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This week in MMOs - Week 34, 2020

This week in MMOS

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AdventureQuest World

August 19th - Welcome Bugs ArchKnights Shoutout to the new bug catchers
August 21st - MindBreaker WyvernRider Set Exclusive set now on sale for $$$
August 21st - Return to the Nightmare Realm MindBreaker class no longer exclusive + weekend event


Aion North America
August 18th - August Store Update Cash shop update - transformation items
August 19th - Class Master Event Massive 24hour buff based on day/class and new event currency
August 19th - Patch Notes: Shadows Over Balaurea Update Class balancing and other minor changes
Aion Europe August 19th - UPDATE 7.6: NOW LIVE! 2 new ultimate transformations
August 21st - WHEEL OF DESTINY Lootbox has returned
August 21st - WEEKEND SPECIALS Minionite random box available

Albion Online

August 19th - The Offseason Crystal Tournament Starts Saturday First-ever offseason crystal tournament
August 19th - Rise of Avalon Patch 1 - Ver. 1.17.404 / REV 172780 - 19 August 2020 Corrupted/hellgate changes + bug fixes
August 21st - Guild Spotlight: Fire With Fire Interview with a guild


August 20th - Glide, Spin and Sneak through Erenor! Cash shop update
August 21st - 35% Bonus for All Credit Packs – ArcheAge: Unchained Credit discount for AA:Unchained

Ashes of Creation

August 21st - NEW ADVENTURE AWAITS Intrepid Studios parts ways with My.Com

Black Desert Online

August 19th - Pearl Shop Update: A Camp and a Keeper Cash shop update August 19th - Summer Gets Twice as Sweet! Summer event extension
August 19th - Patch Notes - 19th August 2020 Class balancing and other minor changes
August 19th - Mysteries of Summer: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom II Mysterious summer event
August 21st - Mysteries of Summer: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom II Guide Guide to the mysterious summer event
August 21st - Stay Healthy with the Black Spirit! Free stuff because corona...

Blade & Soul

August 17th - Hongsil’s Treasure Draw (August 2020) Lootbox is back
August 17th - Midsummer Events Extravaganza Preview End of summer events
August 17th - Summer Chill Event Preview Summer event to get swimsuits
August 18th - Midnight Reborn is Now Live! Content update
August 20th - Dawning Star Costume Crate Now Available! Lootbox for costumes and pets

Bless Unleashed

August 17th - SALVAGE AND SELL EVENT AUGUST 20 - 25 Marketplace event
August 18th - PS4 NEW PLAYER CLOSED BETA FAQ FAQ for PS4 CB Players
August 18th - SUMMER OUTFITS AND NEW MOUNT! Cash shop sale
August 20th - PS4 CLOSED BETA STARTS TODAY 8/20/2020 PS4 CB Launch
August 21st - SWEET BLUSH SHEEP PLUSH CONCEPT ART SPOTLIGHT! Insight into the sweet blush sheep plush design

Camelot Unchained

No new updates from August 17th to 22nd


No new updates from August 17th to 22nd


No new updates from August 17th to 22nd

Destiny 2

August 20th - DESTINY 2 HOTFIX Minor bug fixes
August 20th - THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE - 8/20/20 Destiny content vault updates



Dungeon Fighter Online

No new updates from August 17th to 22nd

Dungeon and Dragons Online

August 17th - DDO Screenshot of the Week #477 It’s a screenshot… honestly I don’t know what else you expected.
August 21st - The DDO Chronicle: Issue 393 Community news

Elder Scrolls Online


EVE Online

August 17th - DREADED COLLECTIVE - NEW UPDATE Triglavian ship changes
August 20th - METALIMINAL STORMS UPDATE NOW LIVE Random storms in nullsec space


No new updates from August 17th to 22nd

EverQuest 2

August 18th - Norrath is heating up with GU 115: Reignite the Flames! New raids
August 20th - Solusek's Eye is upon You! New raid preview

Final Fantasy XI

No new updates from August 17th to 22nd

Final Fantasy XIV

August 17th - Leve Turn in Checkbox and Additional Housing Leve quest changes
August 20th - Adventurer Celebration Sale Ending Soon! Cash shop sale
August 20th - The Rising Returns! Anniversary event returns

Gloria Victis

August 20th - Weekly Update 236 – Share your Feedback! Quality of life changes and minor bug fixes

Guild Wars 2

August 18th - Calm Yourself with the Mystic Lotus Chair Cash shop sale
August 18th - Celebrating Guild Wars 2’s Eighth Anniversary Anniversary event

Legends of Aria

No new updates from August 17th to 22nd


August 19th - Cash Shop Update for August 19 Cash shop update
August 19th- v.216 - Astral Blessings Update Preview Update preview and end of burning world
August 21st - What's Your MapleStory? - EvanelleOnyx Interview with player


August 17th - Notice of Service - Ukraine & Crimea Ukraine (sans Crimea) is now a serviceable region


August 17th - Avernus Hunt Key Bundle! New key bundle available
August 17th - Patch Notes: Version: NW.122.20200708b.16 The first part of the redeemed citadel is now available
August 19th - 2x Storm King's Thunder Currency! Get 2x storm king’s currency till the 27th
August 19th - 2x Glory! 2x PvP points
August 20th - 20% off Companions! Cash shop sale
August 20th - VIP Only - 50% off Improved Bag of Holding! Rank 3 VIP members 50% discount

Path of Exile

August 17th - Harvest Fan Art Competition Runners-Up Runner up submissions for art contest
August 18th - Patch 3.11.1f Deployment and Full Patch Notes Patch notes
August 19th - Harvest Statistics: Unique Items, Maps and the Most Deadly Areas Statistics..idk I don’t play PoE
August 20th - Path of Exile Is Coming to macOS in September! PoE coming to macOS
August 21st - Racing Gauntlet Community Event This Weekend - Huge Sale on Footprints, Portals and Character Effects Community event + cash shop sale

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

No new updates from August 17th to 22nd

Phantasy Star Online 2

August 17th - CAMPAIGN: COMPLETE CLIENT ORDERS! (8/19) Party with others and get rewards
August 17th - CELEBRATING 1,000,000 ARKS! Event
August 18th - URGENT QUESTS & CONCERTS: AUGUST 2020 - PART 2 More Events and in game concert August 18th - NEW URGENT QUEST: DIGNITY OF STEEL UNLEASHED New urgent quests
August 18th - CAMPAIGN: QUEST TRIGGER DISTRIBUTION (8/19) Quest trigger handout + sale
August 18th - FUN SCRATCH TICKET: AUGUST 2020 - PART 2 New lootbox rotation
August 18th - AC SCRATCH TICKET: EARTH DEFENDERS (8/19) New lootbox
August 19th - NEW CONCERT: ARKS DANCE FESTIVAL! New concert schedule
August 20th - CASINO BOOSTS (8/23) Better chances to win at the casino
August 21st - PSO2 DAY: PREMIUM USER APPRECIATION DAY User appreciation event

Project Gorgon

August 17th - All About the Guides Program Insight into player moderators

Realm of the Mad God

August 19th - Patch Notes - Ancient Ruins & more Ancient ruins area
August 21st - Realm of the Mad God Exalt End of flash client support on September


August 19th - Call to Action: Budgie Madness Racing event
August 19th - Midweek Madness with 20% Credits Bonus! Get 20% more credits with any purchase

