowhere to Here (1995) This album, recorded during what I consider to be Blue Rodeo`s jammy psychedelic phase, is one of my favourites (it's up there with Five Days and Tremelo, both of which are related). It isn't an album to like instantly, but only through multiple listens. It suddenly clicked with me… Blue Rodeo FirstOntario Concert Theatre Thursday, Feb. 16 1. Heart Like Mine (Outskirts, 1987) 2. Fools Like You (Lost Together, 1992) 3. Head Over Heals (5 Days in July, 1993) BLUE RODEO – Greatest Hits vol. 1 (2001 Warner) Blue Rodeo are not a “Greatest Hits” band. Indeed, before this album came out, Jim and Greg routinely used to say, “We’ll only do a greatest hits when we’re finished.” Well, record company pressure must have gotten to them (or they may have just outlasted their own expectations), and To hopefully spark some discussion about one of Canada's all-time great bands (and since I couldn't find any BR album-by-album threads), pick your 3 favourite Blue Rodeo albums! I've limited the poll to just their studio albums, but feel free to discuss Just Like a Vacation (1999) and Blue Road (2008), their two live releases, as well! 1990 Blue Rodeo —— Casino Country-Rock 1990 Cinderella —— Heartbreak Station Heavy Metal 1990 Debbie Gibson —— Anything Is Possible Pop-Rock 1990 Run-D.M.C. —— Back From Hell Rap 1990 Peter Gabriel —— Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats Prog Rock Blue Rodeo Blue Rodeo: 1987-1993 Warner Music Canada Blue Rodeo has reached a glorious milestone. Twenty-five years ago Outskirts (1987) was released and launched the band into the Canadian and international music scene. According to Jason Schneider, who penned the essay that accompanies the Blue Rodeo: 1987-1993 collection, the “ airwaves were flooded with MTV’s big stars, and even

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