Old School RuneScape

August 17th - 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards - Nominations Now Open! Award details
August 18th - A Porcine of Interest New quest and polls


August 17th - 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards - Nominations Now Open! Award details
August 18th - This Week In RuneScape Weekly roundup


August 18th - Class packs are available for purchase! Unlock any class with cash
August 19th - Sale: Sun Worshipper Pack Cash shop outfit on sale
August 19th - Warm Breeze is here! Login event

Star Trek Online

August 17th - Cross Faction Support Carrier Bundle New carriers on the C-Store
August 19th - PC Patch Notes for 8/20/20 Minor bug fixes
August 20th - 20% Ship Sale! Cash shop sale
August 21st - Carrier Bundle Wallpaper! Downloadable wallpaper

Star Wars: The Old Republic

August 19th - Steam-Inspired Login Reward and Shae Vizla Returns! Login rewards

Star Citizen

August 17th - This Week in Star Citizen Weekly recap
August 18th - August 2950 Subscriber Promotions Subscriber stuff
August 19th - KAIZEN: Interview with Imperator Candidate Mira Ngo Lore dump
August 19th - Star Citizen & Squadron 42 Roadmap Update Updates to the development roadmap
August 19th - Foundational Moments in Human History Lore dump
August 21st - TRANSMISSION Insights into the FPS weapons and systems
August 21st - Environment Art AMA Recap Recap of AMA

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

August 21st - TERA Battle Arena Spotlight 1 Hero spotlight for the upcoming battle arena

The Lord of the Rings Online

August 21st - The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 172 Community spotlight


August 21st - Character Auctions Release Date August 25th character auctions will be available

Tree of Savior

No new updates from August 17th to 22nd


August 20th - Summer of Dragons Sale Cash shop sale August 21st - Luxion is back with buddies until August 24 Luxion is back


No new updates from August 17th to 22nd


August 17th - DEVBLOG: THE NEW MINERAL TOWER Changes to mineral tower
August 18th - BETA 1.69: NOW ONLINE! Beta 1.69 is ready to be tested
August 20th - DRAGOTURKEY RUN New run available


No new updates from August 17th to 22nd

World of Warcraft

August 18th - Weekly Bonus Event: Arena Skirmishes PvP arena event
August 19th - Follow the Tides of Music From Battle for Azeroth Listen to the BFA OST
August 19th - Shadowlands Preview: A New Look for the WoW Companion App Preview of changes to the companion app
August 19th - Arena World Championship Circuit Viewer's Guide Watch the pvp world championship starting aug 22nd
August 20th - Engineer’s Workshop: Recreating the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort Development insights
August 22nd - Engineer’s Workshop: Enabling Ray-Traced Shadows in Shadowlands Development insights
August 22nd - Cataclysm: Mounts, Pets, and More How to get stuff from Cataclysm
August 22nd - Hotfixes: August 21, 2020 Bug fixes
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Going to Vegas in July - I've been doing my research so hope this can help others.

I'm going in July and have done some research.
Plenty of this is from the sidebar, but other notes are from many of other sources.
The Vegas Degenerate Tour ( . ) ( . )
Things to do:
Sex/Swingers Clubs (Or; no, you filthy pervert - what's wrong with you?)
Drive along east CA down US-395 and crossing over to Nevada after Death Valley is one of the greatest drives I have ever done.
Edited to include corrections.
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My Big Fat H(ula/allo)ween Weekend

Halloween is one of those holidays whose meaning has has had varied meaning in my life. As a youth, it's what most remember, and when grown out of youth a holiday that goes by the wayside, until many of us get to child rearing age, where the holiday takes on new meaning.
But it was a post-Dead (Jerry's passing) "what to do now" event that completely changed what this holiday means to me, as unexpected and unforeseeable as an earthquake, with nearly similar results. It was a seismic shift of what I assumed a concert experience could be, further broadening my horizons as to what really could be possible. While it was true that the Grateful Dead gave me a completely different musical and life perspective, as well as an appreciation of musical history, an evolution was about to take place on a scale I could never have imagined.
That shift occurred on October 31, 1995, at Rosemont Horizon just outside of Chicago - a town nobody would ever set foot in for any other reason than to pass through O'Hare International - or to see a show at Rosemont Horizon. Even then, it wasn't a venue we looked forward to - but when it's GD - or Phish on Halloween, I suppose you overlook the fact that the venue and environs in favor of a good show.
That was the first time I saw Phish - encouraged by a friend who had been seeing shows of theirs in the early 90's, and with now nothing better to see owed them a look. That "look" turned out to be one of the biggest nights in the history of the band, not only dropping two monstrous sets of Phish, but inserting in the sandwich a full on rendition of The Who's "Quadrophenia", which was personally interpreted as a full on sales pitch for the ownership of my mind. Having grown up a Who fanatic, I was totally locked in for that set - knowing every word - and spending a good portion of that evening explaining to others what it was (no Phishbills explaining the choice in those days). I didn't need one, but was rare in that instance.
I remember Tom Marker of WXRT on air the next day, asking if anyone saw the show at the Horizon last night. He was as blown away as I was, knowing full well he saw an event.
It was in the post mortem, though, that I thought more of what Phish actually did in the unspoken:
They took a HUGE risk, accepting by fan vote the album that would be done, only vetoing "Joe's Garage" by Frank Zappa due to various and numerous issues and difficulties in pulling that one off. They chose the #2 vote, and did it beyond anyone's realistic belief. They took that album and made it their own.
They made a historical statement in the realm of rock music. Now the second iteration, Phish was laying out markers as to their own influences and appreciation - and in effect saying "if you don't know this stuff, you should."
Most notably in my own mind, Phish had done, and had laid out the greatest tradition in rock and roll: The donning of the Musical Costume on Halloween, a stewpot of historical appreciation, buildup, speculation, and anticipation, culminating with a event that can only be described as "high-wire": The unveiling, the performance, and the post show discussion of where this fits and all of the musical offshoots from there. It also established grounds for emulation, as anything that good will be copied on some level. So we have "theme shows" by all these bands on Halloween, and an occasional full album, but Phish was always the "Original and Best" at it.
Phish's performance of Velvet Underground's "Loaded" in 1998 caused enough of that album to be sold afterwards to put it back on Billboard's Hot 100. So the fans listened. And listened again.
The pattern continued through 1998 - Phish having offered four such costumes. The history, the significance of the artists chosen, and the tradition laid out by whom had become the best band on the planet, having witnessed the meteoric rise over a four year span that was akin to seeing Jordan in his prime. For a music fan, Phish was the band that kept cranking out a seemingly endless supply of good ideas and results. And first and foremost Re: Phish, the question always was and will be "But what about Halloween?"
In a repeated theme, it was Phish's hiatus in 2000 that brought me to my next musical addiction, The String Cheese Incident. In an attempt to burn up airline credits left over from the Phish Big Cypress trip, we settled on seeing Phil Lesh's 60th birthday - and as an offshoot of that we drove to Humboldt County to see SCI at the Mateel Community Center for two shows, which maybe held 600 people. It was love at first hear, ending up with 16 years of seeing their shows, including three Red Rocks weekends and five at Hornings Hideout (best fest space I have ever been in). This also meant taking in some SCI Hulaween (and yes they called it that before the current fest came along), most notably the NYC show post 9/11, which allowed us to attend for pennies on the dollar, as NYC was giving away flights and rooms to get people to come.
But when it comes to Halloween, Phish trumps all, so if that gig is happening that's where I will be.
Fast forward to 2016, and I nearly made a decision that would have me missing Phish Halloween again, having spent a few years off the circuit due to personal legal issues, where travel was not happening. I survived a lot on couch tour, and grateful I could even do that, as I found out MJ laws are alive and well in the good 'ol USA, That said, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and began planning my re-entry to the music and people that I know and love.
Phish at Dick's (CO) and Suwannee Hulaween seemed to be the places I was missing out on, and after numerous personal accounts taken in made plans to do both. Those two events were put on the schedule, and planning began as early as last October, where it was assumed that Dick's would be happening again, and Suwannee was confirmed even in advance of the 2015 edition by fest org on the Hulaween Reddit. So those two events were "all systems go". Given that Halloween was on a Monday, Phish was not likely to do a Halloween show, so I was safe choosing Cheese for Halloween. Hot just for best available music weekend, but because my sister and spouse could attend, which was an opportunity to spend some quality time with people who are very close to me - but also interesting because this would be their first "jam fest". so it was them stepping into "my world", so to speak, a leap of faith that they took, that we had no idea how it would turn out. Suwannee Hulaween was as much about who I was doing it with as it was the music.
But a fully thing happened on the way to the forum, in a figurative and literal sense, as the rumor tide began to tell a different story.
Phish WAS going to play Halloween in Las Vegas, so the rumors said in March. This created a deeply personal conundrum, my heartstrings so deeply attached to the idea of Phish on Halloween that I began investigating the idea of doing that one show only, post Hulaween - and if not for Southwest Airlines offering a near perfect direct flight out of Atlanta to Vegas would have been impossible. And for $99 each way, the impossible became possible, knowing that Hulaween was done at 9:30PM on Sunday that I could make that flight to Vegas.
So I booked it, and no sooner than I did, the new info from "those in the know" on the various Phish forums began putting the word out that there would be no show on the 31st. These were people with a track record of being correct on such matters, and while I didn't cancel the flight arrangements I was in a mode of waiting for the 31st show to be officially announced as "not happening", even forgoing making a resort booking in Vegas, as I would have to put out a first night's deposit on that, too.
Phish announces Halloween in Vegas, including the 31st, and the flight plan booked to get from Hula to Vegas is now very useful :-) This caused me to spend too many hours finding a good booking for Vegas, but we finally settled on a two day stay at Aria (which was awesome BTW), and through the half dozen friends helping me succeeded in getting tix. I also succeeded in getting a Zombie package for the four of us for Hula weekend, so being ready to finish the trip in Vegas was a little more doable having the amenities in wait via the cabin.
So the itinerary was set. Needless to say there was some nervousness surrounding the travel to Vegas. Depart ATL at 1:40PM EDT on Halloween, arrive in Vegas at 3PM PDT, have hotel room ready on arrival, 5:15 dinner reservation, show at 7:30. Nothing could go wrong.......right?
We did what we could - and all we could do was to let it go to the spirit of the universe and hope that all worked out. All the plans were set, and we went about the weekend using all the planning and preparation as our foundation.
We arrived at Suwannee Hulaween at 1PM on Thursday, ready for a pre-party day - 2 sets of Umphrey's McGee being the main event of the evening. This was my first visit to the park, and while I did a seemingly endless amount of reading, I can say that I was only somewhat prepared for what this place was all about: A very well oiled festival machine, run by people who love what they do and have a wealth of experience. This was evident immediately on arrival - entry was smooth and everyone knew what they were doing - with one later exception (we'll get to that later).
Suwannee does prompt a good level of opinion and conversation regarding the property. It has a track record, having been in the fest throwing business for some time. Wanee was the signature fest that made Suwannee known nationally, and now Hulaween seems to be taking over that mantle. So there's lots of commentary about the place, some good, some not. For a first timer like myself, I am all about finding the best places to see music, so that my expenditure bears a positive experience. Since the venue is 50% of the "score", it matters that the venue is amicable to the event being held. It can make or break the experience.
I have heard some call The Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park "The Horning's of the South". That is extremely high praise - anyone who has been to Horning's for SCI weekends knows that it is about the best space for music/fest that can be dreamed up, is as intimate as can be, and especially that amphitheater at Horning's - the pine canopied space is idyllic in every sense...there's just so few spaces that good. So to even mention Suwannee in the same sentence is cause to say "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"
But once within the confines of the Suwannee Ampitheater space, I can see why people say that. There are striking similarities in those two spaces - very beautiful natural settings and very right for sight and sound. However, SCI wouldn't be seen on that stage, but those bands who could be seen there were shown in the best possible light.
Suwannee is a much bigger park, and while the Amphitheaters in both places have similarities, these are two much different parks. Suwannee is bigger by a factor of at least four, so these places are operating on different levels in terms of scale....but both are run by private owners, so the decidedly non-corporate and down home feel is evident with both. So the comparisons are apt, especially given that SCI has played both on a number of occasions.
The size of Suwannee affords the opportunity to offer 70+ bands, 20K people, and VIP and other services, along with the camping infrastructure in any way you want it: Cabins, RV sites with full hookups, sites with electric/water, primitive....even hotels close if that's your thing. So you can do this park in about any way you want to, provided you jump on the necessary reservations to get those premium spaces. The size and scope of the park also makes the golf carts useful, and while I only used it on a limited basis, those spots are places I would have never seen without it.
The VIP arrangements were rather well organized and done. This really FELT like VIP, unlike many fests I've done that might offer a few more fancy items on the list, but not offer that feeling and service that this fest did. It's the PEOPLE that make it work, and that was evident in spades, always available and willing to answer questons and assist this first time SOSMP visitor how best to make use of the park. Lost on a trail? There's usually someone around who can help out.
The VIP barn was especially nice, as we had our own entrance off River Road, plenty of seating - including tables with a view of the main stage, so you can eat/drink/take in the music. Really nice touch. Also had two large flat screens to watch all the games, and get World Series updates as I passed back and forth to the bathrooms and such.
Amphitheater also had a nice VIP area. Both areas has clean, continuously serviced bathrooms. Our crew must have tipped them out $80 or more....those cans were always clean.
But the bonus area was the Treehouse VIP, on the opposite side of the VIP barn. That space was so nice, especially during the day, so I could sit at the picnic tables and relax while seeing day music. I often miss day music because I tend to wilt in the heat and kill my late night possibilities, but here I was able to maximize my music intake because I could eat, then just relax in the shade and enjoy several hours of music I otherwise would have skipped. It was also a really good viewing angle to the main stage.
We were also impressed with the food offerings - the twice daily meals were a healthy way to get fuel for the day, and were varied enough that everyone could find something useful. I was especially appreciative of the daily deep green salad offerings, which I ate every meal, as well as the water on site in the VIP barn. Also props on the expanded hours, making it easy to not have to miss music in order to eat.
For those not in VIP, however, you were NOT hurting for good food choices. This might have been the best concentration of vendor food at ANY fest I have attended, especially given the variety. Gouda Boys, Amish Donuts, and that place serving gyros just down from Gouda Boys all got our business over the weekend, and all really good food. At this fest, you don't have to be VIP to eat well.
But ultimately it was the music that drove me coming to this fest, and this turned out rather well, especially given that I committed so far in advance. SCI, UM, STS9, Claypool/Lennon, Karl D, McCourys....just getting the first three in the same place was enough for me, not having seen them all in the same place since Rothbury '09.
One task I set about to do, as soon as I got in the fest grounds, was to find the pathway from the various stages to each other. Of particular interest, The Patch - which was the brand new venue that would have STS9 late night. Had to figure out how I was going to make that show after Cheese, and back to see Disclosure, which I had made up my mind I was going to give a chance. This turned out to be a two day investigation, requiring WAYYYYY too many miles walked, to finally figure out that you could not go from the main stage to Patch without going through VIP camp. I feel for those who weren't VIP in this instance, because it was a LOOOOOONG HOOF to go through the outside, then back through security, then do it all over again after Tribe. Plenty of room out there, but not my favorite aspect of the fest. The only real "negative" I can really come up with. I can forgive people working the fest for not knowing what was up with the routing here, as it was a new stage, used for the first time, but it took wayyyy too long to figure out how I was going to do the routing for Saturday night.
Musical Highlights:
Thursday - UM doing two sets at the Amphitheater. Not only were the UM sets good, but that space is awesome!!! Also dug the EOTO early show with Jake from UM and that Manic Focus? guy. We were just walking around, checking out the space, and got this little morsel in the background.
The notable song, looking back on it, was the David Bowie cover, "Let's Dance". Now UM was always the kings of the "cool cover song", but this one was especially good in light of Jake's stellar vocal performance, as well as what was being telegraphed for later in the weekend.....
Russo, Benevento, and Burbridge, Karl D, Greensky Bluegrass, SCI (second set best SCI of the weekend), The Fritz. Caught MMJ from the cabin porch, liked what I heard, but made it an earlier night for the Saturday yet to come.
Camp Reddit beer swap: Had a chance o put names with faces, and share a number of great brews with the people of the Hulaween subreddit, Got lost on the way down hippie trail, but found the spot with the help of some kind campers. Cool setup, and glad to meet ya!
Larry Keel/Drew Emmitt, Antibalas, three sets of SCI, little bit of Lettuce, STS9, Disclosure.
Larry and Drew were fantastic daytime bluegrass over lunch on the mainstage :-) We hung out at the treehouse and saw Antibalas, around finally figuring out the VIP cut through to Patch for STS9 later in the day. Saw all three sets of Cheese, including the 80's tribute set (had a blast, much to my surprise) albeit some of the third set abbreviated in order to see STS9, which we did. Had some issues finding a good space of people to be around at that show - as my wife said after a long day in VIP, "Welcome to general population." Had to move a couple of times but found good space with good peeps, especially enjoying the second half. Immediately left for the Disclosure set on the main stage, making it through the shortcut before they cut off access :-) As soon as we start walking into the main stage area, Disclosure kicks in to "When the Fire Starts To Burn" and that resulting party kept us there until the conclusion (sorry Revivalists, we got distracted :-)
I have also written off the Chicago Cubs at this point, now down three games to one.
Sunday: An easy day, planned that way, assisted by the short schedule, ending at 9:30PM on Sunday. With Las Vegas now over the mental horizon, we begin to pack as we go, and take in the last day of music at Suwannee Hulaween 2016:
McCourys, SCI two sets, Claypool/Lennon Delerium, Big G w/Motet. Took the time between the two SCI sets to pack, so I could see Claypool/Lennon in it's entirety. They did not disappoint. Loved Astronomy Domine, Court of The Crimson King (with keyboard player playing a mellotron - right on!), and the stuff from the new album. Claypool is the best bass player on the planet today, and this show was definitely a highlight. Bonus: Sean Lennon singing Tomorrow Never Knows. Just fantastic. Saw a bit of Twiddle (impression from the 20 minutes I heard was that if WSP and Phish had a baby.....) and Big G w/Motet. Now if that guy in Big G could quit shouting "SUWANNEE HULAWEEN" every thirty seconds you might have an enjoyable set. Let the music do it's thing, people....
Then an after set finish packing session, while getting Cubs updates on my mobile phone. Ended up awake until after midnight, with Vegas and 6AM bearing down on me like a freight train.....
6AM gets here early and it's up like a dart and showered and van loaded. We're out by 7:15, arriving at ATL at 11:40, on the flight at 1:10. Plane pushes away from gate at 1:40PM sharp, arrives 20 minutes early (even slept on the plane), picked up by friends with care package in hand, at Aria desk at 3:30PM, spend an hour changing clothes and picking jaw off the floor looking at the room and view, then off to dinner at 5PM - 15 minutes early.
The travel schedule went so perfectly, and the hotel check-in so perfectly as to be not credible. It was a sign of things to come.
I'm met by the same friends who picked me up at the airport for a pre-show drink, all the while my phone getting hammered by texts, regarding the album Phish chose. People in Montana texting me "I know what the album is and it's gonna rock." I'm resisting every attempt to tell me what it is, wanting to be informed by the placement of the Phishbill in my hand at the arena gate of the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.
I didn't succeed - I made it until ten seconds before I hit the Phishbill crew before a random phan spilled the beans - it was David Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars". It was a sense of relief though, because I knew that Halloween with Phish was going to be EPIC - one of those shows where the highest expectations would be met. And it meant a return to the best tradition in rock and roll, Phish covering another band's album in it's entirety. THE TRADITION IS BACK, and Phish is gonna crush this like Kyle Schwarber - off the scoreboard to be a permanent fixture in the landscape.
And they did. This was a long time wish for so many, having legs in the Phish Halloween rumor mill since Festival 8 in '09 (ended up being the Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main St."). So it was really cool to see a long time wish fulfilled for so many. It harkened back to the days when I heard that album for the first time, in college through a pair of 1968 JBL's. My old roommate had four copies. We wore a couple of them out. Seeing that crowd roaring - just absolute joy - was a feeling I haven't had at a show on that level in a LONG TIME. And I've seen a lot of really special shows....and this was yet another.
I took in the first two sets in prime seats, nine rows off the floor about half way back. Just phenomenal sight and sound, in what is already a small arena for the people it holds. But for set three, I went upstairs and took in the remaining music with my crew, and in much more spacious groove space, and enjoyed the remainder of an epic night together.
After the show, we attempt to figure out how to exit the show through the casino, rather than out to the street. Thought it would be cool to get some post-show sightseeing in the MGM. Apparently they learned something from 2014 - that it was best not to allow the post show Phish freak fest to transpire inside the mallways of the MGM :-) But as it turned out, they sent us out to the street, but in the direction of my hotel, so we went back (by way of CVS, with armloads of beverages) to my 35th floor strip view suite at Aria, enjoying 22oz. bombers and vape pens :-) One topic was how Suwannee was, and how there were all these weird occurrences happening tying the two events together. Like UM doing Bowie, then Phish doing Bowie. Or the two Fletches, one in each place, that looked exactly like each other. But the one that really blew us away was later on, when we all went down to the casino floor, where we met some other heads and hung out. Two of us go into the men's room for a leak, and what's pumping through the bathroom speakers but "Latch", by Disclosure, which we had just taken in two nights earlier in Florida.
In a good bit of planning, we had booked an extra day in Vegas, just to have a bit of a recovery day, and to enjoy the amenities of the resort, which was most welcome. It wasn't enough. I'm still recovering, tired and having to go back to work - but basking in the glow of what was one unbelieveable Halloween weekend.
To all of those who posted to the various forums on all topics related to this, and those who I traded with over the summer and fall to make this all happen:
THANK YOU. You have my sincerest gratitude and thanks. You all know who you are - and I couldn't have done it without you wonderful people. I hope to see you on the road - sooner rather than later.
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[Table] IAma Las Vegas Nightclub Promoter. Ill clear up any misconceptions or reservations you have about this BEAST that's known as "The Strip". AMA

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Date: 2014-02-27
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What's the best way to go about getting a table/bottle service without completely breaking the bank? It's Vegas so of course it's not gonna be cheap by any stretch but do you have any tips to get the most bang for your buck? Stay away from clubs that have a Major Dj/ Act on that night. Fridays and Saturdays are the worst. They'll price you according to how many people you have. For example at Encore beach club, if you have 6 in your group they'll price you at $1k-1500 to start with. Night clubs usually start at 4/bottle. If you have women with you get them inside through a guest list. They'll get in free. Example, its 4 guys and 4 girls they'll want to get you on a two bottle minimum. Instead have the guys walk in for the one bottle minimum and let the girls know what table number youre at. TA-DA! Youll also get just enough seating for 4-6 but fuck it, youre in a club so get up and have fun!
Its all about real estate. If you just want to have a table to enjoy your own space and not have to worry about waiting at the bar then get a table situated off the side. Also give hosts a hard time, don't just say YES to the first offer. Maybe see if they can throw in a bottle of champ or something. Or a buy two get one free.
Whats the craziest thing you've seen in vegas? Craziest? uhm sex inside clubs. Sex in cabs. Sex out in the open. A girl once was sooo fucked up that she was walking around The Aria with only a bikini bottom and a fishnet top. That's it. Fishnets used to catch Whales so a whole tit, and she had very nice sized tits, pretty much was hanging out. You could see a wave of jaws drop and conversations stop as she walked by with her drunk friend and their two guy friends. Ahh memories. But all in all, drugs, sex, and money being spent on the craziest things. Hobos fighting with themselves. Brides-to-be doing the walk of shame. Craziness.
Walk of shame? How do you mean? Still in the clothes that they wore the last night. Usually because they spent the prior night with someone that they shouldn't have. But its Vegas, spend your night with whoever you can!!! Yaaay!
Hobos fighting themselves? Like, Tyler Durden style? I saw a hobo talking to himself. He then got mad at himself and started punching himself in the gut. I didn't know who to put my money on.
Helix or dome fossil? Helix.
What is the biggest scam on the strip? Id say paying for club passes that are to be had for free. Biggest scam is paying for these wrist bands that promise you no line, no cover, and open bar all night. And its on a night when Tiesto or Zedd is playing. Yeah right, youre showing up to the club and they'll laugh at you. And after you tell them that you gave $30 to someone that seemed honest and even gave you his/her number. I once met a group of 26 girls from a sorority from AZ that each paid $25. After I told them that it was fake two out of the seven girls started tearing. I got them on guest lists to access the clubs for free with one offering an open bar. Was happy to alleviate some of the pain.
Oh shit, I forgot! The guys that bring out their tables on the strip and do the whole follow the ball thing. The people winning work with them. Watch them, they'll win and make sure they let out a WHOOO really loud and make sure people are looking. They lure in others and make it look really easy to win. I once saw a guy lose $1700 and a thick heavy as fuck gold chain in less than 3 minutes. he got on his knees and asked for some of it back . The guy gave him $200 because the idiot said it was the last of his money and was with his wife and three kids. Greed I tell ya.
It's always hard for me to believe that in 2014, people actually still fall for that shit... I mean, it's completely unmodified, it's literally a movie cliche scam. Exactly. I'm like really. Really people? I once saw a guy paying out $300 to 3 ladies and 2 dudes for helping. Imagine what he kept.
"A fool and his money are soon parted". Sounds like vegas exemplifies this adage? I pondered how to answer this question for too long. Short and simple... yes. Perfectly.
What's the best way for a middle-aged couple to do clubs? We love the music but feel ridiculous (which kills the fun) queuing up with beautiful twenty-somethings. First off, you wouldn't be the only middle aged couple. I see them all the time. Some just kick back and drink and then some are dancing all night and don't give a shit what anyone else thinks. Let me know what days you are here and I'll put you on some guest lists so you don't pay cover.
Where can I find those hot dogs? At the Casino Royal, next to the Venetian. All the way in the back. Michelobs for $1 at the bar at the entrance.
What about the shots? Bally's Casino. Taco joint in the back.
Sunglasses inside a nightclub. Fucking douche-bags or clever way to hide pupil dilation? Fucking get the fuck out of here. I cannot say "fuck" enough when I see those idiots in the club. I hope they slip on spilled beer, fall on sticky residue and get up right when the confetti is shot out.
Did someone stab you with sunglasses or something? No, they stabbed me with audacity... audacity to wear them inside a club. I guess its because I'm a form follows function type of guy. Sunglasses inside would only be ok when you're covering up a black eye from a beat down or your bloodshot red eyes would give away that you've been on a drug binge.
This is a long shot, but my friends and I are going to be in vegas for EDC, we plan to stay a week, is there anyway you could hook us up when EDC is over? Sure. Text me before you're here and ill let you know what I can do. Worst case ill be able to do a reduced cover. 7736200454.
You are now in my phone as Vegas promoter. I do Vegas about 6 times a year. So expect a text soon and if your down I'll buy you a few beers. You had me at "Beers".
Hey DisasterBUSE, got a question for you. I'm not really a club guy but I do like to go to bars. What are some of the better bars in the casinos that are good for someone who just likes to have a few drinks in between gambling. Also are there any good rock clubs in Vegas? If so, what are the called and where are they? The Wynn and Encore are very lively at night. If you want to gamble and drink with a great view, that's the place. Venetian, Palazzo, Bellagio, Aria, and last but not least The Cosmopolitan ate great places with great energy. The clubs SurrendeEncore Beach Club and XS have gambling tables in case you'd like to soak a little of the scene in while playing a few hands.
How's papa Giorgio? Not sure but I think he might look something like this nowadays.
Going to vegas for a cousins bachelor party from May 14 to 18. I am a student got any tips for me to be money wise? as the people I am going with are all older professionals with money. Any hook ups? thanks! Do most of your drinking at slots, tables. Ill put in $10 in a slot, and sometimes not even gamble at all. Cocktail servers come around and ask if I want drinks..."two vodka/tonics please" and tip her $4. If youre doing any pool parties and not doing bottle service you might want to get tickets before hand since theyre cheaper than paying at the door. Flasks flasks flasks! Let me know if I missed anything that concerned you.
In all seriousness, I'll be in Vegas for the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. Know of any awesome places (besides the casino sports books) to catch the games? Bars off the strip are always great. No pressure and decent pricing on booze. unless youre willing to pony up and do Lagasses place at Venetian or something.
What's the most common misconception about clubbing and how do you correct people about it? That theyre impossible to get in, theyre not fun, expensive to get in, girls are hard to meet/ leave the club with. The club I work for 75% of the times im able to get couples in free provided that they show up early. On slower nights Im able to get uneven ratios in (more guys than girls) or give tickets that grant free entrance. And the ladies. To me they all look the same BUT its hard to get over it. Ive seen guys pick up ladies super quick and they only had a beer in their hand, you don't need a massive table with free drinks galore. Theres a lot of girls in the clubs that have awesome personalities but have their guards of because theyre just not comfortable with being groped. Approach them in a non creepy way and youre golden. I see this every week. What surprises me is how many people come to vacation here and are just total Debbie downers. The most amazing thing about this place is that people come here to have fun and dance theyre asses off, even when they have no clue what theyre doing. Walk in to a club through a guest list and get in free, have a drink and enjoy an amazing sound system. Even if its for 30 min, I feel its large part of the Vegas experience.
Good answer man! I'd love to have your job Theres a lot of bad that come with the jobs. A significant other will not be happy with your phone blowing up until the early morning. A lof of girls are absolute bitches and think the whole world owes them something for having their tits out. Its a hustle and with every "NO!", "EWW", and "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND CREEP" you have to keep on and hope the next says yes. And please note, I always approach with something non creepy like "Hey ladies sorry to interrupt, have you been invited to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis tonight on a guest list"?
I've always wondered you guys must get paid pretty good money right? (There was one particular promoter I always stuck with until he recently moved) but this guy had an assistant and took nice trips I kinda just always wondered how that system works. And do Diplo and Dillion Francis put on good shows? I wanna see either one sometime soon Great question. First off Diplo is at my workplace tomorrow night so best believe Ill be instagramming tons of Videos. All of Maddecent are awesome. Dillon Francis and Diplo are both awesome. Tons of ass shaking tomorrow for sure!
So everyone pays differently. I only work at SurrendeEncore Beach and have a day job so my time is limited. So Ill breakdown promotions as much as I can. First off there are different types of Promoters. You have the ones that work at a club like yours truly. Since I only work at SurrendeEncore Beach club, which is run by Las vegas Nightlife Group. I only get paid for people that come to my club. XS and Tryst are owned by the same people and we are all located at the Wynn/Encore. You then have Tao Group, Angel Management Group (AMG), and Light Group. Tao clearly has Tao, Tao beach, Marquee and Marquee Dayclub. AMG has (or had, Hakkasan just bought the group out). Hakkasan, Wet Republic, Pure, LAX, Chateau, Venus, Coyote Ugly, Saville Row. LG runs Light, Daylight, Haze, 1Oak, The Bank and a few lounges/restaurants. Tao group promoters can have guest lists at all their venues so if they leave a group with a great impression and they check in on their guest list at all joints then the person just made $ times the number of venues they checked in. Light Group usually confines their employees to one club, unless they need help filling out another (which they usually do) and allow them to be paid (I waited 8 months to get paid by them, I don't like the way they manage their places). AMG varies as well, I heard some are only focusing on Wet and Hak but heard that before they had to have a certain amount check in at other properties. With all this said, if youre a good promoter, hardoworking, and have a good network, 1k a week is a cakewalk. Even 2k can be done for the greater part of the summer. I know of a guy that can make 4-8k/wk and its all through his phone. Money can be real good IF you work hard and hit high numbers. Ill elaborate a little more later on tonight if anyone wants me to. I need to head home.
If you feel like elaborating, what's the difference between the 1k a week promoter and the promoter making 4-8k? Well if you don't bring any people and ate not being paid hourly then you might not get a check at all. Those that are successful in this biz network hard, are usually seasoned, and are good enough to the point that clients want to go back to them and refer them to others. Ive heard of hosts being flown to exotic places, gifts being custom made as gifts, and so on. Its really like any other sales job, many do it, some are good, few are great. There are also many ways to make money. You can book hotel rooms, sell packages, etc. where you receive a kick back. When done right its a win/win/win.
What's are your experiences like with the Vegas drain dwellers? Any good stories? Theyre all over the place. Usually just getting drunk and laying out on the sidewalk. I pay no attention to them. Some have demanded money and when I tell them I have no cash or simply say "sorry, cant help ya" at times can get very aggressive. Then they fall on their ass or something. Comical most of the times. Look at them too long though it becomes depressing. The sad thing is I see a lot that are soo young. There was this young girl with a sign that read "pregnant with 2nd child and cannot afford anything. please help". I sat down next to her and asked her why she was out there. I asked if she sought help. I was baffled that such a young person could be so out of luck. She proceeded with a story about her losing her Social Security Income when she moved to Arizona or something. When she moved back they denied her or something along those lines. In the end it seemed like she lost hope and possible gave up too quickly. She said she didn't have family to turn to. Those are the moments when I realize that I am lucky to have a great family that would take me in if I ever went near that route.
Whats a good tip to you afer helpi. Some people out? I don't ever expect to get tipped. I get paid by the club. There are always people who value what I do and slip me a $20,$40. The most I've ever been tipped was $160. It was for setting up someone with table service at a few clubs. Tips humble me, just buy me a shot and we're good!
Show up at club with a big line. What amount should you slip the bouncer to let you in and a date? What would you say? I'm always afraid i'll hand over a hundred bucks and he'll make me wait in line anyway. Depends on the club. If its just you and a date Id say start at $40. Order of difficulty to skip the line from hardest to easiest: All guys> More guys than girls>even ratio mixed group>all girls. That being said if its just a guy and a girl then Id start out at $40, they might come back with $60-$80. If you feel like pulling their bluff thank them for the help but youll just wait in line. Sometimes they'll see $40 better than nothing. Imagine if he does that 10 times a night? Not bad...
Another thing you might want to think about is say you just left at a restaurant that's in the casino. Id probably use the whole "My buddy So-and-so, manager at ___, told me to come check it out. I forgot the name of who Im supposed to ask though (maybe guess a name). Can we go in and check it out"? Worst case scenario is they say no, next is they let you pass and you pay cover, best thing is you walk in no line and no cover. Ive met people who have succeeded.
I read your comment about tipping and whatnot and how its not really necessary. i went last august with a group of 12 for my buddy's bachelor party and we got tables at light on a friday and lavo on a sunday. we tipped on both occassions, as i was under the impression that it was proper etiquette. for light we gave the guy a little over 200, and he was able to move us from a table on the 2nd floor in the corner to one that was pretty close to the main floor for the same bottle minimum (we had planned on giving him that much anyway before he moved us). at lavo we hooked the guy up with 100. were we too generous? or is that pretty standard? A 20% gratuity is always on the bill plus 8.1% tax. Now, with the $200+ you gave the host you then bettered your real estate setting in the club. While you don't really have to tip your host its customary to throw them a bone. You can get your table and have everyone leave you be except your busseserver. Start tipping security and they will make sure the crowd stays clear of your area. Tip your host and they seat you at a better table. Tip a "girl-guy" and they will bring you hot ladies. Now with that last one be very careful, ladies that table hop are very thirsty and the only way for them to stay alive is to have a constant source of alcohol. Party too hard and your 2k table has turned into 8k. Or your 7k has turned into 22k. Ive seen this happen at many clubs. If you just hit it big at the tables or hit a progressive at the slots then fuck it, LIVE IT UP! (Im kidding, save a small town from hunger).
Do promoters make a huge difference in cutting the line, hooks, and discounts, and saving money? Rather than just walking into the club blind? A good promoter wants your experience to be soo awesome that they contact you on their next visit or mention their name when a friend has Vegas plans. That said, our guest lists offer no cover or reduced entry. Express entry is only done when their at the ropes and have an incentive to get you inside faster. If youre a dude youll probably have to tip someone off to skip the line. When I come across a couple I always offer to set them up somewhere else the following night. Its simply good business and I believe in paying it forward. Before I moved to Vegas I made a trip with my SO and I know how hard the city can be without a hookup. I put myself in their shoes and do what I can for them. I always provide pics of my club and explain the whole line/open bar situation. I don't lie to them just for them to get in, it comes back to bite you in your ass.
So what's the best way for an international tourist to get some good coke? I've heard it's best to hire a limo and ask the driver. What do you think? Be very careful. Vice (undercover cops) are all over and look the role they are playing. I once was walking in front of the Bellagio fountains and within a matter of seconds a couple of men, tattoos on their necks and all, went from talking to a guy one second to quickly pulling out their badges and handcuffing the man. All I heard was "under arrest for possession and intent to..".
I'm a you get guy and I like older women, what are the best spots to meet them? Just to let you know im23 so older form me is 30+ Check out the pools, casinos. There a ton of HOT older ladies. A difference between them and younger chicks: Mature woman have no problem having a drink, laying out, or just walking by themselves. You'll find these that are here for a convention and have nothing planned for the night. Whenever I get them on my guest list theres a 90% chance they'll show up. Two weeks ago I had a large group of 9 woman show up. Every. Single. One. Was. Hot!
What is the incentive for someone under 21 to visit Vegas? To make it to 21 and join the fun! Now you have a goal. youre welcome.
I kid, kind of. I approach many under 21 and they all look like theyre having fun. I don't even think theres a curfew so you can at least people watch while sipping on whatever. The city never sleeps. Jump on the roller coaster at NYNY or head to Strasphere and have some fun. Lots of walking and selfie opportunities.
Are there ways to get a table at a club for free? If you have a group of great looking girls or have a local ID then yes, its possible. Youll only have to pay tip. $70-some odd bucks per bottle instead of $600 and change? not bad.
Does a promoter like yourself just walk up to us and say "hey, want a free table?" It depends. For a group of all ladies and if theyre cute I can get them a table with champagne bottles for free. The clubs want pretty ladies in so some places offer then a free dinner and a free table. Every club is different. But if theyre hot my first questions is "so how many girls/guys with you" and when its all girls then its a go. Some clubs require a picture of all girls, it then has to be sent to a manager to approve the group.
Is that the real Caesars Palace? Did Caesar live there? It was faxed it over bit by bit starting in the 60's. Yes Caesar lived there. Ordered tons of room service.
How often do people offer you drugs/money/sex in order to get into clubs? Those younger than 21 are willing to give me their first born just to get in. I get offered tons of things, Im not surprised anymore.
Has anybody ever told you that you look like Ami James? Like if you tattooed your neck and stuff I swear you could pass as a double. No but I see a resemblance. I always get Vin Diesel or Willie Nelson. Ok maybe not Willie.
What suggestions do you give for a small college restaurant/bar in terms of bringing people inside? Also what do you NOT suggest doing? Suggestions like what works to get them inside your place?
Any place really! I've seen just about everything in my city but most bars here are dead(50-100k population being students alone!) Its really location specific. Im from Chicago and Vegas is a whole different ball game. We deal with people that are here for a short amount of time. In the end though all places want bodies inside their place. Motion created commotion so if youre in a place that's packed and fun people want to stay and consume more. Most important, get bodies inside the club/bar early. Before 11 is key. That way any propect walking by sees that its busy and wants to be part of the fun. Does this make sense?
What would you recommend as far as afterhours edm parties go? You might like Artisan. The times that Ive been there its been nothing but deep house and some edm. Really weird décor too, worth seeing. Body English and Drais usually mix it up.
What's the craft beer scene like? I've always been a fan of travel, and love checking out the local craft breweries/brewpubs in an area. Sin City brewery at a few casinos, Big Dog Brewery, Banger Brewery in Downtown, Chicago Brewery to name a few. Yard House carries a few local brew I believe.
Chicago Brewing, at Rampart and Ft Apache was my stomping ground for the two years that I lived in Summerlin. I loved that place. Decent food and beer, and the upstairs bar area was perfect for baseball viewing. Good memories, thanks for reminding me of it. I remember watching my first Bears game there. I got Goosebumps seeing all the people with their jerseys on. Refreshing in this transient city.
Hey, thanks for the AMA. What's the deal with dress codes at various clubs? Does it depend on night/weekend? Heading out to Vegas with a bachelor party in June, curious to get your thoughts on this and strategy for a group of 15 drunk idiot single guys. You know, even I don't know. I mean if you're put together in a presentable manner than you shouldn't have a problem. If you stick to collared shirts and nice shoes then you're good. No athletic wear, no hats. Sometimes chucks slide but id rather you be safe than sorry. Clearly the day clubs are lenient on dress code, still no athletic wear. If you have a club in mind text me and ill make sure to find out what it is they are/are not tolerating.
You got me with the the VIP pass? Hit me up and if I have tickets I don't see why not.
Whats the best nightclub on the strip? Define Best and Ill tell you which one.
Surprise me. My favorite is XS. Hakkasan is the latest and greatest. It cost $100m and was named Nightclub&Bars best top club for 2014. Light inside the Mandalay Bay is awesome. I like Surrender because its an outdoor club with a dancefloor inside (I don't like being shoved every two seconds). Tryst is also cool with a 90ft waterfall. Marquee has always done well and is a must visit (it also gets too crowded for me though). It really depends if you like dancing in the middle of the dancefloor, what kind of music you like, outdoor vs indoor. Then you have your older clubs that still have a following like Pure, Tao. Maybe its because they've been around FOREVER.
I fly around a decent amount, if I wanted to make Vegas a frequent destination how could I get in contact with you? Buy calling/texting! 7736200454. Christopher Landeroz. Texting is way better, I can reply whenever.
Too bad doubles are 25$ there lol. Yes, a simple sprite sets you back $7. $10 at Hakkasan! That's why I tell people to load up at a slot so you only need 1-2 more when you're inside the club. But the place is awesome. Awesome can be expensive =/
Do those mexican guys on the Strip throwing phamplets at anyone actually manage to get people to call those escort lines? I talk to a few on a regular basis. Super nice people sweating their asses off and getting paid very little. According to one of them theyre just there to pass them out for a company. They almost never see a bonus for it. If the people they work for still have them up and down the strip passing them out then people must be calling. I don't know too much about the escorts you get from calling those numbers. I do know escorts that work for themselves though. Some of those chicks make tons of dough.
Do you know my cousin Tiffany? Does she own jewelry stores all over the place? Make pretty lamps with stained glass? Kidding.
Should I know her? Does she work there?
She used to work at surrender now she works at light. Server? Promoter?
I'll be in Vegas for edc weekend. Any chance you might be able to hook it up with guest list? :) Sure. I'm pretty sure we'll have some major talent that week. Message me sooner than later.
What are y'all gonna do when the water runs out? I should be back home in Chicago by then. Maybe swap out water for Vodka or something.
Promoter. Tae?
Yea, tay. Didn't talk to her much but yes, I remember her.
Leaving for Vegas tomorrow for Spring Break/My Bachelor Party! Any way to to get a sweet deal on your club for Saturday night? Madeon will be there Saturday night! Text me 7736200454.
My fiancee is bringing me to LV for my birthday in April. Any tips on birthday hook ups or perks I can get out there? We're staying at The Wynn. Your hook up is right here! Text me or message me.
I'll be there next week, any chance you could hook me up? :) EDIT: It'll also be my 21st Birthday! Of course! message me.
Wanna hook me up VIP style for my 21st in July? Why not! Message me!
I'll be there with my best friend in two weeks for her birthday. Any way you can help us out? Yup! Message me!
I highly recommend the show Absinthe in Las Vegas. I was there about two weeks ago and the show was AMAZING. Although, the humor in the show can be a bit vulgar so if you're offended very easily then I wouldn't recommend it. This. Ive heard nothing but good things about Absinthe.
I am going EBC when it opens March 29th for my birthday. Can I contact you for bottles !! Yes. Text me! Number is on my instagram profile or message me!
I'll have to check it out from Australia sometime :) Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! Aussies have to be some of the best people that come out. Super friendly, party hard, and uhh party hard!
Headed to Vegas the weekend of April 11th for my cousins bachelor party. Staying at Hard Rock. Need some direction on clubs! Message me, and Ill let you know whats hot. It usually boils down to hip hop or house (and don't get me started on todays "hiphop, Im oldschool but whatev), outdoor or indoor, daytime or night? Ill point you the way. you cant go wrong with the clubs at the Wynn/Encore though. Don't pay for anything online, sometimes they can be had cheaper here. Example: strip club packages for a bachelorette/bachelor party online charge $30-50 when I can get you the same thing for $7-45. A group of girls from back home (Chicago) were referred to me. For some odd reason one of them decided to buy a package for 9 girls. Turns out they overpaid by $135. Its the internet, they know that people like to preplan so they get you like that. Knowing what I know now Id book a room in advance (but would probably willing to try the last minute hotel sites, Ive heard great things about them) and tickets for clubs if it was all males.
So i'm going to vegas for the first time starting the 12th of march for my 21st birthday/ mountain west tournament trip what do you think the best clubs and pool parties are to go to to get the whole first time vegas trip experience Are you the one who text me already? If not then here it goes: (shameless plug) Surrender its an indoooutdoor club. We book talent ranging from hip hop, trap to EDC, Dubstep. While there check out XS and Tryst. Hakkasan at MGM is new and pretty big. Light at Mandalay Bay is new as well. Great lighting and "powered by Cirque du Soleil", meaning performers hang from the ceiling and behind their LED screen. Marquee at the cosmo has always held their weight. Both indoooutdoor. You then have Hyde, Pure, Tao, Moon, Ghost bar and many others. During the day I'm pretty Sure Ghost bar dayclub (GBDC) and Lavo Brunch will be going on during the day on Saturday. Basically they're clubs open during the day. Encore Beach Club might be open and a few others. Those dates are right on the cusp of pools opening so its TBD as of now. Message me and ill see what I can do for you.
You mean you're a mexican immigrant who flips cards at people? Or you're a strip bar "concierge" who wanders the strip getting bachelor parties to go to Treasures? And those cheap beers and tequila shots are available at the Taco place in Ballys... duh! Yes, glad I made myself clear. And not everyone knows their way around Vegas, just trying to help. Thanks for your contribution to the cause.
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Las Vegas Bottle Service-Learn the ins and outs of VIP ... Absinthe Service at Sage at Aria Aria club longe Online Gambling advertisement JEWEL Nightclub at ARIA Resort & Casino - VIDEO TOUR (Las Vegas, NV) Life As a VIP High Roller At the Casino: What It's Like ... Las Vegas Bottle Service Math Aria Buffet Las Vegas - BEST VALUE? Limo Ride Arrival @Aria Hotel/Casino Las Vegas, Feb 7 ...

Maria Casino Review 2021 - Grab a £100 welcome bonus plus 40 free spins when you sign-up, plus play great casino games. Play at the Maria casino today. 30 Customer Services & Support Salaries provided anonymously by ARIA Resort & Casino employees. What salary does a Customer Services & Support earn in your area? Answer 1 of 3: I received an email with reduced room rates offer. I called to book a reservation. I was not interested in the cheaper room offered as I wanted a city view on a higher floor. I was told OK and received verbal confirm of rates and room type. When... Accommodations Casino Promotions Players Club VIP Services Entertainment Dining Amenities Weddings & Events Avi Resort and Casino NOW OPEN with updated hours and safety protocols. Click here for additional details. Aria :: VIP Services. ARIA Las Vegas is the epitome of luxury casino resorts – featuring luxury suites, expansive views of the Las Vegas Strip, while be central to things to do in Las Vegas. BOOK NOW. Aria Restaurants. Fine dining with exclusive views. Asian Cuisine. Blossom $$$$ Lemongrass $$$ American Cuisine. Aria Cafe $$$ Bobby’s Burger Palace $$$ Burger Lounge $ Herringbone $$$ Jean ... ARIA Resort & Casino. There’s the Vegas you’re used to, and then there’s the AAA Five Diamond–awarded ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Unsurpassed amenities from our renowned restaurants to the most technologically-advanced rooms and suites await you. VIP Services Representative salaries at ARIA Resort & Casino can range from $18-$20. This estimate is based upon 2 ARIA Resort & Casino VIP Services Representative salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. See all VIP Services Representative salaries to learn how this stacks up in the market. Now $99 (Was $̶3̶0̶2̶) on Tripadvisor: ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. See 31,970 traveler reviews, 13,842 candid photos, and great deals for ARIA Resort & Casino, ranked #73 of 282 hotels in Las Vegas and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Online Casino, CalvinCasino Casino and Sports betting web site is a gaming site with over 800 worlds top casino games and over 5000 sports betting opportunities every day on such sports as football, tennis, basketball and many more. Whether you prefer live dealer games, casino slots, arcade casino games, or exotic sport bets, CalvinCasino has them all. ARIA Las Vegas is the epitome of luxury casino resorts - featuring luxury suites, expansive views of the Las Vegas Strip, while be central to things to do in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas Bottle Service-Learn the ins and outs of VIP ...

Are you maximizing your profits through conversions? Get Your 2019 Landing Page Guide and Checklist Here: https://www.marketingmeathead.com/landingpageguid... Visiting JEWEL Nightclub at ARIA Resort & Casino. We didn't really have a good time here at all. We stayed for 15 minutes, then left. You cannot and are not allow to take a jacket or coat into the ... Here's the second portion of my prior short vid which showed my meeting up with my assigned Limo Driver at the Las Vegas (McCarran) airport Baggage area. Th... In this video I visit the Aria Hotel and Casino's buffet "the Buffet". The Aria is one of the best properties on the strip and their buffet matched their notoriety. Located a long walk from the ... Life As a VIP High Roller At the Casino: What It's Like, Why I Gave It All Up and Gambling Addiction - Duration: 16:22. Anton Daniels Recommended for you #CasinoHighRollers #GamblingAddiction In this video, I am going to detail for you what it's like being a high roller at the casino, what VIP status is like, ... The Department of Health and Human Services is using this advertisement on television and in cinemas to help people who gamble understand how gambling games of chance work. This advertisement ... Aria Resort and Casino Guide Aria Las Vegas Hotel and Casino 2017 Aria Las Vegas - Duration: 9:06. Desi Curtis 34,618 views. 9:06. Vdara Las Vegas Tour - Everything ! One Bedroom Penthouse ... This is a video on how to calculate bottle service pricing in Las Vegas. This breaks down the tax, tip and additional fees for most of the clubs.